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Thursday, August 31, 2017

How to Make an End of Summer Frosé

I'm certain you've heard of the term "frosé". It's simply a frozen rosé, which has become a very well known summer treat. Today I'm sharing how you can easily make frosé before the summer ends with the help of Seven Daughters.
One of the reasons I partnered with Seven Daughters is because the cans are absolutely perfect for the woman who is on-the-go or looking to try something new.
I used my Seven Daughters rosé cans as the base for these delicious drinks. The wine cans are perfectly proportioned for the health-conscious wine drinker. The 250-ml, single serve cans allow you to sip and savor in a controlled size, without sacrificing flavor. Plus, the cans are super cute.

7 Tips for Making a Delicious Frosé

  • Use cans as they are a great way to control portion size of an individual rosé
  • Rosé is great for blended drinks because it has a lot of flavor profiles. To bring out some of these flavors, consider garnishing your frosé with cantaloupe, red currant, peach or mango
  • Use a full-bodied rosé if you want to achieve a darker color after freezing
  • Add strawberries to give your frosé a sweet and tart flavor and some added texture
  • Once you make a frosé, you can choose to enjoy it in various ways -- try a frosé Popsicle by simply pouring the mixture into Popsicle molds or ice cube trays after blending
  • Want to skip the added sugar? Use honey or agave nectar instead
  • For something different, replace rosé with moscato!

Making a Frosé 

There are a couple different ways to make a frosé, but the method that I like the most involves strawberries. Basically, you take a bowl of strawberries, some sugar and some water and put them in a blender. After you've blended the mixture until it's nice and smooth, place it in a baking dish. Then pour in the Seven Daughters rosé and place the pan in the freezer. You can keep the mixture in the freezer for about five hours (I left mine in overnight).
In the morning, I scooped out the mixture and decided to place it back in the blender. I added more rosé and blended for a few seconds more. I chose to do this to give the frosé more of a slushy vibe and less of a frozen vibe. But you can simply put the frozen mixture straight into a glass after removing it from the freezer.
Now that you know just how simple it is to make a frosé, will you try it out? It could even be fun to try this method of freezing wine with other types of Seven Daughters wine varietals like moscato and pinot noir.
Note that you can find Seven Daughters wine at BevMo, Whole Foods Market or your local Target store. If you don't see it at any of those places, then try using the wine finder tool on their website for more store locations. And be sure to follow along with Seven Daughters on both Instagram and Facebook! Use code MUSE7D for 20% off your Seven Daughters order at
This post was sponsored by Seven Daughters. All opinions are my own.


  1. great recipe, I have some rose at home I may try it.


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  3. OMG. I LOVE FROSÉ!!! So refreshing during the summer! I never drank too much rosé because I always found them too sweet. Then I went to a rosé wine tasting in Paris like a fancy pants. Converted!! LOVE IT!

  4. This sounds so easy and refreshing! Might have to make one this weekend!
    xo Jessica

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    The Classic Brunette

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    Jessica |

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    Heidi ✨ | Heidi’s Planner | Instagram


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