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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I'm Loving in March 2014

Now that Jared Leto is an Oscar-winning actor, hopefully more people will go to his concerts and buy his music, because his band 30 Seconds to Mars is pretty great. Definitely listen to Up in the Air, This Is War & Kings & Queens if it's your first timeI saw them in concert last year and they put on a hell of a show. So, of course, I've been listening to more of their songs this month and even trying to watch old episodes of My So-Called Life, which was my favorite show 20 years ago.

What if I refer to him as Jordan Catalano for the rest of this post? If you don't get that reference, then you need to go watch all of My So-Called Life now and fall in love with Jared Leto all over again. It's just one (amazing) season.

Although it doesn't come out until April, I'm already loving the Samsung Galaxy S5 this month because I'm really excited about the upgrade. I have an S3 now and I can't wait to get my hands on the latest model, especially because of the camera that comes with it. Looking forward to some major Oscar selfie moments.

I'm so looking forward to the trends this spring, mainly because I'm simply tired of winter. But I totally love color pops and other spring trends like distressed skinny jeans. I recently bought a couple of these and I can't wait to share them on the Muse. They can be styled with heels, flats, sweaters, blazers--anything goes!

Midi skirts, midi skirts, midi skirts, midi skirts, midi skirts. If I say it enough times will a beautiful, pocketed midi appear in my hands? Because that's how badly I want one. I want more than one though, who am I kidding? I want it to fall just below the knee since I'm on the short side of life and can't wear anything that makes me look even shorter. Ain't nobody got time for that!

What are you loving this March? The simple fact that spring is in the air?
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  1. Have loved 30 Seconds to Mars from their start & have seen them quite a few times...they're shows are awesome! They don't get enough credit I think. Their videos are always like cinematic dreams thanks to Jared (although he calls himself a different name as director) But, he's a genius really. Midi skirts are great, I just got a hot pink one for when it gets warmer, I like the way they flow. I wasn't sure it would work on me at first as some skirts make my legs look like twigs, haha. am loving this month Sons of Anarchy still as you know, finally in the last season, so I'll be ready for when it comes back..this season has been great & I know something big is going to happen at the end, I can tell. I'm loving pastels in small doses, and of course the much needed sunshine being back after the long winter!!! I hope you have a great day doll xx

  2. Distressed and ripped off jeans are always in my list :) And midi skirts are all-season for me too!


  3. So tired of winter too, that I'm just glad the end is almost in sight...sigh....
    And I saw a cover of a song that 30 Seconds did, and let me tell you, I didn't know Jared could sing that well. Soooooo cool!

  4. I've got to get some midi skirts and distressed jeans into my closet...I'm actually sort of shocked I don't already own some distressed jeans, it seems like something I would have.

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  5. I have not heard Jeard yet, will check out his music
    Those distressed denims are fab
    Last to enter my $80 Jollychic Giveaway
    Have a nice day

  6. yes. love your picks. But, I'm totally having midi skirt envy. I have a couple but would love to add more now that retailers have added so many cute ones to their collection! =D

  7. Great round up! I just bought another pair of distressed boyfriend jeans lol I lost track of how many I have now. I'm also a Samsung Galaxy girl :)

  8. I've loved 30 Seconds to Mars for a while now, I've also seen My So Called Life and I'm just in love with that show, wish it could have had more seasons. And midi skirts with pockets?!? That's pretty unheard of for my closet unfortunately.

    onacruz blog

  9. Love all of these. I've loves 30 Seconds to Mars for some time, he's amazing live, I highly recommend. Yes, I am with you and hoping for an early spring indeed. I want to bring out the sandals. :)

  10. who doesn't love Jared Letto?? he is such a great artist in every sense. We're on the same boat when it comes to midi skirts...obsessed

  11. I love everything you mentioned, but the phone cause I am an Apple girl ;)
    Love midi skirts with pockets ! Obsessed with them !

    Fashion and Cookies
    Facebook / G+ / Bloglovin

  12. The Midi skirt is so my March loving too and the Samsung is really a GREEEAAAT update for sure!!!

  13. I've never heard any of 30 Seconds to Mars' music, and I'd compleeeeetely forgotten that Jared Leto was on My So-Called Life (I never watched that show!).

    aka Bailey

  14. Distressed skinny jeans are perfect for you! And Jared Leto has a band? I seriously had no idea who he is, or why everyone was tweeting about on the night of the oscars.

  15. We just got two lovely chiffon-like midi skirts at WHBM and the pink one is making me swoon! I have yet to try on any midi skirt recently but I really should!

  16. Love 30Seconds and midi's of course, the pink pleated one os so pretty. I have yet to find my perfect pair of distressed denim here. You are so thoughtful to stop by...Happy Friday sweetheart!

  17. Jared Leto's Oscar speech really tore me up, when he spoke about his mummy. So I'm everything Jared at the moment. I'm looking forward to wearing more florals, outdoor concerts and yes distressed skinnies. The one thing the midi needs to have for me is pockets, cause I'm strange like that. New movies as well can't wait to see 300 and a few others as I just won a free movie credit card that allows me to watch 30 free movies. Take care Hun.

    Lisa @ Girl at the Beach. x

  18. Who isn't loving everything Jared Leto touches these days ;)

    That being said, I am also a fan of a fuller midi skirt-- I think the femininity is a breath of fresh air…

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper


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