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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

5 Reasons to Follow Me on Snapchat

I'm currently traveling so be sure to keep up with me via Snapchat! You can find me on there as ohtobeamuse -- and here are five reasons why we should follow each other! Stealing this from Adaleta and it's a good follow-up to the Stories and Secrets post from August of last year.

1. I usually don't over post -- I don't live on Snapchat. I usually only post when I have something to post -- not just because it's there. Also, I'm not that girl who is going to share 10-minute long Snap stories just talking into the camera about God knows what. Unless it's an interesting or funny story (which couldn't possibly be that funny if it takes 10 minutes to tell), then my talking into the camera snaps won't ever last that long. I watch some of those long "what I did today" snaps that have absolutely no payoff (or regard for my time, lol) and I'm like, get to the point already (or as Tanvi said -- if your snaps are that long then you shouldn't be on Snapchat, you should be on YouTube). Brevity is the soul of wit.

2. I'm funny, if I do say so myself -- We all think we're a little funny, and I'm no exception to that rule. On Snapchat, I am the most me I'm ever going to be on social media. No makeup, inside my house, dogs farting, lip-syncing -- the works! So if you want funny rants about having to drag myself to the mall or catching the hubs doing something silly, then I'm your girl.

3. If I go there, I snap there -- Whenever I travel or go to some event, I will snap it! Sometimes, events want you (as a blogger) to do a post or share on Instagram, and I don't got time for that! But what I do have time for is Snapchat. I like to take my audience to these blogger events with me so you all can see what actually happens at these things. And if I'm actually traveling out of town (like I am right now) or attending something unique (like the recent Steampunk Masquerade) then I tend to snap way more because it gives you something different. Plus, I love to see travel snaps so I can live vicariously through others. Hence, my need to go to Tulum.

4. Product reveals and flat lay tips -- If I get some goodies from whatever brand, then I tend to show them on Snapchat first. These high slit pants were first on Snap before anywhere else. This Furla bag -- my Snapchat had it first. If it's a good mail day, then you'll know about it. And at times I like to share a behind the scenes look at my Instagram flat lays in progress, so you can see where I take them and how I take them -- and just how "set up" they really are, lol.

5. Keeping it real -- I like to think that I'm a very honest person. I don't like to sugarcoat things, but at the same time, I don't see a need to be mean just to be mean. I'll give you my opinion without being a bitch about it. And yes, I know some bloggers who think they're just keeping it 100, but they're actually just total dicks. I ain't naming no names...but they know who they are. If I have an opinion on something that bothers me then I'll share it, but I don't always want to call out names because that's just tacky.

I laugh. I sing in the car. I record my dogs without them knowing. I drink and I know things.

5 Faves to Follow on Snapchat
Ariel of Auteurariel -- heyitsaray
Tanvi of Tanvii -- tanviidotcom
Ria of Ria Michelle -- ria-michelle
Grasie of Style Me Grasie -- grasiemercedes
Adaleta of Adaatude -- adaleta
(FYI: check the diversity in this top five, tho)

So, are we following each other on Snapchat yet? Find me at ohtobeamuse


  1. Nice writing, I can not wait to adding you on snapchat :)

  2. I really enjoy your snaps! They are fun and love your authenticity! Have fun on your trip!

  3. such a cute post,will follow you :)
    Keep in touch

  4. Look at that final recommendation. I feel like a celebrity. Imagine me doing the princess wave down the street right now ;) xx Adaleta Avdic

  5. I am the worst. I opened a Snapchat account a few months back but have been there like twice... yeah, I know. BUT I added you.

  6. I follow you for those reasons and MORE :D Thanks for the shoutout!

    ∞ © ∞

  7. I haven't been on Snapchat for ages! Agh. Too many things to check. But, I do follow you :)

  8. I love snapchat. I use it more than Instagram now. It's so much easier and more "fun" if you ask me!


  9. I'm DYING! You are very funny! Can't wait to add you! xoxo

  10. I know, i know i NEED to get on Snapchat! I'll definitely follow you and Tanvi when I get on there!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  11. I already follow you and I love it!



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