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Monday, September 1, 2014

Lookbook: Labor of Love

Seems to make sense to wear something from American Eagle over Labor Day weekend, am I right? These are actually low-rise jeggings, but they look and feel like denim. I'm in love. I wore this to the Electronic Sriracha Festival--a festival of 35 food trucks, music, outdoor bars and sriracha-infused eats. Before leaving the house, the hubs asked when it's OK to wear a shirt where people can see your bra? So I said that a music festival would do the trick. You muses agree? Hot festival, hot day, hot look. This floral lace top is perfection and as VMAs-risque as I get.

Since it was a bit of a hot day, I opted for a wine chiller at the festival. It was basically a wine spritzer but instead of club soda it was Squirt with some chardonnay. For dessert I stopped by the food truck that offered vanilla bean ice cream with a condensed milk topping. OMG, Becky--it was the most delicious (and decadent) thing ever.

Sidenote, have you ever seen the movie Labor Day with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin? I watched it on one of the many plane rides from South Africa and enjoyed it. It's girly and sappy, which isn't usually my style, but it's good.

On the Muse: | Concrete Runway bold in blue lace top | American Eagle low-rise jeggings | Lily Wang Wonderland statement necklace c/o | Target fedora | Foster Grant mirrored aviators c/o | Forever 21 d'orsay flats | Forever 21 crossbody satchel |

How have you spent (or are still spending) your Labor Day weekend?
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  1. You look marvellous doll, love the top :) xx p.s. are you ready for Sons of Anarchy to return!?!

  2. You look gorgeous Cher! I'm loving that lace top and your hair. :)

  3. i am loving your new hair sweets
    such a fun look , really like your top
    Keep in touch

  4. I love this look! Perfect fall transition. You look great!

    Also, that hat. Just love.

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  5. you look so gorgeous, I love this outfit and that lace top is to die for!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. I love the bright blue and burgundy mix of this look - actually planning a similar color palette for tomorrow's post. :-)
    I definitely think it's okay to wear something that shows your bra - it all depends on where you're going. For a music festival, it works!!


  7. That's an awesome top on you, Cheryl:) And I haven't seen the Kate Winslet movie yet. I'm so behind my movies....gaaaaah!

    PS Frodo is actually 6'7", which explains why he's taller than me....mwahaha

  8. totally love this look and i think how you styled this see through lace top + the setting of where you were going was spot on! :)

    rhea @

  9. Really cute look, and I LOVE your hair. Hope you've enjoyed your weekend...xo!


  10. The top is so pretty, and that sundae sounds delicious :)

  11. I think the lace top look amazing.
    definitely a style that I'd wear!

  12. You look great! I love the royal blue lace top!

  13. Their jeggings are great! Did you ever try out their knit jeggings? I know we discussed them once before.

  14. I love the shade of blue - and what a fun festival! My boyfriend loves sriracha. Today was so insanely hot - 91 degrees! I hope you were able to stay cool!

    A Mused Blog

  15. Le sigh...those jeans look so comfy! I am so digging your flats and fedora - fabulous look babe!!


  16. You look lovely lady! A music festival definitely calls for a hot outfit! I'm intrigued now - ice cream with condensed milk?!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. Lovely in blue lace, babe!


  18. I LOVE sappy romantic movies, I'll have to put that on my list to watch next time!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  19. Love that top and that necklace!
    Oby Grace

  20. Super gorgeous. That blue looks incredible on you!


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