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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Inspiring Style: How-To Create the Perfect Instagram Flat Lay

Whether it's an outfit preview, a layout of your beauty favorites, or something else in a similar color palette, Instagram flat lays are one of the coolest ways to upgrade your account. Being the big fan of Instagram that I am, it seemed fitting to share a few tips with you so that you can create the perfect flat lays (follow me).

1. The Lighting
As with all great photography, lighting is key. The best lighting is always natural light that you find outside. If you're lucky enough to get a lot of natural light from indoors, then that's perfect, or you can try an overhead white light. I like to take my flat lays on my front porch around twilight hour. Forget using flash on your phone (although flash on a DSLR might work on occasion).

2. The Backdrop
All you have to remember when it comes to the backdrop is to keep it simple. This way, all of the focus is on the item(s) you're trying to highlight. Do this by using one of these three backgrounds: white cardboard, fluffy white throw or dark wood floors.
3. The Layout
This is where things can get a bit challenging. You have your background and the lighting is right, but now it's time for the meat and the potatoes: the actual items. Be sure that you space out each piece so that nothing touches (some exceptions). A good way to accomplish this is by being meticulous about the amount of products in your flat lay. Stick with anywhere from three to six pieces, preferably in the same color palette.
4. The Items
It's your Instagram so feel free to deck it out with whatever items that suit you. But I find that there are a few items that tend to work really well for flat lays: clothing like tops and shoes; magazines with laptops; food and coffee; makeup and jewelry; flowers and perfume.
5. The Apps
Last, but not least, don't be afraid to use a photo editing app to get rid of any weird shadows or to add a touch of brightness. You can stick to the filters on Instagram or get a little fancy. Just decide if you want an Instagram that is more colorful, or with more pastel hues, or simply monochrome. Try Camera360, Afterlight, Snapseed and Square InstaPic.
Do you have any Instagram flat lays tips? Share in the comments.
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  1. i always wondered how people get those amazing shorts and now i know it :)
    Keep in touch,

  2. Super tips!! Will have to try them :) Have a great day x

  3. GREAT TIPS! Now I gotta get my hands on white cardboard! Great tips!


  4. LOVE! Great post, my dear! Now I want to follow all the bloggers you featured, they have such pretty photos!!!

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  5. Love the Instaphotos and inspiration. I tend to love magazine and coffee flat layouts. :)

  6. This is such a great post Cheryl and I loved that you shared these tips because I've tried to do a few flat lays and then just give up because I don't like how it looks. :) Thank you for sharing your advice!


  7. Great tips! My Instagram needs them!!


  8. Loved this post! It reminded me about the white poster board I need to pick up at Target. The last two times I was there I forgot to pick it up!

  9. Awesome tips, Cheryl:) I have to admit I'm pretty haphazard with my Instagram photos and have always wondered why my shots don't look as good as the others. Well, duh! Coz I'm lazy! :D

  10. Thanks for sharing! Love these tips! Especially the white cardboard and photo apps. Can't wait to try!

  11. These are great tips- I need to invest in some white poster board, STAT. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  12. Great tips! You always have gorgeous layouts. Need to set up a white area in my apt. It's all black lol

  13. These are awesome tips! Although, I will admit I'm more of a snap and go Instagrammer...

  14. Completely loved this post! I've recently started working on my flat lay photo taking skills too, so the tips are always welcome.

    I'm a BIG stickler for the lighting...and only my other blogger friends "Get" that!

    xo Jackie
    Something About That

  15. Great tips! Thanks so much for sharing with the Thursday Blog hop. Hope you will join us at Have a great weekend!

  16. Thanks for sharing this tip! I am trying to step my Instagram game up and look froward to creating some great flat lays!


  17. lovely tips! Needed this - thank you :)

  18. nice! thanks for the tips, looking forward to trying!

    beauty and sass

  19. AMAZING tips! I will definitely use these next time I do a flat lay :)

    Rachel xx

  20. Thanks to this post (and finding you through IFB's Links a la Mode, I'm going to give some Insta flats a try!

    Great post! Thank you;D

    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb


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