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Friday, February 25, 2011

Makeup & Muses: Makeup & More Giveaway! - Closed

Makeup and Muses

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and the great comments on my last post!

Recently, I went searching for that OPI black shatter nail polish, but of course, it was sold out everywhere. I went to Ulta and was quickly informed that they didn't have any left as it was "really popular" (duh)--but then she told me about the version by China Glaze (score!).

So I bought about 6 different Crackle polishes and some base coats. Forgive me if my crackling is not up to par as this is the first time I've tried this--more experimenting will occur in the future.

Crushed Candy crackle over black polish

What do you think?


Isn't this crazy? I know one giveaway on my blog just ended (winners will be announced this weekend), but I did tell you muses at the start of this month that this was going to be a blogfest!

Get ready for spring with my...

Spring Makeup Muse Giveaway

I mentioned in a makeup & muses post that I bought this 100-piece eyeshadow set in an ELF haul in December and now it can be yours!

Can't find black shatter anywhere? Don't worry--now you can get your hands on Black Mesh, the China Glaze Crackle version of the OPI polish!

The giveaway also includes:

- Sally Hansen salon effects (skinny jeans)
- 5-piece eyeliner pencil set (black, deep brown, oceanside, flash & 24kt)

- 4-piece metallic nail polish set (heavy petal, fleur-ever rocking, ka-bloom, bouquet to go wild)

- 2 eyeshadow quads

- 1 cheek powder

- 1 lip color

- 1 dual ended lipgloss

- 1 nail lacquer

- 1 dual ended lip and eyeliner pencil

- 1 dual ended eyeliner pencil

- 1 mascara

- 1 powder brush

- 1 blush brush

- 1 eyeshadow brush

- 1 foam tip applicator

- 1 folding purse mirror

- 1 cosmetics bag


To Enter:
(leave a comment)
Note: Don't worry if you leave a comment and can't see it. My blog is having a problem showing comments over 200, but no worries--I can see all the comments and your entries will be counted!
  1. Be a public follower of Oh to Be a Muse through Google Friend Connect
  2. Follow Oh to Be a Muse on Twitter
  3. Like Oh to Be a Muse Blog on Facebook

Extra Entries:
  • Re-tweet this Giveaway post
(open to all -- including international -- who follow my blog)

Ends March 11!



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Jules said...

I follow you on GFC, twitter and facebook!

Jules said...

I also tweeted about the giveaway!

Marcela said...

Please enter me!

GFC: Marcela Thiemi
Twitter: @assimcomovcs
Facebook: Marcela Thiemi

Courtney Erin said...

I'm a follower through google and twitter!

xoxo ~ Courtney

HelenCC said...

Wow, I want to join it ^^
Enter me~

1. yes, I'm your blog follower via GFC with username: HelenCC
2. Yes, I do follow your twitter with username: Helen_wcc
3. Yes, I do Like your facebook page with username: Helen Wong.
4. yes, I do retweet this giveaway ^^
5. yes, I do Post this giveaway in my blog sidebar ^^ Check it out here:

Name: HelenCC
Blog URL:

Meg.Meh.P. ( said...

Thanks a tonne for the super awesome giveaway! have never won a beauty giveaway.. hope to win this won! :)

Pretty please enter me.. :))

I am an old stalker :P

GFC: Meg

Twitter: @megmehp


Retweeted :)

I am: Megha Mehtab


Virginie said...

I'm a GFC Follower: Virginie
Facebook fan: Virginie Caetano

Virginie Caetano

kimkey said...

enter me plz!
my gfc name is kimkey

Tara said...

Follow of twitter: TARA2TARA
Like on FB: Tara Beneaththesun

nicolthepickle said...

I follow you on twitter and with gfc as nicolthepickle and on facebook as Nicoline G.

The dark crackle is cool looking.

nicolthepickle said...

I tweeted too ( I hope a seperate comment is ok.)!/Nicolthepickle/status/41171405622087680

A Lot Like Fashion said...

Follower, Cheryl! :)
Retweeted it too: Shreya_1

Heart Charlie said...

AWESOME giveaway!! I like the crackle effect of the nail polish!

