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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rewrite the Rules - Always Infinity

Have you had to rewrite the rules lately? Did someone tell you that you couldn't say something -- couldn't do something -- couldn't be something simply because you're a woman? Well, I've partnered with Always Infinity to talk about a simple way that I rewrite the rules for women.

So, do you workout? If you've been here before, then you probably know that I enjoy working out. I haven't always felt this way, but it really started to grow on me as I got older. I've never been overweight, so I generally never had a desire to go to the gym. But in the past couple of years, I've really found a love for exercise.

If it's your first time at the gym, you probably feel a bit overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. And as a woman, you might assume that you have to stick to the cardio machines only. No lie, cardio machines are great! They help you burn calories and keep your heart healthy. But working out at the gym is a great way for you to break out of your comfort zone and #RewriteTheRules. Just because you're a woman doesn't mean that you can't lift some weights!
A lot of people have said that women shouldn't concern themselves with weight lifting as that will make them too bulky. But that's totally not the case. Weight lifting is actually a fantastic way to tone your body and to keep your body burning calories long after your gym session has ended. So working out -- practically every day -- is how I get the most out of my day, and a way that you can get the most out of your day as well. Don't let the constraints hold you back.

And if it just so happens to be that time of the month, don't let that hold you back either. It's easy to bust out a good 30 minutes of cardio followed by some upper or lower body weight lifting (I'm talking triceps, biceps, lunges and squats) without feeling uncomfortable when you use Always Infinity with FlexFoam. The material absorbs 10 times its weight, feels like nothing, and molds to your body. You'll be dry and comfortable, which is perfect for an amazing gym session.
When you're done at the gym, let your body heal and treat yourself with these Art Naturals Bath Bombs for an aromatherapy session that's perfect for relieving dry skin and joint pain.

If you're looking to start working out, then be sure to check out my beauty from within post to see what a typical workout (and eating regimen) looks like for me, and then go watch this Always Infinity Goalkeeper Training video to get your heart pumping!

I’m sharing #Always in my life as part of an Always  sponsored series for Socialstars™ #sp


  1. I love images you have created for this post!
    Breaking rules should be the new rule!

  2. As someone who worked in a gym, I totally agree about the importance of weights for women. I know the biggest fear most have is that it'll make them bulky, but nooo! I always tell them unless they're training hard for a competition (with the strict diet and all that), the most they'll see is definition, which always looks good!

  3. When I was allowed to lift weight, I totally love the positive effects of lifting weight. We need to get rid of that stigma about women getting bulky.

  4. I LOVE lifting weights and feeling sore the next morning! It is only then that I know I worked out!
    xo Jessica

  5. I'd like to work out more. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder!

  6. Working out. . .what a concept! I need (should) must get off my ass and get back to working out. Thanks Sis!

  7. Couldn't agree more. Workout is an answer to no matter what the problem and the fact that it makes me feel so good in side out is just a bonus. Liked how you weaved this story together :)

    ∞ © ∞

  8. I love relaxing in the bath after a hard gym session - pure bliss! xxx

  9. Your pictures are always so gorgeous. You are motivating me to get back in the gym. It's been a few weeks.

  10. The bath bombs sound like a lovely way to treat yourself post workout :)

  11. Great post, and I think the bath bombs sound so incredible! As always, your photos are so incredibly stunning and you're rocking it! xx Adaleta Avdic

  12. Such an inspiring post! Lifting weights used to be one of my favorite parts of going to the gym!


  13. Lifting weights is definitely my way to go and so important to overall health and muscle build! Great inspo!

    anna ||

  14. I'm all about changing the rules too, Cheryl, especially in the gym. Most women don't realise that the levels of testosterone in our bodies are simply too low for us to bulk up anywhere near that of a man and, as such, avoid lifting. Which is a shame because the heavier you lift, not only are you gaining strength and tonality but you burn even more calories :) I do find, though, that tampons are easier to deal with when working out during that time. Pads tend to, forgive my bluntness, shift and move GRIN xoxo

  15. Thanks for everyone sharing about weights! My arms definitely need it.


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