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Monday, January 25, 2016

My Boucle, S'il Vous Plait

Recently, it's come to my realization that people -- in general, in life -- don't read. If you write a long email, a message on Facebook, a text, etc...people just won't read it. I think our attention spans only last for maybe the length of a commercial. It's frustrating, especially because I enjoy writing and all the details that come with it. But since most of what's written won't get read anyway, I'll try to be more brief.

To sum up this post in a short attention span nutshell: brick wall / fedora hat / faux fur / suspender tee / kitten heels / boucle rhymes with day. You're welcome.

On the Muse: | Forever 21 Cutout tassel statement necklace | Forever 21 Faux fur collar boucle coat | Forever 21 Wide brim wool fedora | Happiness Suspender tee c/o Shopbop | True Religion Halle denim (similar) | Topshop kitten heels (similar) | C. Wonder tortoise sunglasses (similar) | LANY bag |


  1. those shoes are beautiful
    keep in touch

  2. lol great summary for the short attention span people, great accessories!


  3. It is so true, people don't!! Your summer is great haha! I am also obsessing over your those kitty heels. So cute!

  4. Fantastic outfit and when you are done with those shoes, please send them over.

  5. Cheryl, you lost me at the title....kidding..:D. Yeah....everyone's attention span these days is like that of a goldfish, eh?
    Anyhoo, loving that coat:)

  6. Love the pairing of the brown hat with the lace heels!

  7. I love those great kitten heels, they pair so well with this outfit. I generally write long in length, since I just love to write! I can tell the ones who actually read it though. :)
    Style Files

  8. I struggle with this too! I tend to ramble a lot, but wonder if people even bother to read what I say. Then it's like, do I just stick with a couple sentences? Always a question!

    Anyhow, this outfit is gorgeous! Neutrals for the win!

    Something About That

  9. I agree - So frustrating. Our attention spans are getting shorter & shorter. Adore this look though!!

  10. Im here for all of this!! U look great babe

  11. Im here for all of this!! U look great babe

  12. So so true!! I think we've becoming more familiar with images due to social media, that we forget the beauty in writing and reading!

    I adore the details in this look! Lovely shoes :)

  13. How cute is that suspender tee? Love it on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. I agree. It is a little bit to do with attention span, a little to do with time. I am the most relaxed when away from my home environment. At home I am trying to do it all. Although, that's no excuse for not reading carefully :P

    ∞ © ∞

  15. It's sadly true.. people don't read and have the attention span of a goldfish.
    I love your hat C! what a great accessory.

  16. Ha, your summary is awesome! Also, I love this look :)

  17. oooh love your necklace and your shoes! So happy I stumbled upon your blog! now following you <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra a travel & style blog

  18. LOL. I love this post. Yes...folks don't read. It's frustrating. I totally get it. You look fabulous. Love everything about this look.

    -Natasha |

  19. You wear your hats so well Cheryl!! Love those kitten heels!


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