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Friday, January 15, 2016

What I'm Loving in January 2016

Oh, January! We're already halfway through this month, and I must admit, I wasn't even ready for this post. Usually, my What I'm Loving posts occur in the middle of the month, but I feel like I just celebrated NYE yesterday. But alas, there are a few things I'm loving that I'd be more than happy to share with you! And I'd love to know if you enjoy these posts -- share in the comments.
Last winter I started seeing these all over! I saw them online; I saw them in people's houses -- they were everywhere. I didn't know why, but adult coloring books were popping up all over the place. Apparently, they are the reason for the spike in print book sales and are some of the top selling books on Amazon. This is because coloring books provide stress relief, satisfaction at the finished result, and a sense of creativity. Maybe this will get me back into actual drawing. Get your hands on this fashion coloring book with outfits by iconic designers all for only $12.99!

Remember how I told you guys that I'm pretty much tired of the winter? Well, that's still true, but I still love winter fashion, including my latest obsession: faux fur stoles. A blogger friend of mine (carlina) has been rocking the stoles recently and I can't get enough. I actually went into Target the other day (for cereal) and came out with the cereal as well as a coffee mug and a snood that I DIYed into a stole. Can't wait to share it. But for now, get your hands on one of these Boohoo stoles ($12 and under) or these Topshop stoles (75% off).

The last book I read in 2015 was Room. If you watched the Golden Globes, then you probably saw Brie Larson win the award for best actress for the movie that's based on said book. I was over the moon when I saw that Brie won for her role. But I'm sad to say that I didn't read nearly as much as I was supposed to in 2015. However, I plan to fix that this year, starting off with The Kind Worth Killing. If you're into Gillian Flynn then this might float your boat. A woman meets a man on a flight from London to Boston. He jokingly mentions that he'd like to kill his wife -- and the woman offers to help him do it. Would probably make for a good movie some day.

As most of you might know, rock legend David Bowie passed away Sunday night to cancer. He was only 69.  Bowie has always been a favorite of mine. I think I was about 10 (maybe younger) when I first heard a song by him. I feel like this helped shape my musical tastes and I'm quite happy for that. So I urge you to take a listen to some Bowie tunes on Spotify. My favorite is Fame, but I also recommend Space Oddity, Let's Dance and I'm Afraid of Americans.

Since most people get the time from their phones, wearing a watch just isn't as commonplace these days. But as a fashion enthusiast, I love wearing watches as part of my arm party. And this month, these Kate Spade watches are just the ticket. The easiest way to get back into the watch game is to try your hand at watches with some style. Not sure which I like best -- the polka dot, the champagne bottle or the cake? Probably the cake What's your fave?

Not many women are into cars, but I love them. I've always been into the way they look, how they sound...I just love cars. Mostly, I'm a fan of lower, sporty cars, but if you read my On the Go post, then you know that I've really been into SUVs lately. I'm thinking about possibly trading in my sedan for an SUV some time this year. What do you guys think?

What are you loving this month?


  1. That book does sound interesting, Cheryl! Thanks for the heads up:) And yes...anything by David Bowie. I still really can't talk about his death. He was such a great influence in my life that I can't really deal.

  2. Totally loving faux fur stoles too, it's such an easy way to give your winter wardrobe a refresh!

  3. Everyone seems to be talking about those adult coloring books, and I may need to get my hands on one (or FIVE!) I love Kate Spade watches but I don't own any at the moment. I'm planning to go to Kate Spade tomorrow to find a nice bigger bag for traveling. I hope I find something big enough for what I'm thinking otherwise I'll be going from store to store to find what I need but I'm sure Kate Spade will tempt me in one way or another ;) xx

  4. I love adult coloring books -- they relax me! They're also a great distraction on long flights to make time pass... When wifi simply is not an option!
    XO, Stella

  5. The KS watches are so cute and those coloring books are tempting but I know it will kill my productivity.

  6. Love this post! I have been eyeing that Kate Spade watch as well. The details are adorable!! Xoxo Mindy

  7. I always liked David Bowie too and was sad at his passing. Great picks you have here and I love the kate spade watches. Cute!

  8. I hadn't read about adult colouring books before, but it sounds like fun and a good supplement to my drawing moustaches beards and horns on the pictures of faces of politicians I don't like in print newspaper articles. Only 64 more days until Spring! It's nice having an interesting book handy to read too. I like the look of the Kate Spade watches. My watch stopped working. Maybe I'll check those out. I loved the David Bowie song with lyrics about "Major Tom" - I'm pretty sure it's "Space Odyssey". It's so sad that he passed away recently - I hope I'll be hearing his songs on the radio more in memoriam.
    SUVs are very convenient. It's hard deciding on which one to buy if you're able to afford them. There are so many things to consider: Price, how much you want to carry, seating, whether you can afford 4 wheel drive (if you live where there's often snow or mud), whether it fits in a garage, etc. etc. etc.. Sometimes one has to compromise a bit. Good luck negotiating if you decide to do a trade in.

  9. I got an adult coloring book for Chritmas,and I love it! Also, I am wearig a fur vest as we speak... ;)

    Amanda ||

  10. Adult colouring books have been INSANE over here. I still don't own one but I want one. Aside from the stress relief they're supposed to give it's also calling my inner child which I love! Hehehe! And I'm not a car girl either but I do love SUV's and want to trade in my own for one someday soon.


  11. Aww RIP Bowie :( My sister just showed me this "adult coloring book" of cuss words lol now that's a coloring book I'd buy!

  12. I am currently loving everything faux fur!

  13. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm loving faux fur AND KSNY watches are some of my faves!

  14. I love this post idea! I've been wanting a coloring book for myself, love wearing watches (probably have too many!) and faux fur anything is always on my radar! Thanks for sharing!



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