Nahemah said...

Aloha! Great giveaway ! Thank you so much :)

GFC: Susana Aires
E-mail: misaki.matsuyaz[at]
Followed you on twitter as @Nahemahx
Followed you on facebook as "NahemahLeAires"
Added you to my blogroll @
Finally, twitted about your giveaway :P!/Nahemahx/status/41192682374168576

Kristin said...

This is one incredibly generous giveaway lady! I follow you everywhere! xoxo

Pop Champagne said...

ohh nice nail polish, I'm a follower! enter mee! :)

Juno said...

Hi! Great giveaway! Please enter me :)
I'm following via GFC as Juno, on fb as Juno Stormwinged and twitter as Junostorm. I also have your blog in my blogrol
My email is stormwinged (at)

Thanks!! xox

Polishing and make-up said...

Hi, wow, giveaway again!!! Love it.
I´m following you via GFC as Polishing and make-up, on FB as Petra Hopjanová and twitter as Polishingmakeup.
PLS check my blog for a sidebar:
My email:

The Red Angel said...

WOW! Fantastic giveaway. I think I'm going to pass, someone else would probably appreciate this kit more than me. :)

I am absolutely head over heels over the Crackle nail polish now. I think it's so cool how you can overlap and not have the polish get runny. Cool colors!


Cawoleet said...

Hey! I want to enter the giveaway! I've been following your blog for a while now but this is my first time entering a contest! =)

Gondor Tari said...

My follower name is Gondor Tari and my mail is

My Twitter name is @LauraSanMu and this is the tweet:!/LauraSanMur/status/41252696195481600

I´m a follower in facebook too as Laura Sánchez Murillo


Boheme.Fille said...

I already follow your blog and facebook following you on twitter too.

P.S: I'm hosting a giveaway too, you're invited to enter.

Lacy said...

I'm following you on Blogspot (Lacy), Twitter (xpeppyandbellex) and facebook (Lacy or

I retweeted your give away and I just added your button to my page plus ists on the side under the blogs I read most...

Syzia said...

hi Sweety!
Amazing giveaway again!
I follow you on twitter: @syzia
I tweeted about this giveaway:!/syzia/status/41272469696286720
I posted this giveaway on my sidebar: http://peppermint-lips.blogspot.
I follow you on fb as Sylwia S.

take care xxx

KrispyTinCan said...

Hi Cheryl

Happy late bday :)

I am a GFC follower as ktun
I am a twitter follower as krispytincan
I already liked you on fb as krispy tin can
I have you on my blog roll at
I tweeted about your giveaway

Mary Elizabeth said...

I am a follower on twitter, a fan on facebook, re-tweeted your give away AND added it to my give away blog roll on the side bar! Please enter me!
Mary @Producthoarder and

MSodapop said...

Enter me please ^_^
~GFC follower name: MSodapop
~I follow you on twitter: MSodapop1
~I tweeted about your giveaway:!/MSodapop1/status/41298411697356800
~I liked your facebook page: Christine Velasco


Thank you! ^_^

viorela said...

one great giveaway after another.
I am following you on Google Friend Connect as Viorela.
I am a follower on twitter as violet_porto.
I follow you on facebook, my fb name is Viorela Violet.

+1 I shared this giveaway on Twitter:!/violet_porto/status/41304862792744960


Camelia Andrasescu said...

enter me ,please!
I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
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I follow you on twitter (@cameliaadriana)
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Smash Bravo Team said...

Following you on GFC

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Following on Twitter

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Liked you on FB

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Smash Bravo Team said...!/smashbravowin/status/41313382091079680

angel said...


Enter me please!!
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I Like Oh to Be a Muse Blog on Facebook - Angel Chen

I Put Oh to Be a Muse on my Blogroll


mehak said...

enter me please
GFC: mehak
follow on facebook; mehak sheikh
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Pegs said...

Oh for awesome :)

GFC follower - peggylikesstuff
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email - peggylikesstuff at gmail dot com

meipinggg said...

GFC id: meipinggg
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Facebook: Mei Ping

and, you've been on my blogroll since foreverrrr :D

meipinggg said...

