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Monday, October 20, 2014

Lookbook: Styled by Monochrome

The hubs says this look is old school Hollywood meets church lady--but what does he know! I have a confession. I'm a bit hooked on quilted material. I recently realized that I have a pair of quilted pants, a quilted jacket, and I just added these quilted sneakers to the mix. Do you think I need an intervention? Me neither--these shoes are way too hot. And they made it really easy to gallivant around town snapping photos with my Nokia Lumia 635. 

As part of the #StyledByLumia challenge, I'm sharing what goes on during a photo shoot for an outfit post for the Muse. It's usually spending time trying to figure out where to take pictures, and then finding a fun place to eat instead. This time around it was a shaved ice place in Japantown (cherry/lime with condensed milk filling). Per usual, in between photos for the blog, I take photos for Instagram, so the Nokia Lumia came in quite handy for a quick shot of my sweet treat. And afterward I can store the images in Lumia Storyteller and put together something like a mobile scrapbook. Keep up with me and my Lumia challenge by following me on social!

By the way, how cute is the cross collar on this shirt? I wanted to title this post Masterchef because of it, but then I thought the shirt seemed more like a painter's smock--but then that seemed wrong too. What the hell does this cross collar remind me of? Thoughts? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

On the Muse: | H&M skinny low jeans | Cross-over collar blouse c/o 6KS (sold out) | Nasty Gal Steve Madden quilted sneakers | H&M oversize floppy hat (in blue) | Essie wicked nail polish | Lumia 635 c/o Nokia |

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  1. u took these images with phone , wow girl
    the hat looks fab and u look AMAZING
    i have been thinking to get a quilted fabric for long, i guess its time i also add a few pieces to my wardrobe
    Happy Monday

  2. You look marvellous, such a great look, love the hat :) x

  3. Those sneakers rock, Cheryl! And I do love that collar. Don't really know what it reminds me of, but it's really quite unique:)

  4. I love a good monochrome look and this shirt is so awesome love the details on the collar.


  5. You are definitely looking good and care free. I love your flats and your hat. They are super cool.

  6. The cross collar brings to mind a painter's smock for sure. It's so cute! And totally loving your hat.

  7. loving those shoes! i need to add them to my closet :)

  8. The quilted effect is nice, although I don't think I have much at all. Love your hat too! :)

  9. So cute. Love that hat! This look is very chic and fun. Your OOTD prep sounds like me, lol. Finding a place to shoot is always fun.


  10. Ahh that phone looks amazing (and I love the collar on your shirt!) Always looking so stylish Cheryl xo

  11. Effortless and chic! Love the slip on sneakers and I need that top.

  12. Gosh, your pics are always so fantastic! Also, that hat is perfection!

  13. Love ur floppy hat and the cool chic outfit!! Looking lovely Cheryl!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  14. love the collar on your shirt! such a darling detail! fantastic outfit! stunning!

  15. Ooh, I love that hat! And the shoes too! I saw similar ones at Target, hehe. I always enjoy a good monochromatic look!

  16. You make those quilted sneakers look so easy to wear! I love the way they look with this outfit.

  17. I'm always a big fan of monochrome looks, and I just love your quilted sneakers!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. Love those sneakers and that HAT! Work, lady! :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  19. Love this monochrome look! Your hat and quilted shoes are fabulous!

  20. I am in love with this look, especially the quilted slip-ons and the bag!

  21. Love your style! So glad I found your blog!! :)



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