Oh, don't mind the fact that I'm wearing a bright yellow summer dress in fall. Didn't I tell you I live in Arizona? This state hasn't yet realized that the season has changed so I'm still milking this dress for what it's worth. At least I added a striped cardi, right?
I can't remember if I've worn these wedges on the Muse before, but if not, then here are my wedges! I got them for my NY trip and I wore these to IFB Con. They are mad comfortable.

Later on I belted this cardi over the dress and it looked pretty awesome, if I do say so myself, but I totally didn't take any photos of that for this lookbook...so just imagine it and be in awe. :)

Do you like this look?
I was also included in the IFB Links A La Mode!


Edited by: Collette Osuna of Statements in Fashion

I’m not sure about you, but just as men look forward to Fall for sporting events that keep them on the couch, I look forward to Fall for my own selfish reasons......adding to my closet collection!

If you enjoy sipping a cup of coffee while you browse your favorite online shopping sites, or if you prefer to rise with the sun to open the doors of your favorite Mall, Fall shopping is the time for you.

Thanks to Fashion Week, we have all had a chance to peek at the newest clothing, boots and accessories that will be filling up retail stores everywhere this season.

This weeks links focus on hot Fall runway trends, Collection debuts, DIY’s, makeup & hair tips, and even how to manage deadlines. Fall is back bloggers, and with a vengeance!