GFC id: meipinggg
Twitter: meipinggg
Facebook: Mei Ping

and, you've been on my blogroll since foreverrrr :D

oomph, stupid me, i forgot my email :D

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

hi Cheryl! ;D
thanks for the giveaway..
enter me please..

1.already a follower of Oh to Be a Muse via GFC
2.already following on Twitter
3.already liking on Facebook
4.already have you on my Blogroll

Sarah Azhezha

dreamer said...

gfc follower: quinieleong

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Like in FB as Leong Quinie

put in blog roll


Aint That Pretty... said...

wow so generous and it ends on my birthday :D How fab would it be if i won! xoxo

Shareena said...

Great Giveaway!
Please enter me, yes?
GFC : Shareena

Twitter: Shareenadeans


Put a side bar link:

Thank you !

xiuwern said...

HELLO :D This is an awesome giveaway :)

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hueleacoco said...

Hi!! enter me, please!

I follow you
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Rainbow said...

Great giveaway! :)

GFC follower: Rainbow
I follow your twitter with username: risabel_p
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Sónia Cristina said...

Enter me please:)
Name:Sónia Cristina
Follower:Sónia Cristina
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Big kiss from Portugal:)

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

The teal one looks pretty ;)

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
Twitter : StavroulaPlag
Facebook: Stavroula Plag
E-mail :

Thank you ;) x

sarameugh said...

Just to let you know I'm doing a GIVEAWAY! On my site!
Over £100 worth of products to be won!
You should enter! :)
Sara xx

shahtaj said...

Following through GFC.
"liked" on fb. Name= Shahtaj
enter me plz:)

@nola727 said...

I'm a public follower, with you on twitter and fb

Norleans Louisiana

Thanks for the giveaway chance!

nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

Coisas de... Butterflies said...

Enter me please!!!

My gfc name: Coisas de... Butterflies

My email:

i follow you on twitter :coisasdebutterf

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Kiss kiss

meki said...

GFC: following you as meki
Liked on Facebook as Melody Kay
Following on twitter as mkcarolino! :)

I love this giveaway!! :) Hope I win!

**Vera** said...

Hi, thanks for this awsome giveaway...
GFC: **Vera**
Facebook: veracarregueira
twitter: Urban Girl @veracarregueira

aine said...

I'm joining too! Enter me please! :)

♥ GFC follower as "aine"
♥ Twitter follower as "luvndprizeoflyf"
♥ Facebook: Melaine Garcia
♥ giveaway button on my left sidebar in -
♥ tweeted about your contest -!/luvndprizeoflyf/status/41817208107700224

♥ aine ♥

anks said...

hey, thanks for letting me know abt this!

I follow you on GFC and Twitter and like your FB page
GFC handle anksy06
my tweet!/anksy06/status/41819860950466560

Alee. said...

With my late self... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *whistles the birthday song music*


xXxStundonxXx said...

Enter me please :) and also belated happy birthday :)

I'm following on GFC, Facebook (Leanne Junior Stundon) & Twitter (xXxStundonxXx) I've ( also tweeted.

I've also posted a link to this giveaway in my sidebar of my blog.

Good luck all :)

Alexa1202 said...


I follow via GFC as Alexa1202.
I follow on Twitter as Alexa1202.
I liked you on facebook as Alexandra Schnaider.




Marichechu said...

Yes i want to enter! ;)
GFC nick: Maria Molina
Twitter: LaMarichechu.
Facebook: Maria Jesus Molina Gutierrez
I tweet this giveaway and the same in facebook.

No i write a post in my blog.

thank you!!!!
good luck to all!

Marichechu said...

ups my mail

Starlight said...

Wow, awesome =O
Please, enter me =)
I follow you here (Starlight), on twitter (@Gema_Starlight), and on facebook (Gema Rodríguez Flores).
And my email is gemarflo(@)
Kisses ^^

saba said...

Hi! Cheryl
many congrats to Tara.
I have a low following blog but still I am affirmative to submit my entry
I follow u through Google friend connect as
I have shown ur give away as usual on my side bar of my very own blog

• PinkMeUp • said...

