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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Revenant

Will Leo finally win an Oscar for his role in The Revenant? Even though he thinks he probably should have won for other roles, we'll just have to wait until February 28.

I suggest you go out and see this movie, and not just because it's a Leonardo DiCaprio movie, but because it's kind of based on a true story. And once you see this film after knowing that these events actually happened to a real person, then you'll appreciate it even more.

A revenant is defined as a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead. And that's what Leo does in this film. His character is a frontiersman in the early 1800s who is traveling with a hunting team. One day, he gets brutally attacked by a grisly bear, and a few members of his team are told to stay behind with him while his wounds heal. But one member decides to look out for himself instead and leave a half dead Leo to die.
It's then up to Leo to find a way to survive from his life threatening wounds, while making his way through the bitter cold wilderness to seek revenge.

A great performane is given by DiCaprio -- who, albeit, spends most of the more than two hour movie crawling on his stomach, mumbling and eating. But an equally great performance comes from Tom Hardy, who plays his betrayer, and who is also nominated for his role in this film.

If you don't like movies that focus heavily on cinematography then The Revenant is not for you. It also drags in the middle, which doesn't help a movie that's already approaching the three hour mark. But if you're looking for one of the most intense scenes you'll ever see in any movie this year (yes, I feel confident saying that even though it's only January), and quite possibly the best shot that Leo has for finally winning an Oscar, then put this film on your list.

Rating: ♥


  1. I love DiCaprio, he's an amazing actor. This movie is definitely on my list!

  2. I am not the best at appreciating cinematography and graphics in movies lol, but i thought it was ok. I actually watched it because my brother who appreciates good movies much more than i do recommended. DiCaprio did very well indeed and i am glad i watched it.

  3. He better win it. I LOVED this movie. he definitely deserves it (not that he ever didn't deserve it, when he was nominated :P)

    ∞ © ∞

  4. I am definitely a big fan of Leonardo DiCaprio

  5. This film was not entirely on my radar or must-see list, even though I love Leo's acting. But, I'm glad you reviewed it, so we just may go watch it on the we., thanks! /Madison

  6. I saw this film over the weekend and it was a bit Tarantino for me... however his acting was marvellous. I can guess the Academy will not give it to him. I think it's kinda personal...

  7. Leo is pretty much the Michelle Kwan of the Oscars, but I hope his luck changes :)

  8. I wasn't considering this movie, but looks like I might need to!

  9. I have yet to see the movie but it's on my list to go see. I heard the cinematography is amazing. Especially since everything was shot in natural light.
    I first heard about this film when I visited The Mountain Man museum from back home. The story is actually based on a true story, that occurred near where I grew up. Before the movie even came out they had a whole exhibit about him and his story. That even makes it more worth it to see! :)


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