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Monday, August 28, 2017

4 Weddings & a Dilemma

This past weekend, I took a quick trip to Salinas and Pebble Beach as the hubs was playing in a tennis tournament. They're California coastal towns that are part of the popular 17 Mile Drive with beautiful ocean views.

Hopefully you saw some of my weekend adventures on my Instagram. And I can't believe it's already the end of August. At least we have a long weekend coming up, but before we know it, it'll be September. And in no time it'll be the holidays. For me, this fall/winter season is packed with four weddings. I seriously can't believe it. In the past five years I think I've attended four weddings in total. And now I'm invited to four in the last three months of the year -- and none of them are in California. Did I mention that two of them are on the same day in two different states?

I thought I read somewhere that millennials weren't getting married? But I guess that doesn't apply to us older Generation Y-ers. There's a big possibility that I'll only end up going to two of the weddings -- one of which is in October. But I'm not sure which should be the second wedding to attend. Need your input here: one wedding is my cousin's in November and the other wedding is for a good friend in December. In all seriousness, I'm closer to my friend than my cousin, but obviously, my cousin is family. Which one do I attend? All of these weddings are back on the east coast so my budget would prefer it if I didn't go to all of them, lol.

Another note, last Thursday I was also invited to Fleming's Santa Clara for a preview before the restaurant's grand opening. They served selections from their 100 wine list and a three-course meal. I reluctantly got the sea bass (I never order sea bass), but was pleasantly surprised that I liked it. But my favorite was the dessert (we were able to eat creme brulee, cheesecake, carrot cake and a chocolate cake) and the bread because I'm a carb-o-holic and I hadn't really been eating carbs since coming home from vacation. Did you catch any of the behind-the-scenes on my Instastory?

And last night was the season finale of Game of Thrones! Did you watch? If so, what did you think?
On the Muse: | Boohoo Ashley cold shoulder striped shirt | Express tech distressed denim | Moschino black leather mid-heel sandals (similar) | Guess reversible quattro G logo belt |


  1. This whole look is so cute and this top is adorable. Yea that's a lot of weddings, honestly I would only go to the ones where I feel close to the couple or bride. GOT finale was crazy and i cannot believe I have to til 2019 for the new season. I hope that's a rumor.


  2. Love that cute top, great casual look!

  3. Well, I once attended 7 weddings in a year.... it was quite expensive ;)
    When I comes to which I attend, its the one I knew of or got an invitation for the first. As simple as that.

  4. Amazing look! I love that top! It's so unique! I can relate to the wedding dilemma. We've been invited to three long distance weddings the past few years (not close together like yours though). We only went to one of those because the wedding was on a Sunday and a holiday weekend so we were able to make it work with work schedules. As for the cousin or friend wedding choice, I would go to the cousins wedding because then you would also see all the rest of your family members you might not see. Plus, I've been down the road of families and weddings before, and trust me, it isn't pretty if you choose a friend over a family member. You'll never hear the end of it.

  5. That is a lot of weddings! Without a doubt being a wedding guest (especially if it is not near you) is so pricey! I wouldn't know what to do in this situation either. I suggest go with your gut!

  6. Four weddings in three months is a lot!
    As far as which you should attend... since it's a big expense for you, go for enjoyment over obligation. If the friend is dear and you will see a lot of people you don't typically get to see, go to the friend. If you are closer with your cousin and extended family and wont be seeing them over the holidays, go to the cousin.
    Chic on the Cheap

  7. You look really nice in this outfit, Cheryl! Love the stripes! I have always been told that there are two things you can't say no to: weddings and funerals. This is a tough one. I would choose your friend's wedding as you are quite close, and send your cousin a really nice gift or money, with an explanation of your situation. It's also really close to the holidays too, which makes it really nice and pricey. SIGH. Good luck!

  8. Omg this is honestly such a hard choice! I'd have a hard time deciding too! Also, I love your outfit!
    Have an amazing day!
    xx Kris

  9. I love the casual vibes of this look. You look super stylish.
    1) I enjoyed watching your weekend adventures. I have some myself :D
    2) I would go for friend's weddings. True feelings before obligatory relations. That''s just me.
    3) It was a good GoT finale but it didn't really blog me away. You know what I mean? :)


  10. I love this adorable top! And that is seriously a tough choice!

  11. You look so cute! I am loving your jeans. And I must be the only person who does not watch GOT!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  12. This is tough. I would choose Cousins Wedding. It's Family. I would try to do something for the friend prior to her big day. I'm so sure that she will understand.

  13. Attend the weddings of the people you love the most. This outfit is a cover shot for a magazine. So, call them. . .

  14. I love everything about this outfit - this top is adorable! For the wedding dilemma, it would depend on how close you are to those family members. I honestly would say go to the wedding where you are closest to the couple, I think everyone should understand that traveling for a wedding is costly and not always possible.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  15. Ooooo...that is a dilemma indeed. Personally, I would probably go to my cousin's though because s/he is family, you know?
    And OMG on that GoT finale. I'm soooo sad we have to wait to 2019 for the last season...waaaaah!

  16. I love everything about this outfit, shew thats quite a dilemma re the weddings...I would say family hun. We have 2 to attend in the span of a month in September so I hear ya and no have not watched GOT will watch it this friday ;) xx

  17. GoT was amazing! But I'm so sad we have to wait another 18 months for the new season!

    That is really a wedding dilemma- I would probably go to my friend's wedding and send a nice gift in lieu of my cousin's. But that's totally me. :)

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. You look so cute and chic! Yeah, that's a lot of weddings. I think you should only attend a wedding if you feel close to that I would go choose your good friends and send your cousin a gift. Unless of course your family forces you too attend :)-


  19. Great outfit!! How fun that there are so many weddings! I don't know how you could choose!

  20. That jeans + heels combo is KILLER. SO gorgeous!

  21. That's one cute top you're rocking babe! And yes, that's a lot of weddings to attend. I agree with Rachelle Pinksole, I would attend those weddings that I feel close to the couple as well.

    Jessica |

  22. Awesome look, loving those jeans! Yes, attending weddings is a tricky business, especially if you need to travel, hope you'll take the decision which makes you happier! I loved GOT, perfection!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x


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