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Friday, April 18, 2014

Shag, Marry, Kill: Part 2 - TV Show Picks

About a year ago (wait...really? it seemed more recent). I decided to write a post based on the game Shag, Marry, Kill--but with TV show characters. If you missed it or want to re-live it, then check out my first TV show Shag, Marry, Kill and read this second installment as well. Let me know if you watch any of these and what your picks would be. Totally interested!
A political fixer and her team of gladiators go around keeping secrets, ruining the government, and sleeping with Potus, all while convincing themselves that they wear the white hats.
Scandal (ABC)
Shag: Jake Ballard (Scott Foley) - Remember when he was on Felicity? Hated him then. But his ability to be eye candy has since grown on me, and I think the authority of "command" gives him more sex appeal.
Marry: Harrison Wright (Columbus Short) - No one on this show is worth marrying. But the only one who isn't a complete train wreck would be Harrison. Not Columbus Short, but Harrison.
Kill: Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) - Honestly, I love Cyrus. His sharp tongue and humor made the show for me. But I can't let anyone who cries like that see the light of day ever again.
A group outside of Atlanta tries to stay alive during the zombie apocalypse while realizing that humans are more terrifying than walkers--even though they still haven't figured out a foolproof way to kill dead people who can't run, climb or shoot weapons.
The Walking Dead (AMC)
Shag: Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) - Talk about slim pickings. Everyone on this show is crazy in some way, but Rick is the leader for a reason, right? He should throw in that Andrew Lincoln Brit accent.
Marry: Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) - Probably thought I'd say Glenn here, but I think Daryl is the only one going to make it through this thing in one piece. So I want to follow him to the promised land.
Kill: Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) - Everyone else I would kill is already dead, so that leaves Carl in my line of sight and he annoyed me so much in the early seasons that I'd have to punish him for past transgressions.
Compulsive mom, kooky dad, minority wife, gay brother, weird kids--the makings of a modern family. It's a comedy so it already makes fun of itself without my help.
Modern Family (ABC/USA)
Shag: Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) - Can I shag the women on this show? No? Well then I go with Phil and his sexy alter ego, Clive Bixby. And then I leave him for Sofia Vergara.
Marry: Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet) - I love him so much. He's so butch and so effeminate at the same time and it seems like it would be fun to be married to that. And then leave him for Sofia Vergara.
Kill: Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) - Guess I'll go with Mitchell since he's just a bit too uptight. Plus, I need him out of the way so I can have Cameron (who I will, of course, leave for Sofia Vergara).
The leader of a motorcycle club tries to do what's right in his outlaw life, although it's quite clear that the club is cursed with Murphy's Law.
Sons of Anarchy (FX) - Let's be honest. There was no way I was going to do this post again and not include this show, even if I think my answers here will be super obvious. Also...SPOILER ALERT...

Shag: Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) - Obviously. The writers put this in your head with the amount of times he's half naked on the show. You can easily get lost in his eyes. And you clearly don't want to marry him as that either gets you doped up or killed.
Marry: Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) - In the early seasons I would have married Juice, but I've lost all respect for him after season 6. And who doesn't love a Scotsman with scars on his face? Cheers to Chibs for always being the voice of reason while still maintaining his edge.
Kill: Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) - And I wouldn't wait six seasons to do it either. Jesus Christ.

Who would you shag, marry, kill from your favorite TV shows?


  1. Love the Walking Dead & I would go with your answers with that one...and of course I've caught up with The Sons of Anarchy, so I would go with your answers on that one too...though isn't Chibs Scottish!?! He has a Scottish accent, well a mix of Irish & Scottish since he's meant to have grown up in Belfast, but was born in Glasgow, Scotland or was that not right!?! I read his character bio on some site as I knew the actor was Scottish. But, you've been watching the show longer than me. But, I would definitely go with your answers..I would have said Juice as well, but now I just want him to be taken out, haha!! This was awesome :) Happy Friday doll x

  2. Totes agree with your Walking Dead selection:D Heehee....
    And I think I'm the only person on earth who doesn't watch Scandal. Everyone loves this show!

  3. Alright-- I think I agree with your Scandal picks--- that was until I found out all the crazy legal/ domestic violence issues Columbus Short has going on right now. So that leaves..... yeah, I think I'd rather be single.

    And unfortunately, I can read your SOA, because I am way behind on it and am scared of spoilers!

    Love this game!

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  4. Haha, fun post. I love Charlie Hunnam and SOA. But, I don't know too much about Modern Family so I will have to watch that some day. Always a Scott Foley fan since Felicity! :)Happy weekend!

  5. Hahah this is amazing. Love your Scandal picks!

  6. Wait....they finally kill him?

  7. I may have to play this game. I'd kill off Cyrus too.

  8. This is a fun game but I wouldn't marry, shag or kill anyone. ;-) You had me rolling with the marry Harrison but not Columbus Short. Scandalous!!


  9. the only show im caught up with on your list is walking dead and yeah i agree with you on Daryl!!!

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  10. Shag Jax, marry Darryl (he's hot and could keep me alive in the zombie apocalypse) and kill Cyrus. He's exhausting.

  11. Ugh, where's Mad men!? lol


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