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Friday, January 30, 2015

Musings of a Muse: So This Is the New Year

I'm not an excitable person. I don't get excited.

This is not a new thing I've discovered. I've pretty much been this way my entire life. And it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy things or even look forward to future endeavors. It's just that, when I hear good news or when I know something great is on the horizon, I'm more steadfast in my approach. I won't be the one jumping for joy, nor will I be the one who appears "super into it" -- ever. Where an excitable person might say "Wow, that's awesome," I would instead say "OK, sounds good." I think this is because I internalize.

But it continues even once I have actually been presented with something exciting. If I were to win a shopping spree (which would be fantabulous), I would be happy that I won and would even think about all the things I would purchase. But I wouldn't share it on the internet, and I certainly wouldn't use any exclamation marks.

My temperament is phlegmatic.

This type of personality is traditionally associated with water (makes sense as I'm a Pisces and I was born on an island), and these type of people are "inward, thoughtful, calm." I used to think that the fact that I don't really get excited was a bad thing. I used to think that it meant that there was nothing that I truly loved. But I know that's not the case. It might just mean that I love even deeper because everything I'm connected to--from my shoes to my dogs--is internalized and deep.

Things that I thoroughly enjoy, but don't get excited about:

  • The Denver Broncos
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Horchata                     
  • A Well-Fitted Outfit
  • Vacations & Weekends
  • Blogging
  • Mac N Cheese
  • Natural Hair
  • The Perfect Playlist
  • The Perfect Movie
  • The Perfect Book
  • A Netflix Marathon
  • Brad Pitt
  • Interracial Couples/Biracial Children
  • Decor
  • Kahlua & Cream
  • Sleep
Now it's your turn. Do you get excited? What things do you thoroughly enjoy?
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  1. These days sleep is what I get excited about, haha! Seriously, so tired. My two girls zap all my energy sometimes. Good food or quietness!! Going to a new place or something like that!! Oh when it stops raining, haha! Have a sweet weekend :) xx

  2. I'm just not good at showing emotions, you have to really know me to truly know how I feel. And that can be challenging in a relationship.


  3. i am complete opposite, i get super excited on really small things and these days all i want for excitement is sun and some cocolate

  4. My hubby's a Pisces and he's totally like you:) I get excited a lot, on the other hand.

  5. I do get excited, but I, also, internalize a lot. I'm not sure what temperament best describes me. I think it changes depending on the day :)

  6. I'm not good at hiding my all.

    But - I know a lot of people in my life that never seem to get stressed, excited...or anything! It blows my mind a little bit.

    I get excited about feeling inspired, good weather, good food, laughter, and shopping, amongst other things.

    Oh and weekends...I'm excited for that!
    Something About That

  7. Thanks for sharing this part of you Cheryl and that's such a long list...:-). I get excited about beautiful and creative things and adventure ranging from shopping to blogging.

  8. I enjoy shopping! I get super excited about it haha

  9. I'm glad you don't think anything is wrong with you. We all react to things we like and enjoy in different ways and it's totally fine! I'm actually quite the opposite of you. I get extremely excited over things, it's kind of crazy. lol

  10. Girl thanks for putting a name to my disease! I'm totally the same way! It's gotten me in so much trouble with exes who have done things to surprise me and have gotten a less than stellar response from me. Not because I wasn't appreciative or excited, it's just not in me to be that dramatic to show it! Great post!


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