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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lookbook: Hubs-Grapher 101

A couple weeks ago while in Singapore, I met up with Alexis of North on Harper. It's always nice to meet a fellow blogger in person, and I must say, I had a blast having lunch with her. I got to meet her hubs and their adorable baby girl. We talked about things to see and do in Singapore; how her German dad is practically my Dutch father-in-law's long lost twin; and how our husbands/photographers go about taking our outfit photos (among other things).Things hubs-graphers might say or do when they take your outfit photos:
  • First they complain that they have to take your photos as if they have something more pressing to do
  • Then they tell you that this is not a good time of the day for outfit photos as it's too sunny outside
  • After that, they ask you if you want to take the outfit photos yourself with a tripod...or inside the house
  • Finally, they agree to take your photos, but then say that they know of a great place to go for photos
  • So you drive to this photo wonderland and prepare to take photos
  • Before you can get ready to pose, he starts clicking away. You tell him you're not ready
  • He then tells you that your face looks weird 
  • You ask him if your hair looks OK. He doesn't miss a beat and says 'Yes'.
  • A couple hours later you go to your computer to edit the photos and you realize that not only is your hair a mess, but your bra strap is showing and your feet are cut off.
Thanks hubs! ;)
photos taken in Singapore| Boy Meets Girl Missing Pieces romper | Toms Pink Let Love Rule canvas shoes | Target crossbody bag |What do you think of this look?


  1. You look great. I always like black and white outfits :) I have the same problems with my husband/photographer as well. I tell him his angle isn't right and he says it's fine and then I go and look at the photo & I can clearly see he has gotten my feet in when I said not to or part of my head is cut off, haha!! We laugh about it, but he does a great job :)) So does your husband :) Have a great week x

  2. Omg! so true lol! but we love and appreciate our photographers all the same. lovely photo.

  3. That outfit is too cute! I don't take outfit pictures, but have enlisted my husband to take beauty pictures and he definitely requires a lot of instruction! I feel your pain!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  4. On Hubs/graphers; hahhahaa...very funny! You look cute the shoe..looks comfy! :-)

  5. wow love these photos! great look

  6. You look real cute :) And lol on the hub-graphers thing! So true!

  7. Hi dear, I like your chic summery B&W outfit, thats a really cute and fun list on the Hubs-grapher

  8. You look fabulous and kudos to your hubby for all the blog pictures!!!

  9. Im sure it feels gr8 to meet a fellow blogger..
    Nice outfit..
    Keep in touch,

  10. Lol at the things he says! I just started seeing someone and he ACTUALLY took my camera for me (to hold) when I needed to get something and then started snapping photos of me (and my outfit) without me even having to! AND!!! He happens to be really talented with the camera, especially with his iPhone. I feel like I won the blogger jackpot :)

  11. Haha, cute post! It's so nice that you got to meet each other. Did you manage to take a snapshot together when you met the lovely Alexis? Love that adorable Tee. :) /Madison

  12. Mmm mmm mmm!! I love the location!! :) The view from that bridge must have been amazing!! And the one with the S'pore flyer in the background, on the bridge between the hotel and the mall, it looks beautiful :)

  13. I actually think your husband takes great photos, they always look good! Thankfully my husband is always up for taking my photos and even helps me come up with cool angles and poses! Anyhow, love the B&W theme you got going here. So chic!

  14. least, he still takes them:P My hubby completely refuses to take them coz he says I'm too demanding! Wut?!?!
    Anyhoo, I do love this look, Cheryl:) Perfect for summer.

  15. LOL!!!! OMG Cheryl, have you had my boyfriend take your photos?! Because this is EXACTLY what he says every.single.time. Like, every time. He does every single thing you just listed. I laughed so hard. I'm so sharing this with him.

    I love love your tee. I think it's one of my favorite things that you own!

  16. Very cute and casual. Loves it! :)

  17. OMG this was HILARIOUS!!! It's so true and it really makes me feel good to know that I'm not the only dealing with the struggle. Although i dont have a husband, my boyfriend does the same things. You look so cute Cheryl and love your hair. Your photography is always on point!

  18. Ha well he did a pretty good job with these, cute outfit.

  19. :) cute post

  20. Cute outfit!

    And your post was so funny! I love the humor you inject into your posts!


  21. My husband is unable to take photos.....
    This is a problem and the babysitter of my daughter Rebecca, often comes with me for my shootings!
    Perfect look Cheryl, i love B/W combo!

  22. i don't have a husband, but that really made me laugh! i am literally laughing out loud right now. :)

    p.s. i always love your outfits, cheryl! this one is no exception. :)

    <3, Mimi

  23. Totally agree with you on this one,I was laughing while reading your post. My husband does the same but i think your hubby is patient, you know? when my hubby is taking my photos, he is always in a hurry and on Saturdays he complains in low mumbling tones calling me the ''Photo lady'' and my kids calls me that name too, huh! i hate this lol but i just ignore them.You look so cool and cute. Have fun kisses...

  24. You total cutie, youu. ♥
    How've you beeen?!

  25. Great photos and great look.=)

  26. Thanks for stopping by sweety!

  27. Such a cute outfit! I love the romper. At first I thought the two pieces were separate. I've seen that print before, I just can't put my finger where...


  28. the right word is amazing!!
    I'm glad you take a risk and did it the one with no stop, it's very subtle and femenine, really nice! Amazing look!!

    Would you like follow each other? I'll be soo glad :) let me know

    Don't miss my International Giveaway!!



  29. Very nice tee, Cheryl :))

    You're always so pretty, even when casual!


  30. Love love this post! Love the outfit of course but also the title . Amazing and dead on :) lol

  31. but i failed to say i am so grateful for my Dj Blue Steel as he usually takes my best photos :)

  32. Beautiful look and pics.
    Hilarious commentary!!!


  33. Obviously you know I agree with all of this :)

    I am so glad we got the opportunity to get together! I really enjoyed meeting you and Ari!!!! We should have taken a photo of the event!!!

  34. your hairstyle made you look like a little girl! I like the captions of this post too about "hub-graphers", did you created the term? it's cute! haven't heard of it yet. You should have started a TAG of this post bec I am sure it is fun and I am one of those who would like to relay my opinion about my hub-grapher!

  35. I have seen this boy/girl shirt everywhere but never liked it until I saw it on you. You must have styled it just right! Thanks for linking up to the Verizon Voices Style Hop both this week and last! You are awesome and I always enjoy your poses.


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