Hi! Enter me please! I follow you trough GFC with this name: PinkMeUp and on facebook: Mihaela Roman. My e-mail is: or

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! Following on GFC, twitter (@Fisigiveaways) and FB (Ana Belén R M).

Ana Belén R.M

Irene said...

I'm a GFC follower with the name irene.olocco
my email is

love the light blue crack polish!!!

Tati Abaurre said...

I'd love to enter your giveaway! I'm following via GFC, twitter and FB as TatiAbaurre


Miss Potingues said...

Enter me, please!
Nick: Miss Potingues
E-mail: miss.potingues.mail(@)
Follower on FB as Beatriz De MissPotingues, and also follower on blogger.
Published on my side bar:

Thank You!

Cherry Pullinger said...
I'm a follower on Google, Facebook and Twitter and I've tweeted about the giveaway!

Sedna said...

Hi! ^^
Another giveaway, wow! Please enter me ^^

GFC name: Sedna
Facebook: Gaál Noémi
Twitter: __Sedna__
I tweeted as well!!/__Sedna__/status/41985805173919744

Thank you for the giveaway, and special thanks for making it international :)

Kat said...

this is beyond divine! you were right, i am interested!

i follow you now on gfc, liked you on facebook, but i don't use twitter..

but i hope this still counts as an entry, thank you! <3

Kat said...

(, gfc = kat, facebook = katie carney)

Tayler said...

what an awesome giveaway!
Thanks for inviting me:) :)
follow all three and retweeted!!/taylerworrell/status/41996014978076673

--Style Interplay

Maai said...

Hi again pretty. I can't remember if i have entered here, i think I haven't, cause i search my name and i don't see it, anyway, I follow you as Maai on GFC, I like OTBaM on facebook (Maai Ghougassian) and I follow you on twitter as @Maigp, retweet here:!/Maigp/status/41997365988691969 XOXO see ya!

imasupergirl said...

So happy to enter this giveaway! I'm a follower via GFC (Alexandra Andrei) and also via Twitter (alex_supergirl) + Facebook fan (Alexandra Andrei). My email is alex_sup3rgirl[at]yahoo[dot]com and I've RT your giveaway, too!

Bee said...

this is such an awesome giveaway! im following you on gfc, facebook and twitter now.

Sienna said...

Thanks for telling me about your giveaway! I love it! I've looked around your blog and I have to say, you're pretty amazing. I'm following you on Google friend and I'm heading over to follow you on Twitter too. I'll hit Facebook too.
Email me at:

Daniela_24 said...

Hi there! Congrats for the giveaway :)

Name: Daniela Basílio
I follow you by GFC as Daniela_24
I liked you on facebook as Daniela Basílio
My email:
Im from Portugal :)

sabrys said...

Love this giveaway thanks ^^ Enter me please :)
I'm sabrys on GFC,Sabrys_ on twitter and Sabrina Sasso on FB

my email: sabrys18[AT]

Meggy said...

I'm a follower of your blog thru GFC, follow on Twitter (@ChasingDavies) & via Facebook - Megan Clifford Davey.

Yay - love Elf!

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Allison McClure said...

Gorgeous! I've been trying to save up to get a big palette of eyeshadows since I'm just now starting off with makeup and such. Good luck to everyone! :)

Following on all:
GFC: Allison McClure
Twitter: @allisonbmcclure
Facebook: Allison Berta McClure

Melissa Wright said...

I am following you on GFC, Twitter and Facebook! Great giveaway!

Mary Lee said...

I follow on GFC and I tweeted about this giveaway!!/MaryLeeByTheSea/status/42024973283504128


JULIA said...

I follow you on GFC, Twitter, and liked your FB page. ♥ What a GREAT giveaway! I always wanted to try the cracked nailpolish but never got around to doing so. :)

Ana Maria said...

Seguidora: Ana Maria

Justine said...

Really? All for me?
Thank you for sharing!
Thanks for all your blog love!
Following you now :)

Just Better Together

Justine said...

