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On My Mind: August 2012


This August 2012 On My Mind post is based on the questions from the InStyle Australia issue with Liv Tyler.
♥What are you currently hooked on?
♥What's on the menu tonight at your house?
♥What is your instant pick-me-up?
♥You can't believe you just?
Also, I've entered the Boy Meets Girl NYFW Contest! Please click this Polyvore outfit and LIKE the link to help me win.
What's on your mind this month?

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  1. Loved the post babe! Hope you well :) xx


  2. I am so hooked on ankle strap sandals as well! Have to make sure they get their wear before the cold weather starts coming in. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!



  3. Love rice and beans and plantains - yum, hungry now :))) Congrats again on the Mtv feature, that's so cool :)) Currently I am hooked on True Blood, they don't spit out the episodes fast enough for me, haha! Menu tonight is Chinese food, I could eat masses of it. My instant pick me up is my girls, they make me laugh & remember to keep being a child at heart. I can't believe I just walked out of the house in a long dress, it is too darn hot out for that, haha. Had to change as soon as I came in :) Have a great Monday :) x

  4. Mmmmmmm Jamaican rice and beans sound SO good right now. :) And your puppies are so adorable. I'm jealous. I wish my apartment didn't charge so much extra to have pets...sigh.

    Let's see, to answer your questions:

    I'm currently hooked on this new jalepeno lime hummus I recently discovered. A local guy makes it and sells it at the grocery store down the street from me. It's disgusting how much of that hummus I've consumed in the past week. Wow.

    The menu tonight at my house is grilled cajun swordfish with broccoli. I normally detest fish, but the sample at Whole Foods was so good yesterday, I had to jump on board! :D

    My instant pick me up is looking at photos of bunnies. Yes, I'm seven.

    I can't believe I just got a new laptop! Rian bought it for me. :) I've been needing a new laptop (for work and blogging) for almost four years now! I still can't believe I have one.

    I hope you had an awesome weekend! xoxo

  5. oh! i love fried banana, anything banana, cake all sorts. your post is really inspiring lurv it. you made my day!!! ur dogs are so cute, lovely heels by the way.

  6. Puppies are a great pick-me-up! I keep telling Mr. A that we need to get some critters in the house. I want a home full of puppies and kitties.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Those heels are AWESOME. I want a pair too... !

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  8. Fun post, darling!


    P.S. Love a good Riesling or Gewurztraminer :)

  9. I'm on board with the ankle strap shoes! It's all about finding the right placement for the strap...but sometimes, I don't even care. =) haha...

    I love to cook...though, not in love with cooking. it's a love/hate sometimes (i.e. if the recipe turns out bad...I get frustrated). haha...


  10. Congrats on the MTV mention. Hi-low!

  11. Tasteful expressions.
    @ paquetevistasbi

  12. I'm hooked on just buying sandals right now. I know the summer is coming to an end but everywhere I go there's always a pair I've just got to have + My grandma's here from Atlanta so it's Spaghetti and salad + My pick me up is probably my music. I love to sing so it can really change up my mood + I still can't believe I was accepted into the musical theatre program of the private college I'm going to...classes start next week and this is so surreal.

    Thanks for posting this!


  13. Yay, congrats on the style feature! Ive never tried Jamaican cuisine before, sounds so exotic. Cooking isn't always fun and interesting, when I lose inspiration, I usually turn on food TV and watch a cooking show or two to get motivated. I am hooked on pastels right now (its only available here now). As your adorable dogs are your pick me up, my cat is mine. Fun post.

  14. WOW for mtv style!! love it!! go girl!


  15. Mmmmmmmm, rice n beans and festival, YUM! You're making me homesick for the Caribbean Cheryl! Loving those ankle straps too!

  16. Cheryl, you totally deserve that MTV feature:-) And OMG on those heels! