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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Smokin' Gun

I'd just like you to know that, like Jon Snow, I feel completely back-stabbed by Game of Thrones. I don't really want to speak on it anymore, as some of you might be fans and might not have watched the season finale last night. But damn. All in the feels.
On to the outfit! Have I said yet how much I'm loving matching coordinates right now? I think these two-piece separates are just all kinds of wonderful for summer. And this breezy version from Missguided is a current favorite. The buckle detail featured on both the crop top and the cigarette pants really ties everything together.

I wore this to go wine tasting with friends on Sunday. It's always nice to hang out, discuss everything from basketball to Rachel Dolezal and enjoy glasses of wine. If you're into wine tasting, I recommend that you always go to a place that will give you one or two free pours. If you go wine tasting and aren't getting any free pours, then you're certainly not doing it right.

Hope you like this look and that you're ready to have a kick-ass week!
...I'm still mad about Game of Thrones though.

On the Muse: | Missguided buckle crop top | Missguided buckle cigarette trousers | Zara bucket bag | Zara heels | House of Harlow & Sophie Harper rings -- use code cherylbff59 at Rocksbox |

And happy birthday to my sister Jennifer today!



  1. Oh I love this blush color on you! I'll have to be sure to check out Missguided after I can fit in to regular clothes again. You look smokin'!

  2. Love this matching set and yes GoT was very upsetting last night.


  3. Such a fantastic outfit, love the colour :))) xx

  4. Kick ass look and I guess all series this season just pissed their fans off, so maybe it is a thing!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. Such a lovely and ever so chic outfit, Cheryl. I LOVE this outfit. One of my faves from you, thus far. Simplicity goes a long way in my book. ;-)


  6. I feel dead inside. Game of Thrones left me dead. You look really cute though! Love the outfit.

  7. Loving this coordinated outfit, Cheryl:) You rock it so well!
    PS Cheryl, there might be hope! I was kinda expecting this to happen because that's how it happened in book 5, but I'm hoping that it's not really the end. Melisandre might be able to do something, right? In the books, Catelyn Stark didn't really die, so.... Oh dear God. If that was really the end for him, I would die! That's like killing Daryl off from Walking Dead. Waaaaaaaaah!

  8. You look marvelous! I love this two piece suit. Game of throne left me feeling so annoyed. I mean of all the characters it had to be John Snow. I' m now rooting for the white walkers and hope they kill every body at the nights I feel like crying!

  9. Blush is your color! I love the soft look on you.
    Oh and my husband and I watched GoT last night. Ugh and oh my! I have theories about what will go on though. Jon Snow 4 eva!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  10. You look Fabulous in this blush color and should wear it again and again. . .Enjoy!

  11. Very lovely monochromatic styling; I like the pale blush color of the outfit and the two piece ensemble is very chic. Have a great week.

  12. this two piece set is adorable! You are killing it!

  13. have to say , to look lovely in ciageritte pants, matching pants take it on another level

  14. Amazing look, darling!
    This pink is so perfect on you :)


  15. I don't watch game of thrones, but I can totally relate to your favorite show just going and ruining your week. Sometimes I don't know what those writers are thinking!

  16. I have yet to watch GOT, I'm anxious to see what the big upset was but I haven't had a chance to get to it. I totally love this two piece look you have here, it suits you very well!

  17. Love the monochrome look, beautiful shoes

  18. LOVE this look. The color is gorgeous on you and I'm digging the matchy-matchy :)

    I'm so upset about Jon Snow but still more pissed about the Sansa plot. GoT better be careful!

  19. Love, love love this matching set !
    I am on the look out for one that will only show 2 cm of skin :)
    Oh and you've got yourself a new follower.

  20. You look stunning in this pink ensemble! I don't watch GOT but I totally know that feeling.


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