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Friday, June 6, 2014

Inspiring Style: The 12 Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Summer

I've mentioned my love of one-piece swimsuits in the past on this blog, and that love hasn't changed. No disrespect to the two-piece bikinis. I just happen to be a fan of monokinis, maillots, tankinis and the like. They have more of a vintage flair and can actually accentuate your curves in ways that you didn't think possible. Come check out my picks for the 12 best one-piece swimsuits for the summer, from mesh to cutouts.
What I love most about mesh one-piece swimsuits is the illusion. They leave something to the imagination that bikinis just throw in your face. Why buy the milk, right? (I hope you get that reference). You can also hide whatever areas you want to hide while still showing parts that you want to flaunt.

Need a little boobage? Try bustier one-piece swimsuits. They're a great way to add more shape to your upper body when wearing a one piece. Choose a strapless bustier for more allure or wear the straps for more support.
Most of these one-piece swimsuits are maillot style, but there's just something quite awesome about these belted versions. The golden accents make these maillot one-piece swimsuits look strong. You feel comfortable wearing these both on the beach and strolling around the shops at a beach side town.

When it comes to swimsuits, a lot of people are fans of the cutout. These cutout one-piece swimsuits are a classic favorite of mine because, like the mesh, they add some sex appeal to a traditionally conservative style. Oh, and you can actually wear #10 in about four different ways to switch up your cutout look.
//10//11//12//Check out other swimsuits on my list and then let me know your swimsuit style. Are you into one pieces?
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