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Friday, December 13, 2013

What I'm Loving in December

The Netflix show is a pretty big deal, so I went ahead and bought the book the show is based on. Orange Is the New Black, which I just finished, is about Piper Kerman's time in a minimum security women's prison. If you love the show, you'll love the book too. Now the only thing left to do is bum a Netflix trial off a friend.

After I heard about glittens the other day, I knew I would be searching the internet for a great pair like these from Calypso St. Barth. I just love the whole concept of having finger-less gloves so you can send your Instagram photos and text, while then being able to cover up your phalanges with a mitten to keep warm.

These bordeaux colored biker-inspired leather pants by Scotch & Soda are no joke. I love the quilted knee patches (reminds me of the Isabel Marant for H&M pants). The coolest thing about Scotch&Soda is that accessories come paired with many of the clothing items in stores, like at the Santana Row location by me.

OK, I'm totally not a coffee fanatic. I could go without it forever if need be. But I've always had a thing for caramel macchiato at Starbucks. It contains syrup, milk, espresso, foam and caramel drizzle. Recently, I've been getting it in size short, and I have no idea why I hadn't been ordering this size all along. It's the perfect amount of coffee for a caramel lover like me.

Now that I have a turntable, I can finally listen to the records that I own, which also now include more modern albums like the new Lana Del Rey, etc. I just really like the whole idea of not only listening to the classics but also the new hotness via superb audio quality on a sleek record. Makes me feel a bit smug, y'all.

As you might know, two of my favorite comic book characters are Betty and Veronica, so I was happy to hear that Charlotte Olympia created an Archie Comics Resort 2014 collection. Pieces include clutches and shoes. How cute are these ballet flats? If only I knew where to buy them!

Now I'm more into eyebrows than ever before, and it's weird because I never used to care much about these things. A product that I've been into lately is the SmartBrow Eyebrow filler. I have it in the black/brown shade and its hair-like fibers really helped to fill in my oh, so sparse brows for a natural look.

So I'm smitten with just about everything in the C. Wonder home decor section. How cute are these $8 votive candle holders, the lucite decorative accent pieces, and--my faves--the fork cheese markers set! I recommend you shop C. Wonder either in store or online for some fab gifts for your home.

If you watch The Voice, then I'm sure you know who Tessanne Chin is; and if you listen to any reggae music at all, then you've probably heard of her sister Tami Chynn as well. They, like me, were born in Kingston, Jamaica. I have been all over their music this month, especially Tessanne's cover of Underneath It All from the show and Tami's song Tell Mi Seh, which is running around in my head at the moment.

And the winner of the Boy Meets Girl personalized hoodie giveaway is...Britny Gill! Congrats!

What are you loving this December? Beyonce's secret new album, perhaps?


  1. I love vinyl!! I collect old records & get some new favourites on vinyl too...the sound of the needle going on has always been a favourite, reminds me of childhood when records & tapes were the popular ones. The eyebrow filler looks quite interesting...will have to look into that one!! Have a great weekend doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. I've got a similar pair of grey gloves and I love them! :)


  3. I am eyeing those fabulous flats!

  4. Look at those pants! I want one too! And I like fingerless gloves. Those gluttons are too cute, Cheryl.

  5. Those Scotch and Soda pants are just awesomely cool - I love them!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  6. Wow, for some reason I didn't know that was Tami's her sister. I love them! I also want those biker trousers, I am all for biker looks! Happy weekend.

  7. love the grey gloves.

  8. Just a tiny "short" size?? Hehe. I gotta have me at least a grande. And neat product, the eyebrow filler. I got some sparse ones.

  9. I recently saw an ad about the SmartBrow product! I'll have to visit their website and look more into it :)

  10. C.Wonder is incredibly charming! I love their decor items. =D

  11. Amazing selections!
    Love those pants!


  12. Congrats Britny - have a wonderful weekend!

  13. How fun that you have a turntable! Oh that must be so much fun. My parents had an amazing vinyl collection. I've been wanting to start one of my own.

  14. There are SO many goodies on this list Cheryl! LOVE love love C Wonder and those biker pants!

  15. i love Orange, the show, and would love to read the book! i'm eagerly awaiting the next season....

    Love & Sunshine Giveaway!
    Anuhea Designs Giveaway!
    Libi & LoLa Giveaway!

  16. Ohhh such fantastic pieces, the idea of records is wonderful, especially with modern music. Love those cute pumps and mittens. Caramel macchiato...yumminess! Have to try it sometime. Thanks for your kinds words dear, it meant the world to me! have a warm and splendid weekend!

  17. Oh I love coffee I have been drinking it since I was 12! And I heard of that book is it good? I am reading Tamara Mellon's book right now.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  18. That's my favorite drink at Starbucks. I usually get a tall and for an intense day a grande. I think I've only gotten a Venti once and it was way too intense for me lol.

  19. Great selection Cheryl! Have a great weekend! :D

  20. caramel macchiato mniammm :) xoxo :))

  21. LOVE the Charlotte Olympia collab - I am such a Betty + Veronica fan!!


  22. That's cool! I did not know!

    How beautiful you do post's blog is wonderful and great quality! Turned follower!

    Brazilian Kisses!

  23. yessss, to tessanne chin!
    love her!
    i've been hearing a lot about orange is the new black.
    i'll probably check that out during the holiday break.

  24. wow to the biker pants and the archies ballet flats - wonderful !!

  25. Tessanne is amazing, so want her to win! And I must say that I’ve been wanting to pick up some vinyls myself. :) Love the pants too.


  26. i am old enough to remember when we only had vinyl and cassette tapes. my dad had a huge collection, and i'm convinced that's why i'm sucha music lover !

  27. love these! I like tessanne from the voice as well. And I didnt know orange is th enew black had a book... buying it!

  28. I love caramel macchiatos as well! They've been my go-to hot drink this winter. I don't particularly like Starbucks when they make it, but Einstein Bagel Bros. makes a pretty good one!

    LOVE old records. I have crates of my mom's old ones from the 80s and earlier. I recently just bought JT's 20/20 Experience as an early gift to myself. I can't wait to listen!

    Thanks for sharing!


  29. Great list! You gotta take the plunge for a Netflix streaming subscription! hehe I've caught up on so many shows & movies. It is worth the $7.99. I'm intrigued to read OITNB the book since I love the show. Perhaps I'll add it to my reading wish list (which is ever growing...)

    Happy New Year!


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