Tweeted :)

Just Better Together

M said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and pointing me you way! Lovely reads :) Enter me please.

Laura said...

i follow you on gfc, twitter and added you to my facebook page's favorites :)


Elena said...

omgosh--that nail polish is crazy! I'm following through google friend connect, twitter, and facebook :)

thanks for stopping by my blog! I just started and I'm a newbie so it's awesome that you visited


Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

thanks for showing me this giveaway on my blog! i followed on Google Friend Connect and FB, but i do not have a twitter! hope this works!

<3 steffy

avid chancer said...

What a great giveaway, thanks for telling me about it.

I don't have a twitter but I followed you on google friend connect and liked you on facebook.

Jerrica said...

wow what an amazing giveaway. I would be completely overwhelmed and extremely grateful for this batch. Sucks I don't have a twitter account! Great site. Thanks for stopping by and following me :-) I'm your new follower!



Thanks to your super sweet comment earlier today over on the little blog o'mine, I am so totally in it to win it for this gorgeous giveaway of yours and am now faithfully following you through the trifecta known as Google Friend Connect, Twitter AND Facebook.



And I oh-so-happily retweeted away about said goodies giveaway too!

Bex a.k.a. @BargainBex

Laura said...

This giveaway is completly great!!! I love make up so I hope i'll be lucky

I follow you on twitter and Google friend

Fingers crossed

Mad@ said...

hello! I love this giveaway!
I follow you with GFC as Mad@
I follow on tweeter as mada3187
i tweet about the giveaway!/mada3187/status/42117181521141760
I like on facebook as Vicol Madalina Alexandra
I post on my blog about the giveaway:

My email is:
Kisses :*

Camille said...

All entered :)

- Camille of Snapdragon Mode (e-mail address

Thanks again for commenting on my blog and letting me know about the giveaway!

Sweetcita said...

I sweetie,

I would love participate but i don't have a twitter acount, however i follow you by GFG as Sweetcita and i like you on FB as Devaneios de uma loira.


Suz said...

very nice! i did everything and here's the link of the tweet:!/Fashionisaparty/status/42165634779451392

Agnetha said...

I follow on GFC, Bloglovin & twitter! And I like on Facebook!

Stephaniejw said...

Super Good Give away :)
thanks for letting me now

Julie said...

Wow, definitely want to have a shot at winning that:)!!
I follow you on google friend connect, with my blog title Photofashionista.

And thanx for leaving a comment on my blog:) Much appreciated! <3

xx Julie

Stefani said...

Great giveaway!Following!

Monny said...

I love Giveaway \o/

GFC: Monnyii
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miha.ela said...

Please enter me!

GFC: miha.ela

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Monny said...

I love \o/ Giveaway!!

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Kelly e Willy said...

I am following you on Google Friend Connect as Kelly e Willy.
I am a follower on twitter as rkellyss.
I follow you on facebook, my fb name is Kelly Siqueira. And my mail is

Magg said...

follow: Maggida
FB: Magdalena G.

Señorita said...

That nail color has become super popular; nice :)

Fakhra said...

Enter Me:

FGC: Fakhra Rafique
Twitter: Fakhra07
Country: Pakistan

Sara said...
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Sara said...
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Summer said...

Thank you for inviting me to your giveaway=)))

Abigail Leigh said...

Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, I'm sorely lacking in the makeup department, this would be divine! :)

Drissing said...

Enter me, please!!

I am following you on Google Friendo Conect as Drissing

I follow you on facebook, my fb name is Iris Martín

Name: Iris Martín o drissing
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Kisses and thanks!!!!

Serah Alabi ♥ said...

Thank Youu very much and your giveaway is amazing

follwed you :D


Diana Dang said...

Hey, following on Google connect, twitter under stopdropandread and facebook under diana dang

faked_sugartone at hotmail

Michelle Elaine said...

awesome! liked you on fb, following you on gfc & twitter! weee <33


missdixon said...

following on both and like on facebook :)

kla505 said...

I followed via GFC, twitter and facebook :)

blythe said...

