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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On My Mind: October 2012

This October 2012 On My Mind post is based on the questions from the InStyle Australia issue with Heidi Klum.
♥You wish you had bigger?
♥You love all things?
♥What is your perfect date?
♥What is your best-kept hair secret?
Sidenote: Over the weekend the hubs and I took a quick road trip to L.A. for a friend's birthday. At his party at his house, this random guy walked in, said his name was Jacques and proclaimed that he lived across the street. A few minutes later, we found out that he used to be in Phantom Planet...remember them? And I was just saying how I never meet any famous people in L.A. Who knew all I needed was some free beer and hummus dip.
What's on your mind this month?


  1. Oohh that's another on your mind post and I love these posts of yours because I get to know things I didn't know before. Totally didn't know that about the butterflies, that's adorable.

    I love your fro!


  2. ♥You wish you had bigger? bank account
    ♥You love all things? studs and skulls
    ♥What is your perfect date? same as yours:)
    ♥What is your best-kept hair secret? Lush R&B
    Love your answers, Cheryl! You can never go wrong with butterflies:)

  3. This is such a cute post!! I definitely wish I had more hair.

  4. That's awesome that he just came up to the party randomly :) Great post! I wish I had a bigger closet; I love all things with studs; my perfect date would be out for dinner, see a show/movie, then cuddling back at home with snacks; best-kept hair secret - don't really have one lol.

  5. I wish I had thicker hair,, thinner legs, bigger boobs! :P

    ∞ © ∞

  6. Cheryl, I love big hair to girl! HAHAHA I always think it looks fabulous. Ohhhhh what I wouldn't give for a warm cookie and some ice cream right now. HAHAHAHA It's sooooo good! And girl you know I love 80's music! You have a great day doll!

  7. Adore this post.
    And I was in LA this weekend too! We should have bumped into each other! haha...

  8. i love your hair and omg phantom planet!

  9. great post,am inlove with your natural hair, for the first time i relaxed my natural hair three weeks ago cause i had to fix a brazilian weave huh!? :( what a shame, i wish i havent done that u know? well its too late now *sigh* lol. i love your taste in so many things, especially when it comes to styling! you got a great sense of style sweets.

  10. Your perfect date sounds a lot like mine :) Love this! xoxo

  11. Fab post!
    Love your dream date!


  12. So interesting! We all want more of something I suppose. I wish I was slightly taller which is crazy since I'm about 5'9 ... go figure! Fun story about Phantom Planet.

  13. Hi dear, the bigger volumized hair suits you so well! You rock both styles. I like the idea of a perfect date, carbs are a must have! My best kept hair secret is using olive oil as a nourishing mask.

  14. Aah, this is such a fun idea, love any 'getting to know you' posts! Those butterfly images are gorgeous, have to agree with you on that, and am loving the big ass hair too!

  15. i LOVE big hair as well!!

  16. What a fun post! I love big hair. Big curly fluffy fun hair! So glad that you do too.

    And yes, I am from the Bay Area! Are you here too?

    Amber's Mouthwash

  17. i wish i had bigger/thicker hair! my hair is so thin, doing an updo is kind of impossible, haha! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  18. Butterflies were always my favorite until foxes and owls came along; but they still hold a spot in my heart. Beautiful! :)

  19. I loved reading this! I like butterflies too, they are so pretty. I think it is cool that you wear a wig to protect your hair, extentions are cool, but I have heard that they pull at your roots and can hurt. Your idea of a date sounds like a blast! I wanna do that soon!

  20. I wish I had more sleeping hours, love all things about cooking, no hair secret here, perfect date includes martinis and a nice walk... Ha!

  21. I'd love to have BIG puffier and curlier hair too! :D I would DIE to have it...hehe

    I too think dancing to 80s music would be awesome!

    Have a great week, doll :)

  22. My perfect date is a fancy dinner, enjoying FAB food, and then stroll along a river in cool-crisp Fall air. That musta happened 5 years ago, LOL! Now, I'll just settle for a dinner and a movie and someone else putting J to bed ;)


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