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Lookbook: Little Lace Riding Hood


The weather in March was driving me insane. One week was beautiful and sunny, and the next week was cold and rainy. But I believe April will bring in a long-awaited spring, don't you think?This is before I went for a wine and cheese lunch at the Mountain Winery. The wine was decent, but the bartender was cool and the venue was very pretty, so I will most likely find myself heading back there in the summer when they play concerts.(btw, freezing my ass off without the hooded cardi...the things we do for outfit posts)These are the Steve Madden booties that I mentioned in my Bridging the Gap outfit post. They started at a price of $190 but I got them for $40 from DSW. True story, bro.These photos were taken on a trail, and I thought the grittiness of the trail would work well with this outfit. I realize that if you go through my lookbook posts on the Muse, I don't think you'd be able to really classify my style. That's probably because I like a bit of everything. 

My motto with clothes: If it looks good on me, then I'll rock it.
It really doesn't matter if it's polka dots, cut outs, dresses, high-low skirts or wedges. 
So happy I finally got a La Mer watch! I've wanted one for a long time now.

Gifted hooded wrap cardigan ~ Foreign Exchange top ~ Go Jane lace pants ~ Steve Madden booties ~ La Mer wrap watch ~ Starfish cuff ~ Filthy Magic ring & shoulder chain

*fyi: this top is one of the only things I actually liked from Foreign Exchange. I was pretty disappointed with the fabric once the clothing I ordered arrived. So if you ever see me partnering with Foreign Exchange on the Muse, then you'll know that I've officially sold out. But don't worry because homie don't play that.

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  1. Looking fab darling! Love the jewellery :D And cool lace pants <3

  2. I love your La Mer watch! I have the same one in blue and wear it all the time.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. You really do have an eclectic style-- but I think that is a good thing! You always look great and you have a ton of fun!

  4. The top is beeeeeyond cute! what a babe ;)

  5. Hi sweetie! You look fabulous! Ah the wineries. I love nothing more. You're dressed perfectly for them. And thanks for your honesty. I do love that shirt but would think twice about ordering.

    Hope you're having a great week! xoxo

  6. Omg those lace pants are the most kick ass things I've seen in a LONG TIME. LOVE.

    And you definitely have variety when it comes to style. That's one of the main reasons you're one of my favorite fashionistas. You are NEVER boring!

  7. Amazing look, darling ~ love those pants!
    And I just bought a starfish cuff :)


  8. One word: gorgeous! I am lusting over that hooded cardi and those leggings are amazing!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. omg love the lace pants. looks great on you :)

  10. Lovin' your la mer watch!!!! WE have them too and are obbsessed! And those lace pants are sooooo totally rockin'! U look amazing! Fabulous styling and wicked pics!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  11. Oh Wow, I can't get over those pants! They are amazing...so rocker chic but then a touch of goth girly with the lace. Stunning pair. Love how you styled it in the first picture. the starfish is the cutest thing!

  12. i love love love your hooded cardi!!! :D

    p.s. these photos are wonderful!

    <3, Mimi
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  13. Gorgeous pants! You pull them off well. :)

  14. Amazing outfit! I'm in love with the hooded cardi!

  15. Ooooo...such a kick-a** outfit, Cheryl! Lovin the pants, and those booties were a great score for sure.
    PS I hope you're right about the weather. It would be nice to get a consistent warmer weather:)

  16. Cheryl, you look so cute girl. I love those pants. HAHA We both had fairy tales on the brain today. :D

  17. Great price on those shoes and love the arm candy! That sweater looks so cozy and great on you!

  18. You rock! I love your looks ALWAYS! 'Coz you experiment. While everyone has a right to dress how ever they want but as a reader I appreciate variety and experiment.

    P.S. These lace pants are awesome on you :o)

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  19. Love the Starfish bracelet, jeans, & boots. Cute outfit hun!

  20. LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow.
    If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  21. wow u look AMAZING honey,love the whole outfit&jewels<3

  22. i love the starfish cuff and you look amazing!
    kiss kiss


  23. OBSESSED with your hooded cardi - you look fantastic! :)

  24. omg you look super gorgeous and fab dear!! really love your pants and star bracelet <33


  25. Oh wow! Those pans are really different. x

  26. It's raining here as well, terrible!:( But u look so sweet with that pretty hoodie!!:) Great pants, really original, and amazing jewelry!!! kisses

  27. Love that hooded cape! I recently took photos in the cold without a coat, I don't know how people do it constantly. I'm a wuss. Starfish cuff looks great on your wrist.

  28. I have this top but it doesn't look nearly as cute on me!!

  29. Wow pretty funky- you pull it all well! The star fish bracelet is cool.

  30. Wow I love this outfit... it looks so good on you! I dig the collection of bracelets/watch too. Awesome look :)


  31. Gotta love a super deal and the shoes look great on you! I've been thinking about getting a starfish cuff too - they are too cute!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  32. Love your lace and leather pants. Cute starfish bracelet. Nice watch

  33. Love the hooded cardigan! I love the photo where you are kinda of kneeling down, great shot! Happy Weekend and holiday! xoxo

  34. Girl you look so banging in those pants, so cute. luv them xx Keirra


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