Thanks for the head's up about your giveaway! I'm a follower on google/blogger. :]

blythe said...

also a fan on facebook

blythe said...

also a follower on twitter!

blythe said...

and i tweeted about it (my username is blitheblythe)

kla505 said...

I also twitted here!/kla505/status/42328183579754496

Patrícia Xará said...


I follow you with GFC and on Twitter and Facebook.
I re-tweeted as pnxara.


A+M+S said...

I follow your blog as ameldrum!!
However I do not twitter or facebook :(

Thank you!!!!

aleytac at hotmail dot com

eighteighteight said...

-Following on GFC: minotaurbb
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fleurdoll [at] gmail [dot] com

Thank you :)

ScienceGeek said...

Thanks for the comment am a follower on twitter here and have liked your fb page and also tweeted @ScienceGeekChic.

Stacey @ Say Something Stacey said...

Following @GFC Twitter @saysmthngstac and Facebook @ suzybesmart @ hotmail .com


chiihime said...

oh great prizes! i wanna enter *-*

and my follower name is Lilian user (chiihime)

Brittany Leann said...

What a lovely giveaway. :) Enter me please. I follow you via google friend connect, twitter, and facebook.

This Girl said...

Enter Me Please! I love reading your blog!
Following on Google Connect: itgirlsbeware and Twitter: itgirlsbeware

Tasha W said...

*I Follow Oh to Be a Muse through Google Friend Connect (Tasha W)

*Following Oh to Be a Muse on Twitter @xocanadianangel

*Liked Oh to Be a Muse Blog on Facebook (Tasha W)

Tasha W said...


DaMnViXeN said...

what a haul!

followed you via google
facebook : Isabeau Jane Salvatore St-Pierre
tweeted here:!/damnvixen/status/42536371990179840

more power!

eugenia castillo said...

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nick :eugenia castillo

pievutė said...

following your blog, also on twitter, + liked on Facebook

pievutė said...

and retweeted (!/bad_dreamLTU)

this giveaway ends on my b-day, so it could be a great gift :)))


HuHaHa said...

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yuor twitter follower as jozeeandleebliked you on face book as shadab tahir

HuHaHa said...
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HuHaHa said...

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Missy said...

oh enter me!

Blending Style, Celebs and Fashion

CharlotteSometimes said...

AWESOME GIVEAWAY!!*.* please, enter me <3

I follow via GFC as "attitude".
I follow on Twitter as @shalalalapollyy
I Liked Oh to Be a Muse Blog on Facebook (Daria Sciocchetti).

I cross my fingers!!

CharlotteSometimes said...

I retweeted this post on Twitter here:!/shalalalapollyy/status/42658673637601280

Darkflayer said...

amazing givewaway.
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I retweeted this post here:

Cause We are Divas said...



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Queta´style said...

I follow you :)

Queta´style said...

Im tweet this one.

Laura Shane said...

liked, friended, added on twitter (laurashane), and retweeted (!/laurashane)! this is such a generous give a way! i love the crackel nail polish. it's so neat!

Anaonheels said...

I'm following you everywhere and i RT this post. Hope I win something <3


House of Hemingway said...

I have the worst luck with giveaways but oh well! :D good luck to the winner! (cause I know it's not me! lol)

Sarah. said...

Awesome giveaway!

Im following your blog, and I liked your page on facebook under Sarah Menard! :D

érre said...

Enter me please :)

I'm following you via GFC with the name érre, via twitter with the name Conhoca and I like Oh to Be a Muse Blog on facebook with the name Érre Blogs.

The colours of my closet said...

I follow you on GFC and facebook. i have not tweeter.
on facebook i'm raffaella catania.

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There is a GIVEAWAY on my blog

MrsKittyKaBoom said...

Hello there. What a wonderful giveaway!

Follow via GFC- Mrskittykaboom
Follow via Twitter- Mrskittykaboom
Follow on facebook- J.DeWolf
Tweeted about giveaway-!/MrsKittyKaBoom/status/42913315294420992

Thank you for all the entries! & Good luck to everyone! Someone is going to be VERY happy winning this! :D

smargumiel said...

hi enter me please!
i follow you here as smargumiel
on twitter samart17
i tweeted your giv here!/samart17/favorites
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TheCurlyWaterfall said...

