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Friday, June 10, 2016

Insta Lately: June 2016

Just a quick little Insta update for you muses, in case any of you still aren't following me over on Instagram. The last time I did this was back in April after traveling to Las Vegas and Antelope Canyon, so it made sense to share again since I did a little more traveling recently. Are we following each other? Keep up with me on Insta and Snapchat where you'll find all the fun!

// Under My Um-ba-rella //
This is an installation located in the Southgate area in Bath, England. They just decided that they wanted to add something cool to an already cool place.
// The Cover of a Rolling Stone //
Can't believe it took me three trips to England to visit Stonehenge! No one really knows how the stones got there or why, but everyone sees that the place is stunning.
// Never Met a Colorful Street I Didn't Like //
Whenever you travel to some place new, look up the best neighborhoods for beautiful imagery. This is Bywater Street in Chelsea, which is a lovely place in London.
// Summer Swimming //
Remember this Kingdom & State post from last week? Well, this is mix and match peplum set is my go-to summer swimsuit! What do you think?
Clearly, I love all kinds of jewelry, but at the moment, I really have this thing for marble! Thanks to Emanco, I was able to wear all the best pieces. Do you like?
At the end of May I took a little trip to Atlanta, then to Ft. Lauderdale, then to London. So yes, I was definitely in vacation mode, and this sun hat by Basic B Tees was perfect.
I'm sure you've all seen the Love, Style, Life book that pretty much every fashionista is reading. Well, I don't have the book but I do have this fab shirt by 360 It Girl that you'll love.
As always, I'm loving all my Rocksbox baubles. These are some of my most recent pieces. Get your first month free with code cherylbff59 on the Rocksbox site.
I don't eat salad nearly as much as I should, but fortunately I was able to try the Elevate Salads and they are fantastic. The nutty cranberry version is my fave.
Spring (and now summer) is here so you know what that means? It is peonies season. My only wish is that they lasted longer. And that's the book I read back in May.
Have you heard of Case Cavern? Well they have the cutest phone cases for both Samsung and iPhone. This palm tree one was an obvious choice for me!
// Derby Day //
I don't live in the south so I didn't have any intention of going to the Kentucky Derby. But I did want to participate with these lovely Derby inspired nail polishes at Tar-jay.
A little bit ago I went to a BossNotes event at Coach and Westfield Valley Fair and received this beautiful monogrammed luggage tag with my initials. Used on my recent trip to London.
Took a day trip to Sausalito (right next to San Francisco) and noticed that there is a boat house that is a replica (on a very small scale) of the Taj Mahal. How unique!
A lovely shot at Jack London Square in Oakland. Can you believe some random person commented on this pic stating how much they hate Oakland. How could you hate this scenery?
// Mr. & Mrs. //
These lovely pillow cases that one of my friend's gave me as a housewarming gift. She's the best. I'm not sure everyone realized these were pillow cases.


  1. so enjoy your insta feeds :)
    keep in touch

  2. Thanks for doing this recap, Cheryl:) Don't go to IG much anymore so I feel like I' missing so much! >.< Love that bathing suit, and OMG! Been dying to see the Stonehenge for jealous:)

  3. I love your feed. You capture the best moments/photos. Going to the Chelsea neighborhood is on my bucket list. It looks so charming!

  4. Oh your pillow cases are so cute !
    Happy Anniversary BTW ;)

  5. Enjoy it all my dear. . . fun photos.

  6. Looks like you had a fab time on your holiday! Great summery photos shared, too! :)

  7. Love your pictures! The hanging umbrellas are so fun and cheerful :)

  8. You take great photos. And your swimsuit is so cute!


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