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Monday, October 8, 2012

Label Me: Studded Collar Blouse DIY

 I bring you a special treat on the Muse this Monday! Remember my friend Jessica whom I've featured on the blog in both Inspiring Style: Lanvin for H&M and PhotoShooting: Jessica Estrada in 2010?

Well she recently started her own blog, Label Me, where you can see her jewelry design talents, modeling work and fashion how-tos. And now she's sharing this ingenious studded collar blouse DIY with you all. This look is everywhere (and I love it), so why not see how to do it yourself?
Hi Muses! I'm so excited to share this DIY project and hope you enjoy making your studded collar blouse. What's awesome about this DIY is that it's relatively inexpensive. Thrift stores have tons of these blouses for under $10 and the studs can be found on Amazon and Ebay for a few bucks. Enjoy and make sure to check out Label Me for more fun DIY projects and vintage style tips.
♥ Step 1: Draw
Since this blouse was a few sizes too big on me, I decided to remove the sleeves. Begin by drawing a straight line on both shoulders.

I recommend using fabric chalk to avoid possible staining.

♥ Step 2: Cut
Proceed with cutting along the line and removing the sleeves.

Sometimes I save the sleeves as they can come in handy for future projects.

Step 3: Sew
I chose to serge the sleeve and sew it under with a narrow seam. If this is too advanced, you can always keep the shoulder unfinished and allow it to fray. Since the original shoulder seam is still in tact, the sleeve will have just enough fray without ruining the fabric.

Step 4: Trim & Pin  
(and some sewing)
Cut 2 pieces of elastic at 1.5- 2.5 inches each (depending on how narrow you want the shoulders).

Pin the elastic along the inside seam of each shoulder and gather the fabric as you pin. Once everything is pinned, you can proceed with sewing the elastic down.

♥ Step 5: Draw, Stud, Clamp
This is where the fun begins! Start off by penciling a light dot in the places where you want to place the stud.

Go ahead and place the stud in its position by pushing the prongs through the fabric along the collar. You can close each prong with small pliers and then continue doing the same with each stud.

And Voila! you have an awesome, one of a kind, studded collar blouse made by you!photo credit ~ Richard Cordero
Check out Jessica's Label Me blog for more DIYs and vintage reconstruction.
And just because I have so much love for you muses, I'm sharing this deal with you: Enter code FABB30 at t+j designs and get 30% off your purchase (expires 10/31/12)!


  1. So professional! :)
    You had me at "vintage"!

  2. Cute idea!! I need to try this. Thanks for sharing :)

    With Love,

  3. Her blog sound fantastic, I can never get enough of DIY's! Love the studded look.

  4. Jessica is awesome! What great talent! These tops look so good and you can save a bundle by making one. Thanks for this DIY! Have a great week Cheryl!

  5. I have got to try this. I am going to visit her blog, thanks for sharing Cheryl.

    Lisa x

  6. It came out great! I love a studded look! xo Happy Monday dear.

  7. It looks beautiful and what a fanatstic idea. Happy Monday. xoxo

  8. wow!!! i love, she made it so easy to rock.
    will give it a try on my old shirt. thanks for sharing, great post.

  9. ooh! i love a good DIY! thanks :)

  10. Amazing DIY, darling!
    Absolutely love it!


  11. This is gorgeous! I love the finished product. It looks great.

    P.S. Congrats on your team finally winning a game. It's about time. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  12. Imma gonna go check out her blog. This DIY turned out really well. Thanks again for sharing, Cheryl:)

  13. This is a fabulous DIY!


  14. Another amazing DIY! I love the stud trend and will def try this.

  15. Oooh, loving this DIY, will definitely have to give it a go! The finished product pic is fabulous too.

  16. great DIY... I dont think im skilled enough to try it lol

  17. Thanks for sharing this cool and fashionable DIY,
    love it ♥

  18. This is super cool; I'd rather do this myself than pay upwards of $50 for a few studs on a white shirt!

  19. This is such an adorable DIY - I LOVE it!! :)

  20. omg that is so cool! I really need to try this with a top, ot would look cute layered for fall!

  21. How crafty is the lady? Awesome how to and pictures! I do love a bit of diy and this is easily achievable.

  22. She looks amazing! :)

  23. I've thought about attempting a studded collar but never actually did. This is a great DIY and her blog is great too. Thanks for the introduction, so cool you two collaborated in the past Cheryl.


  24. omg, amazing idea!!! i think i need to try!!!


  25. Oohhh this is cute!! i love DIY projects. the studs add so much pizazz to the top!


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