*_* Lovely *_*
i follow u on google friend connect :))))
Name: Gaia

Nina said...

Did all three
GFC: Nina
Twitter: nina0205
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irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com


RavenzTarot said...

i follow you on twitter, facebook and google reader! love the giveaway

Alexandra said...


I'm following you on GFC with the name Alexandra.
I liked you on Facebook withthe name Alexandra Ionescu (Florina)
Unfortunately i don't have a Tweet account, i hope that is not a problem :-s
I blogged about your giveaway here:

thanks! i hope i win:P


Becky said...

I'm a follower (Becky)
Twitter: Beckycd91
Facebook: Becky Baires

yo soy de jupiter said...

really cool giveaway!
gfc follower: yo soy de jupiter
twitter follower: rominadlp
facebook fan: ro dlp
hope to win!♥

yo soy de jupiter said...

I also re-tweeted: rominadlp

Ashley said...
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Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

-Google Friend Connect
-Following on Twitter @iamashleyk
-Liked on facebook

Ashley said...


Lili said...

I'm a follower.
I liked on Facebook.
I haven't Twitter so I shared on Facebook, here's the link to the shared post:

My email:

TigerLily said...

Thanks for letting me know about this giveaway on my blog :)
I am now your google follower and twitter follower (@2thousandthings).

2thousandthings at
The fashion blog:
Reviews & Giveaways:

Luisa T. said...

Following you via google friend connect :)
my email:


i follow you on gfc as bdoerfler2
i follow you on twitter as texsmommy89
i follow you on facebook as Brittany Doerfler


i retweeted!/texsmommy89/status/42988754964721664

Tiffany said...

I follow via GFC.
etwilkins at gmail dot com

Tiffany said...

I like you on FB.
etwilkins at gmail dot com

Tiffany said...

I follow you on twitter. IamMrsWilkins
etwilkins at gmail dot com

Tiffany said...

etwilkins at gmail dot com

Caitlin said...

I am google following you now!

Alba Mecaj said...

whoaa... awesome stuff!!! I followed you on GFC and Facebook :) I don't have twitter:S

Caitlin said...

I am following you on Twitter!

Caitlin said...

I am also following you on facebook

~Mommy+Me~ said...

This is a great giveaway! I just was looking at some of these same products on Ulta's website.
I am going to become a follower.

I am hosting a giveaway too...

Monik said...

♥ Follow via GFC as Monik.
♥ Follow on Twitter as @monikaretnani.
♥ Like on Facebook as Monika Lintang Retnani.

♥ Re-tweet this Giveaway post here.

Magpie Shinies said...

PLEASE enter me. This giveaway is amazing!

I'm your Google Friend.

Katarzyna said...

I follow you via GFC (Goga), on twitter (@Kaziutka) and liked you on FB (K.Gocka)


Katarzyna said...



Simona said...

thank you so much for letting me know about this giveaway and of course I follow you :)


Misty said...

follow you with GFC

Misty said...

follow you on twitter; mommy2skie

Misty said...

follow you on facebook; Misty VanEpps

Wendy said...

I "liked" you on FB: Wendy Elliott Lindsey
I follow you on Google Friend Connect: Wendy Lindsey
I follow you on Twitter: CakesAlive

welindsey at gmail dot com
wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

Wendy said...

I retweeted you here:!/CakesAlive

Thx for the opportunity!

welindsey at gmail dot com
wendy2lindsey at yahoo dot com

Shannon said...

I became a public follower
I liked you on Facebook (Anthony Shannon ventresca)
Love the giveaway:) if I tweeted I would...but I don't

Kimberly Marquez said...

I follow you through GFC and on twitter and fb!

Mi estilista said...

my email

my blog

Randi said...

Follower, would love to win!

Tracy said...

I follow you through GFC and like you on facebook as Tracy V!


Kelcie said...
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lexacd said...

Awesome giveaway!

Following publicly via GFC
"liked" on Facebook (Alexandra DiGiorgio)
I do not have a twitter account

alexandra_digiorgio at comcast dot net

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