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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What I'm Loving November 2016

Octer: It seems like two seconds ago it was Halloween and now it's practically almost Thanksgiving. I hope your wardrobe is ready! But if it isn't, then you can check out, as I'm finding myself on that site all the time these days. It's a fab one-stop shop for women's clothing (jackets and coats, anyone?), home decor and beauty products as well. So you can shop Octer to get both yourself and your home winter ready. I have my eyes on their knitwear!

Westworld: When I was in Florida, a couple of people kept telling me that I needed to watch Westworld, but I hadn't ever heard of it at that time. Then one of my blogger friends kept talking about it on her Instagram. So I figured, maybe this show is worth a look. And I gotta tell ya, so far so good. Based on a film that's based on a book, this HBO series was created by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. Westworld is all about a technologically advanced Western themed amusement park. The people in the park are made up of hosts (synthetic androids who aren't aware that they're not human) and guests (wealthy humans who pay high prices to do whatever they want to do at the park). Each day, the hosts are reset and unaware of any wrongdoings that ever happened to them. But a few of the hosts start to show signs that they might be forming memories, questioning their reality, and even worse, possibly becoming sentient. Image

Chai Lattes: The last time I talked about chai was back in this February Loving post. I laugh at the fact that I was only drinking coffee once a week. LMAO, that's hilarious. In 2016, I was drinking coffee about six days a week, but I switched from coffee to chai back in October and I love it. I know that it still has caffeine (I have no issue with that), but I'm happy at how easy it was for me to make the transition. Chai lattes are my new favorite drink and the spices are fall perfect. Image

Skinfix: I mentioned in last year's November Loving post that my skin gets super dry when the temperatures start to get low. So it's no surprise that I start to stock up on skin care products in the fall. And I'm so happy to have found the Skinfix brand. They focus on creating healing balms and daily care products that conquer skin irritations. I have mild eczema -- which doesn't seem very mild in the winter -- so I'm loving the Skinfix adult eczema collection. I use the eczema balm, soothing lotion and soothing wash every day and my skin is thanking me for it! Even if you don't have eczema, Skinfix has serums and the like for babies, kids and adults of all skin types.


  1. ooo, those boots :)
    keep in touch

  2. I never knew Jonathan Nolan is behind Westworld! Anything by the Nolan bros, I can get behind:D

  3. We just started watching Westworld and it is so riveting.

  4. Love those boots and I cannot stop drinking chai lattes! I am a starbucks addict!
    xo Jessica

  5. I just finished the latest episode of Westworld....whoa!
    I hadn't heard of Octer and have to check it out!

  6. I've heard of Westward, didn't know it was based off a film that was based off a book. Maybe I'll check it out!

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  8. I have not even heard of Westworld, so now I am intrigued. I love Octer! <3

  9. Skin Fix is the ting right now and I am all about those boots. Enjoy your weekend!

  10. Oh I love the sweater with the lace detail - so cozy but still stylish!


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