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Monday, May 15, 2017

Sexy Tough

Sponsored by Zappos -- Opinions by me
Remember last week when I told you guys that I bought an outfit to wear the fashion show that I attended, but that it didn't arrive on time so I had to wear something else? Well, I never have to worry about a package not arriving on time when I shop at Zappos. If I had shopped online at Zappos, then I would have their reliable promise of fast, free shipping. What took two weeks to arrive to me from that other site, would have taken closer to seven days from Zappos.

And I also recently encountered another online shopping issue on a different site. I ordered a pair of shorts, but they were too small so I wanted to return them. But the site was going to charge me to pay for return shipping, which ended up being 1/3 of the price of the shorts! This, of course, is something that I would not have worried about if I had shopped at Zappos since they offer free return shipping, world class customer service and a 365 day return policy as well.

Clearly, the moral of the story is that I should always go to Zappos first when shopping online for any occasion. When it comes to today's look, I did just that! You might have noticed that I've been wearing a lot of sneakers lately. With the sunny spring weather, I've opted for more outdoorsy footwear that's both chic and comfortable, which is exactly what I think this look represents. My new Killington Chukka shoes from Timberland provide a great way for me to hit the modern trail in a look that's both sexy and tough.

I've known about the Timberland brand for years and years, but I viewed them as a male-specific brand. But the Timberland Spring line is really providing some amazingly versatile options for women. My Killington Chukka shoes come in grey full grain (seen here), black grain and white grain. I recommend getting them half a size up so you can easily wear them with socks. And did I mention the inside mesh lining is made with 50% recycled plastic bottles?

So I wouldn't go hiking in this look, but I'd definitely go to a farmer's market or take a stroll downtown with the dogs in these Timberlands. And I specifically wanted to style them with a fitted dress to show that it's fun to mix hard and soft. Just because you're wearing a dress doesn't mean you have to wear high heels. And if you're wearing sneakers or boots, you're not required to pair them with camo pants. Have fun mixing things up! Plus, these Timberlands are thoughtfully crafted and made of eco-conscious materials to create feminine silhouettes. That's why you can still look on-trend and fashion-forward while getting all the performance benefits of a cushioned footbed, flexibility and breath-ability.

Are you sexy tough? Do you mix hard and soft pieces?

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  1. Love that you paired this dress with trainers, it's a great look!


  2. These are gorgeous sneakers! I love the color and refined styling. I definitely will be checking this out!

  3. I love this look, the sexy dress with the booties is such a great combo.


  4. Love this dress and boots combo, Cheryl:) I've always been a big fan of Timberlands.

  5. Amazing dress, I love it with the sneakers!

  6. Those are kinda cool - the shoes. I like how you styled them. I haven't shopped at Zappos in a long time. Must check them out.


  7. Zappos does have the best shipping and CS policies. Wow Timberlands have come a long way from what I remember of the brand.

  8. Oh. I'm so sexy tough. And by "sexy tough", I mean plain old nerdy. LOL! I love these sneaks! I have a similar pair and they are so comfy! I have yet to order anything from Zappos. I should...they recently started shipping to Canada!

  9. I love shopping at Zappos and I love how you can quickly get your stuff! You definitely pull off this sexy tough look!

  10. Yes. . .Sexy Tough and that dress is perfect on You. I'm not a sneaker gal but I do like the color. Enjoy!

  11. You always have the best shoes, Cheryl! Love the dress, too!! :)

    Beth ||

  12. These shoes are ultra chic! That dress is really pretty as well! I like blending both hard amd soft pieces, especially with my biker
    jacket! :-)

  13. These shoes are SOO cute!! I am similar - I love mixing ultra feminine pieces with something a little edgier! I love the look!

  14. Pink and grey have been a combination I have long loved.-- I usually can't make it work with tough and sexy. I end up second guessing myself and changing.

  15. The way you styled those Timberlands is genius. You look GREAT! I would have never thought to wear them that way. I love it!

    ~ Whitney

  16. I love this look! I too thought of the Timberland brand was more so for males, but girl you have changed my mind!!


    Kay Elle

  17. Love this dress and how you paired them with the booties.


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