Hey lovely muses! I hope everyone is still enjoying their summer (if it happens to be summer in your part of the world). I've always been a fan of warmer climates and that's probably due to the fact that I used to live in the Caribbean and then grew up in south Florida. And now that I live in what is possibly the hottest place in America (Arizona), the heat just keeps on coming.

During the summer months, this desert is about 102 degrees on average with the occasional haboob -- I didn't know what that was before I moved here. <--- Check the video link; it's pretty OMG.

So, to keep cool I've been staying hydrated, keeping sheltered when possible and wearing clothes that allow my body to breathe. Since most people tend to compare the Arizona summer heat to walking into an oven, I try to cool off by wearing stylish day dresses. The purple dress that I wore in this lookbook post is an example of that.

All the day dresses seen here I spotted on for great prices. I think you'll enjoy them as they're a great combination of function and fashion!

What do you think of these Day Dresses for summer?
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