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Movie Review ~ Snow White, The Avengers & MIB:3


Three movie reviews for your reading pleasure (and no spoilers!):
Snow White And The Huntsman

Lips red as blood. Hair black as night. Bring me your heart, my dear, dear Snow White.

I must say that I do think this movie was cast well (i.e. Chris Hemsworth). Everyone definitely looked the part. But there were times when some scenes just lacked emotion or connection. The story is pretty much the same as the fairy tale: An evil queen corrupts a kingdom and searches for the heart of the fairest in the land so that she can keep her youth. But in this story, it is more about the connection between Snow White and her foe-turned-friend the Huntsman.

What I loved about SWATH was the way it looked because all the visual effects were done well, and the costumes were pretty wonderful too. What I didn't like were small things: There were times when I couldn't understand what some of the dwarfs were saying; I felt Charlize Theron's accent was a bit over the top in a few scenes; and, of course, Kristen Stewart acted a little like Bella Swan at moments...and I could have done without that.

I think this movie could have been better if the earlier scenes went a bit faster and the later scenes were fleshed out a bit more. Overall, I thought it was good, but I had higher expectations.
3 out of 5 hearts!
The Avengers
Time for a double dose of Chris Hemsworth. I'm pretty much at a stage where I think I'd see any movie Chris is in, but I do hope that he picks great movies more often than not. In all honesty, I preferred The Avengers to SWATH because it gave good movie. What I mean by that is The Avengers had everything that you wanted it to have: fight scenes, comedy, costumes, emotion.

I was pleasantly surprised that it managed to be as good as it should have been with such an all-star cast. I do think Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man did get much of the screen time, and they could have done a better job of making it less about him. And I still don't see how Hawkeye and Black Widow are even on the same level as a demigod, a hulk, a genius in a weapons suit, or even a super-human with an impenetrable shield.

Overall, Hemsworth and the rest of them kept my attention throughout (and I even liked the new Hulk), so I'd have to give this movie 4 out of 5 hearts!
Men in Black 3
I have to start by saying I can't believe it's been 14 years since the first Men in Black movie. Time really does fly (that is a pun ~ and you'll get it if you've seen the movie).

The concept for Men in Black 3 is that Agent J (Will Smith) has to go back in time to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones/Josh Brolin) so that an alien race doesn't kill K or take over the world. The movie is very typical of the MIB series: Will Smith cracks all the jokes and weird looking aliens are disguised as weird looking people. But it kept me entertained from start to finish.

My favorite thing about the movie was Josh Brolin. He did such an awesome job as a young Agent K. I mean, he really did his homework and played the part to a T. I really liked the ending of the movie as it surprised me, so I won't spoil anything for you if you plan to see it. My only bummer about Men in Black 3 was that it would have been nice if it were a little scarier, although I know that's not really its schtick.

Overall, this film earns a rating of 4 out of 5 hearts for me!
Have you seen or do you plan to see any of these movies?
By the way, my two highest rated movies on the Muse have been Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol back in January 2012, and Blue Valentine from January 2011.

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  1. I haven't seen any of these, but I'd like to. These were great reviews, will keep them in mind when I choose what to see first! xx

  2. I saw The Avengers and I liked it as well. I thought it was pretty good. I want to see the Snow White one too- but I am not a big Kristen Stewart fan as I don't think she is a very good actress but the special affects look good.

    Great reviews!

  3. I'm really dying to see MIB 3 as I'm a huge Will Smith fan. Great reviews, Cheryl. Totally agree with the Avengers critique:) Didn't you love the Hulk? heehee...

  4. Ive heard MIB is really good, I want to see it. I saw snow white last night and it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be... I think Kristen Stewart was so awkard in it and the queen talked too much :P

  5. oh, thanks so much for your reviews ..haven't seen any of them yet.. and now don't think I really gonna bother, sadly... just saw Star Trek & X-Men First Class finally and looooveed them! ;)

  6. Oh yay! Thanks so much for the reviews. They're all on my list so it's good to know :) xoxo

  7. Hi Cheryl,
    Really wanna go see Snow White and the Huntsman..
    Saw Avengers and really liked it! The perfect dose of action and comedy with robert downey jr...
    men in black really is not in my list...

  8. I have not seen MIB or SWATH as of yet, but I did see Avengers and loved it, witty script with good action. and thought Robert Downey, jr. was brilliant in it! I hope to see Snow White later this wkd. if I have time. I always love reading your film reviews! xxoo

  9. Awesome reviews, darling!
    Must see MIB3!


  10. I really like to see that Snow white movie.=)


  11. Great reviews. I am interested in Snow White and MIB so this is really good stuff!

  12. I've heard mixed reviews about SWATH, but I still really want to see it. I was worried at how Kristen Stewart would play her character. I know everyone complains how she's the same in every movie. I never had any interest in seeing MIB 3, but I'm sure that was a fun movie. The Avengers, Idk what it is but I've never seen 1 superhero movie. I feel as if I'm way overdue. I know your a fan of Chris Hemsworth, but I hear the movie was fantastic. It beat out the last Harry Potter movie at the box office so it must of been good (Kudos to Joss Whedon)!

