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Friday, November 27, 2015

Social Media Is Not Real: Instagram Lately

Let me first start off by saying that if you want to never miss one of my posts on Instagram, then you must go to my profile page, click on the three dots on the top right and hit "Turn on Post Notifications" to easily keep up to date! (See how to do so at the end of this post).

I've done a lot of posts showcasing my Instagram life in the past year. I think it's a fun way to integrate blog readers with social media followers, as I know those audiences aren't always the same. Plus, since yesterday was turkey day, I see this as a nice and easy post that's pretty to look at without any real work on your end.

And with all the recent buzz about social media not being real (who honestly doesn't know that social media is staged and contrived?), I thought I'd share the behind the stories of each of these photos. Note, I've done this once before back in August of 2014 -- you can see that post here. If you want super real life, follow me on Snapchat (ohtobeamuse). Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving and that you're staying safe on Black Friday!

// I Have a Thing With Floors //
You'd be surprised at how many great floors there are out there. I went to a blogger brunch at the Four Seasons and there was a beautiful table setting featuring these awesome flowers. I took a photo of them on the brown table. But I felt like the photo could be better. So I looked down and saw this lovely bright floor and realized that I would like the image more if the flowers were on the floor. So I put them on the ground just for this shot. I wish I could put many things on the ground just for a shot all the time -- except I think people might look at me funny and maybe even ask me to leave.

// Scuba Steve //
I've had this scuba skirt photo in my gallery for a while before I posted it because I had forgotten all about it. Not sure why, considering it took me forever to get this shot. It's taken on my balcony with the help of a Bluetooth selfie stick. It takes a really long time to get the shot you want when you have to take it with a selfie stick. I think I took 10-15 shots and this one looked the least blurry and most straight.

// All About the Drizzle //
Since I don't cook, I asked the hubs to help with this. Although you don't even need to cook to create this dish. I gotta tell ya, we were scrambling to get this shot because we made this after work and it was getting dark. And the caramel drizzle is pretty delicious, but you have to eat these apples while the caramel is still warm. Since we were taking photos, we didn't actually try a slice until about 10 minutes after they were ready, so the caramel kept sticking to our teeth. Basically, this is a treat you have to eat ASAP or you might as well just throw it away or say goodbye to some molars.

// Boots With the Fur //
This faux fur rug lives in my home office, but I wanted the backdrop to be the tile in my kitchen so I brought it downstairs. Unfortunately, the lighting in my kitchen is not as great as the lighting in my office. So I kept moving around on the floor trying to get the most light. Do you know how difficult it is to do an overhead shot of your own feet? It's hella hard, y'all. This took forever and I'm not actually 100% satisfied with it, but I wasn't about to try it again. I'm not that flexible.

// Game, Set, Day Drink //
A friend and I went to watch our dudes play tennis at this country club. The club had an outdoor bar right next to the courts, complete with signature cocktails and music. So I was like, don't mind if I do. At first I felt kind of awkward taking this shot of our drinks, but then I reminded myself that everyone around me was drunk, in their mid-40s and slurring Rihanna lyrics.

// Door Frames Got Me Like //
The hubs and I went up to San Francisco to meet up with some people. After getting lunch, we stopped at Starbucks so I could get my fix. Walking back to the car, I wanted to take an ootd because I was feeling my look. I finally found this cute door frame and we took the shot. It was next to a cafe. The cafe owner came out and said something like, "Great place for a picture, right." I think he wanted to continue conversing, but I feared that would mean I'd have to go into his cafe and buy something -- and clearly, I already had a coffee in my hand.

// The Grape Vine //
A bunch of us went wine tasting in Napa, and I really wanted a close up shot of grapes. Usually, I never see any grapes on the vines, but this time there were grapes aplenty. We walked through the vines, even though I don't think we were supposed to, and found a few that were super dried up. And right before we left this particular winery, a friend called me over after seeing these babies. My day was complete.

How to Turn on Notifications on Instagram
Go to my profile on your phone | Click the three dots on the top right | Click Turn on Post Notifications 



  1. Brilliant pictures. And I didn't know about the notifications thing, will check that out! x

  2. I never knew about that post notification thing! Thanks, Cheryl:) And love reading the stories behind these shots...hehe....that overhead feet shot. I don't even know how you did that!

  3. i love instagram too, or i should say I am addicted
    Keep in Touch

  4. Lovely photos, especially love florals. I think it's good to share the story of why you post images, some people don't, but that's what I always do.

  5. Girl, love the behind the scenes! Most people don't realize how much effort it takes to take photos! I think Instagram is a social media to showcase creativity and sometimes people take it too literal that is is real life!

  6. I love this post, so true!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I think anybody that think social media is 100% true is just to naive.

  8. I stopped using Instagram , but you have always had great photos, sure you will get more followers if you miss me :)

  9. I love reading about the stories behind the pictures. Those grapes are awesome :)

  10. Of course social media is staged, but I feel like most people know that. Love reading the stories behind each of your pictures. I totally feel the same way when I'm in public. Yesterday a bunch of us went to brunch and we were all standing on chairs to get the right shot while the restaurant looked at us like we were straight from the loony bin. But it's just part of the job, and it lets us be creative!

  11. lol anything to get the shot! I sometimes feel awkward taking a photo but then I'm like whatever "do it for the Insta!" as my friends and I say. And YES it is SO hard to take photos of yourself overhead especially when you have short arms and that outfit view from the top I'm terrible at lol
    Thanks for sharing the story behind the photo :)

  12. Such a Great Post! I can relate to this so much.

  13. Lovely photos and behind the scenes update; I don't think I'm following you on Instagram yet and I'll go make sure right now. My ID is @beautyojo


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