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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Traveling Muse: Fiji

After our trip to Australia, the hubs and I took a quick trip to Fiji. It was a good way to break up the 15-hour flight time, and who doesn't want to visit Fiji, right? But unlike the Australia post, this travel diary won't be as photo heavy. The reason why is because Australia was all about going places and seeing new things. Remember I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns and Brisbane while there.

For Fiji, it was more about having a few days to relax before heading back to the grind. And trust me, it was pretty easy to relax in Fiji. Except on the first night. Read on to see what I mean.

Getting to Fiji

So once we arrived in Fiji from Australia, we actually had to take another plane to the other side of the island. It was the smallest plane I'd ever been on (not counting sea planes) and the shortest flight -- roughly 30 minutes. Once we arrived at that destination, we then took a car (the driver was waiting outside with a sign with our resort name on it) in the middle of the night to a boat. I think it was around 8 p.m. at this point, but it was pretty much pitch black.
Our resort was on an island in the middle of the ocean so the only light available was the headlight on the boat and the moonlight. And it was a bumpy ride. The hubs and I sat on that boat for about 20 minutes in almost complete darkness speeding out to the middle of nowhere. It was definitely the start to a horror movie -- in another life.

Toberua Island Resort

Once we finally arrived at our resort on Toberua Island, we were shown our room, given a welcome drink and then went to dinner. We soon learned that a few of the resort workers played (and sang) music at each dinner service. They always took requests.
On the island, there were no TVs and the WiFi was only available at the bar. So our days were spent eating, drinking, reading and doing water activities. We also watched the resort staff play their daily volleyball game and even made friends with the resort bird, JackBula means "hello" in Fijian and Jack the bird always liked to fly around saying bula to everyone. If you follow my personal Instagram then you probably saw some of this action while we were there.

Resort Activities

We were in Fiji for about four days and I think I read three books: The Fall, The Husband's Secret and Run. We also did a mangrove kayaking tour. I wish I could have shown you muses photos from that because it was super cool, but I didn't feel comfortable taking my phone in the kayak. And yes, people did fall out of their kayaks multiple times.
The hubs made himself a basket woven bag and we both did some paddle boarding. It was my first time on a stand up paddle board (SUP) and I didn't fall once! It was pretty fun and definitely something I would do again.
Our stay in Fiji was similar to our stay in the Maldives from two years ago. I think the resort in the Maldives was a little cooler, but who doesn't love Fiji water? Seriously, it's my favorite water. If you like Dasani then we can't be friends.

p.s. -- these photos are untouched because I was too busy this past week to edit them. so there.


  1. What a great Vacay you and the Hubs had! I would love to visit Fiji but the boat ride over to your resort would have me changing tours. Enjoy September.

  2. it looks idyllic! I love the bird, so cute!

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes |

  3. Wow, sounds like such a fun trip, and a welcome retreat to just relax and unwind.
    Who likes Dasani? Isnt that just filtered water?

  4. WOW! How beautiful is Fiji!? My husband worked there for a total of 6-7 months and fell in love with it.

  5. Hahaha....I don't like Dasani so we're cool, right? :D And this trip sounds so heavenly despite the sketchy boat trip in the beginning. I think we all need to disconnect from the outside world once in awhile and just do real relaxation, you know?

  6. Ugh these photos!! So gorgeous! I'm dying to go and lay on a beach and do absolutely nothing.

  7. What a beautiful location to do a lot of reading!

  8. What a fun vacation! Fiji has been on my bucket list for a while now, and these photos are making me want to move it closer to the top. :)

  9. How awesome! Love the wildlife and your entire vacation - wow :)

    Beth ||

  10. Your photos are lovely. We want to visit Fiji someday soon. This place looks magical

  11. It looks so gorgeous! A few friends of mine lived in New Zealand for a year and they went to visit Fiji while they were there. I never realized how close it was. It really does look like a low-key fun and relaxing little trip!

  12. So awesome that you had not only a great vacation but also managed some 'digital detox' and enjoy the moment rather than just capture it. :-)

  13. Fiji is on out travel list. It looks lovely, and what a great place to chill and relax before heading back to "real life"?!


  14. I would love to visit Fiji. That little boat trip sounds scary but worth it, lol! :)
    Thanks for sharing these pics!

  15. It's definitely on my list. My husband would love your type of vacation and my daughter is always asking to go to the Maldives (wonder if she would replace that with Fiji if we visited!)

  16. What an awesome vacay. Fiji is definitely on my bucket list. Your photos are just lovely!

  17. Ahhh, Fiji is gorgeous! And you're right- that's the perfect way to break up that long flight back home!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  18. This place looks unbelievable. Fiji has been in my bucket list since Survivor went there.

    Jessica |

  19. Thanks for sharing your Fiji adventure! I'm living in Fiji at the moment and loved seeing what you thought of this tropical island! Good on you for keeping calm on the late night bumpy boat ride! Xx


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