    P.S. You liked Mission Impossible 4? I didn't care for it at all! Personally, I'm not a Tom Cruise fan. Now I have to read that review + LOL


  13. My fav. movie this year hands down is Avengers!!! So many good lines and funny moments and who doesn't love Thor :)

  14. I think they were just trying to get their money’s worth out of Robert Downey Jr. by including him in so many scenes because he is reportedly being paid a percentage of the films gross domestically, upwards of 50 million! I have to take out a loan just to see all of these huge movies that are out at the same time. One of my Dish co-workers let me know that she saw The Avengers is available for reservation on the Blockbuster @Home website, which is one of the things I love about my subscription. When I’m waiting for a Blu-ray in the mail, I stream with my Hopper, because I can see the Avengers cartoons instantly, which keep the kids happy while I wait for the Blu-ray in the mail.

  15. Thanks for the reviews! I really want to see SWATH, but I may wait till video considering your review. I saw the Avengers, which made me laugh (a good thing right now) so I didn't analyze the movie too much. I was hesitant to see MiB, and you're the second person I've heard who said go see it. So maybe I will :)

  16. I loved the Avengers and Men In Black!
    I've been wanting to see Snow White and The Huntsman, and I was hoping that Kristen Stewart wouldn't make Snow White anything like Bella, but I guess I set my hopes too high. I'll keep it in mind when I do watch the film.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  17. thanks for the mib-3 review...now i can safely watch it :D

  18. I heard MIB was really good, which really surprised me, I ant to see all 3 of these movies but just haven't had the hance :( great reviews!



  19. I saw MIB3 and Snow White this past weekend... Avengers the weekend it came out... I enjoyed all of them and actually felt like I got my monies worth. There for a while movies we terrible so I stopped going to that actual theatre because it was just too much of a financial investment (boy thats sad) to sit through a bad movie.

    I loved MIB3 and I agree, Brolin was a great young K... I too was shocked at the ending and saw it going a completely different way.

    xo Teresa

  20. I such a girlie girl when it comes to movies omg !! its horrible !! but I should give these a chance !!

  21. I am so dying to see The Avengers - my nephew has made me obsessed with superhero movies! :P

  22. Avengers is added to my fav movies ever list

  23. I really want to see Snow White! But they all look entertaining :)

  24. Snow white -- yea, I'm loving Thor too..that's what I'll call him since I just saw Thor on DVD and Avengers in the theatre. He's a treat to look at and listen too ;). I could do without Bella Swan too. Seems like she's pretty locked-in to the dark roles. Hope she doesn't pigeon-hole herself! The effects look pretty cool on the previews. It's on my list to watch.

    Avengers -- really really really good. I liked it because of all the humor that was very well-placed. Plus Thor. And yea, I loved how they cast Hulk. I hear the 2 previous Hulks were terrible. Iron Man may have a had a lot of lines, but he does seem like the character that talks a lot anyways. Apparently Black Widow and Hawkeye were both bad people in another life before they got involved with Avengers (comic book story). They're pretty bad ass. Hawkeye reminds me a bit of Daniel Craig.

    MIB3 -- I swore not to see this, but after your review, it might be on my DVD list!

    And really, MI4 was good?! Whoa!

  25. i want to see snowwhite :)
    kiss kiss


  26. Hi dear, thanks for these great reviews, am so looking forward to seeing Snow White...hope you are well

  27. Loved reading your review on SW because I definitely thought there were moments when I was watching Bella as opposed to SW. But overall, it was very visually stunning!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

  28. I have a big, sentimental connection to Snow White because the disney movie was the first I saw in theaters when I was little or the first I remember! I have to agree at points there were times when Kristen Stewart sounded like Bella when she was screaming, but overall she did pretty well. And WOW Chris Hemsworth...amazing! I really loved Charlize as the evil queen...hated the creep brother! I really, really loved the special effects, esp the scene in the enchanted forest. It was really great overall and it was a movie to def see in theaters. xoxo

  29. I love your movie reviews! :) Also, I need to watch all of these movies. Everytime I make a plan it gets cancelled. Sigh.

    Need to get to it!


  30. Thanks for the movie reviews :) I heard that SWATH had great visual affects but the acting was piss poor. I'm not surprised because Kirsten Stewart is one note. I'm surprised Charlize Theron had an accent haha

  31. Haven't seen any of them but the weekend's just begun... Ha!

  32. I must be the only person who was kinda dissappointed with avengers. I have to say the humour was excellent and the acting was good but for me it was a poor storyline. 6 super heroes against one bad guy and he was not even a worthy villian, I found the balance very unfair. It was more humour than action and I found a lot of loops in the story. The hulk was mostly uncontrollable through the entire movie then all the sudden he became obedient and fought only the bad guys? The movie prepares you for a big clash against the villian but it's just a two minut fight with his brother Thor. I would give it a three out of five and I'm just being nice.


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