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Friday, July 7, 2017

Insta Lately: July 2017

Haven't done one of these since February -- so sorry for the delay. If you follow me on Instagram then there's been no delay. But if you generally only come to my blog, then here are a few of the pics that you've missed. Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram to keep up!

// Boba Tea Light Bulbs -- 6.28 //
Are you a fan of boba tea? I got into it back in college (the hubs actually worked at a bubble tea place across from campus). My fave flavor is avocado, but I'm also into Thai iced tea (the one on the right). The one on the left is taro. And I just love that these come in lightbulb bottles.
// Getting Crafty -- 6.23 //
I recently created these marble bottle toppers because every now and then, I like to get a little crafty. And there's a possibility I've also been drinking a lot of wine lately.
This is kind of like a dress mixed with a bathing suit and I love it. I wore it while in Jamaica. If you're a size large then you're in luck because it's still available and for under $40!
// Chandon Squad Goals -- 5.28 //
One of the photos from my Chandon/BottleRock event. And these are actually bottles in a ring toss game -- I'm not a lush, but this was a good summer kick-off event.
// Best. Flat. Lay. Ever. -- 5.18 //
It's no secret that I take a ton of flat lays. I try to switch them up as best as I can while still making sure they fit my overall theme. But I must say, this flat lay in particular is my absolute favorite of all time. Plus, I use these products every day.
// Beach Birthdays -- 5.1 //
The hubs went lowkey for this birthday this year, so we just did a beach day in Davenport. While there, I had to check out these popular concrete arches.
// Through the Tulips -- 4.24 //
Remember when I went to Seattle? I was fortunate enough to be there during the tulip festival in Skagit Valley. Tulip festivals are so awesome because they come in so many colors. Have you been to a tulip festival before? I still want to see the big one in Holland.
// Shake Your Bombon -- 3.4 //
One of the coolest coffee drinks I've ever had was at Cafe Arcangel in Havana, Cuba. And that makes sense if any of you have ever had Cuban coffee. The cafe bombon is equal parts espresso and condensed milk.


  1. I really love your Insta feed!
    Have an awesome day!
    xx, Kris

    1. Thanks, Kris. I'll have to check out your Instagram page.

  2. I really like this post idea and the things you've posted on insta. I've seen those lightbulb teas around pretty interesting.

  3. Your Instafeed is on point! It fun following you there :)


  4. Love your IG and love the marble toppers you made, Martha Stewart! Look at you!

  5. This is a really cool idea! Love the toppers...I wish I were that crafty!

  6. Those lightbulb bottles are SO cute! I want to try and recreate it at home!

  7. That mesh dress looks fab on you:) And we call those bubble tea over here. My fave is the taro coconut one:D
    Have a great weekend:)

    1. Ooops...just realized boba tea is bubble tea in a lightbulb...d'oh!

  8. Your feed is gorgeous! I love what you wore while in Jamaica, which I am so jealous of! I wish I could go there soon!

    Jessica |


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