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Fashion Beauty Friend Friday: Inspiration


After participating in the FTF Community blog event--Full Time Fabulous all the way--I decided that I wanted to be a part of other similar blogging communities. I've perused sites where I've seen bloggers write about FBFF, or Fashion Beauty Friend Friday, but I never felt like I had the time to really embark on that venture until now!

So this is my first FBFF post but most likely not my last. The theme for this Friday's post is to mark the one year anniversary of FBFF by answering the same set of questions that were asked this time last year.

1. Which celebrity (celebrities) do you look to for fashion inspiration?

I usually get my inspiration from clothes on a rack or bloggers online, but when I do look for celebrity inspiration I tend to go with the always fashionable Zoe Saldana. Back in my style muse post last year, celebs like Zoe, Rihanna and Paula Patton were inspiring style for me. I think celebs like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez always have flawless makeup, and I've recently become quite a fan of Mila Kunis and her lovely hair!

2. When it comes to your own personal style, what inspires you?

My personal style, whether that be day-to-day outfits or ensembles for events or nights out, is usually inspired by a combination of what I see on the racks in stores, what I see in some of my fave fashion bloggers' outfit posts, and what I actually own in my closet. Sometimes I already have the clothes I want to wear in my closet, but I look at bloggers to give me the inspiration, or even nudge, to pair certain things together--like color blocking or stripes or prints.

3. How do you hope to inspire your readers?

That is what Oh to Be a Muse is all about--inspiring readers. I hope people come to my site and are inspired by not only what I wear, but also how I wear it. I hope they see my ideas and build from them to create their own unique ensembles. Since I also write about makeup, skincare, fashion deals, nails, interviews and editorials, I hope that there is something for everyone on my site. So I think what I write about and how I showcase it will inspire others--and if it's not doing that then please let me know!
4. Outside the realm of fashion who/what inspires you?

Aside from fashion, I am also truly in love with and inspired by music. When I was little and my friends and I would play the game of "would you rather be blind or deaf?" (seems eerie now), I would usually go with blind because I couldn't fathom not being able to hear music. I sing and write original songs, so maybe one day I can combine both music and fashion to make something uber inspirational!

5. And since Idol is ending… Which songs inspire you?

Well, since I was already on a music kick, I'd have to say that I really like a variety of songs from artists like M.I.A., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend, Aaliyah and T.I. But one song that always gets me is "Joyful Girl" by Ani DiFranco. And I'll always rock out to PJ Harvey.

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  1. Neat post and have a great Easter weekend!

  2. i always love reading other friend fridays. im too lazy to do one myself...lol. i love Zoe's style too. it's minimal yet fashionable.

    and hold up? Idol is ending? who, what, when did i miss this memo?

  3. great answers and happy easter!

  4. Zoe Saldana always looks so amazing!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Welcome to the FBFF community :) Great post! Very well laid out and I definitely agree about finding style from bloggers. Zoe Saldana does have great style!

  6. Music definitely inspires me too :)

  7. I am so glad you mentioned Zoe Saldana, I love her style and too often forget about her because she doesn't get enough props!

    Love your music inspiration too! :)
    Fellow FBFFer,

    matters of merrymaking

  8. Zoey Saldana is the one. Effortless chic.

    I catch your drift sometimes it's good to have a look around as some peices can be tricky to pull off.

  9. Interesting to read your answers. I love how flawless J Lo always looks, I envy her style.

  10. Oh nice! love that we both picked Zoe, too!! I do love Ani & PJ Harvey--- nice touch Cheryl! I forget sometimes that I have their music.. Happy Friday! -xxoo

  11. I like Mila Kunis too! I started to like her more when she starred as ballerina with Natalie Portman in Black Swan. ^_^

    I like your style! Keep it up! Happy Good Friday!

  12. I love Zoe Saldana! and I agree with the comment above...i'm loving mila kunis too

  13. Cheryl how have you been? Team Zoe! That's my girl. I always say she reminds me of an older version of myself.

  14. This is an interesting read. You've got the absolute right heart with regards to your blog. More luck hon


  15. I think as bloggers we all inspire each other ... at the end of the day I don't even remember where I got the inspiration from among all the fabulous bloggers. Great Post! :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  16. Zoe Saldana really kicked it up a notch this year!

  17. Fabulous post, darling!
    Love your answers!


  18. love the post! i also love zoe! she's awesome!

  19. After I did the FTF blog event, I decided to get involved in FBFF too (this was my 2nd one). I agree with finding inspiration from other bloggers, but I think I'd rather have vision instead of hearing... that's a tough one!

    xx Kara
    Sprinkles in Springs

  20. Big fan of Zoe Saldana!


  21. i loooove jennifer lopez' style! and i think kim kardashian's hair is beautiful, haha. ;)

    i hope you're having a fantastic weekend! :D

    <3, Mimi

  22. Great interview! I'm a relatively new blogger, and like you, I'm really enjoying getting fashion inspiration from other bloggers :) I tend to try out more looks once I see them on someone else...

  23. Loe the idea of this Q&A and how it changes over a period of time, spectacular feature! I love your music inspirations and I must admit that I kind of worship Zoe Saldana. She can do no wrong in my book.


  24. Zoe Saldana and Paula Patton have such great style. Ooh how fun if you enter into music as wlel - we'll be happy to hear it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  25. Zoe Saldana is simply perfect, isn't she? I also love M.I.A. -- she blends fashion and music in an awesome way! I love this post; I could definitely see your heart behind it!

    Twitter @theloudermouth

  26. great answers...i always wonder what jennifer lopez looks like when she does her own makeup...probably still beautiful!

  27. I can see why we are blog buddies - I feel the same way about my blog and it's influence and have a pretty diverse range of music tastes too! Ahh and aren't Zoe Saldana and Paula patton lovely?

    Chic 'n Cheap Living


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