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What I'm Loving May 2016


A little over a year ago, I wore my first pair of mules on the Muse. Honestly, I really need to break them out again and pair them with some shorts! But as summer nears, I've really been feeling flat mules and styling them with skirts and dresses. Are you into flat mules or their heeled counterparts? I seriously can't wait to take these sky blue suede beauties out for a spin! You like? Also a big fan of the Essie Mule by Kendall + Kylie and the Tiessa Pointy Toe Mule by Nine West.
From the ruins to the natural aquarium, Tulum is the current place to be in North America! Just take a plane ride to Cancun and then drive a couple hours south past Playa del Carmen to your beachside destination. I've had a huge desire to visit Tulum recently, even though I won't be traveling there this month, but I seriously have the itch. I mean, look how beautiful! And did I mention the sinkholes and pyramids, too? If you've been, let me know what you think of it!

So a couple months ago I was really feeling spring sunglasses (still am). And now that we're late in the spring and early into the summer, I've added mirrored sunglasses to my list. Have you seen them around? I wore a pair here and here. And I've love to add a couple more to my wardrobe. There are some Dior versions that are fab, but pricey, so try getting your hands on these more affordable beauties: the BP pink and golds for $12 and the sleek Spitfires for only $45!

Warm weather means light clothing. That's why I'm all about printed tank midi dresses right now. Give me a loose-fitting dress with a palm tree print and I'm good to go. Or a drop waist, adjustable strap dress with fruit on it and I'm down! This watermelon print tank dress by Cooper & Ella is a current favorite that I'm sure you'll see on the Muse soon! You can shop the pink palmther dress and the skirteffect lemon print dress as well. Both are summer ready!
When it comes to being fit, it's the eating right part that's been tough for me. I love carbs and all things bad for you, so I was over the moon when I found out about Halo Top ice cream a couple months ago. The Halo Top vanilla bean flavor is my absolute favorite: 60 calories per serving; 4g of carbs; 5g of fiber and 6g of protein. It also comes in chocolate, mint chip, birthday cake and more. To put it in perspective, some other ice cream brands are 240 calories per serving, while Halo Top is 240 calories in the entire pint (and gluten free)! So this has given me my sweet treat without the added pounds this month. If you're interested, shop online or try Whole Foods.

So I work out practically every day and I actually find it to be pretty fun. If you follow me on Snapchat (ohtobeamuse) then you've probably seen my gym pics. My workouts typically include weight training (total body circuits) and cardio. One of my favorite weight training machines right now is the lat machine. As a woman, you don't have to worry about getting bodybuilder lats -- not if you use the proper weight and reps (I do 50 pounds, 8 times, 5 reps). The lat machine doesn't just work your back (bye, bye back fat), but it also works your biceps and triceps! For some reason, a fit back makes me think "that girl's my hero" -- add it to your routine!

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  1. I've been meaning to try the Halo Top. Lately, ice cream is one of the things I can tolerate these days and my doctor says I need to add more protein in my diet. So Halo Top is definitely a win for me.


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  2. I am not into mules generally, i don 't no why but i do not like them at all.
    I am loving mirrored glasses and dress too.


  3. I've been kinda obsessing over mirrored sunnies too....they just look so cool! So wanna splurge on Dior ones, but alas...no....:P

  4. I have to try the pointy toe mules, I have been more drawn to the open toe.

  5. Marvelous mules !!
    I love all things tassel. However when it comes to shoes the tassels don't work one me.

  6. I absolutely love those pastel flat mules. Oh how cute! I have been opposed to the mule trend because t really takes me back to the 90's, but those pastel ones are way too adorable! Great post.


  7. love the flat mules and the sunglasses! Beautiful post!


  8. Mirrored sunnies for the win!I love wearing mine to the beach in the summertime


  9. Since I obviously love food so much, I have to workout everyday too, so I understand you, it's so worth it though! I keep reading about Tulum online and in magazines, seems to be the "it" location right now!

  10. I need to get on halo top, ice cream is my weakness.


  11. I saw those pastel mules on your IG and almost died. I need them in my life!

  12. Those mules you posted on IG are to die for!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  13. Now, you've got me thinking about flat mules! So cute :)

  14. Ohhhh those yellow sunnies! How is it that I don't own that color yet?! :)



  15. Ohhhh those yellow sunnies! How is it that I don't own that color yet?! :)



  16. Ooh I want to try Halo top - it looks yummy! I haven't been to Tulum since a friend's wedding but it is a wonderful place!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  17. I love mules. The pastel ones and the pump style from Nine West are both gorgeous! Great May picks, Cheryl.

    Come join my brand new linkup today and welcome by every Thursday to linkup. I think my readers would love your style as much as I do. =)


    Have a fantastic weekend!

  18. Tulum looks gorgeous! Love me some mirrored sunglasses


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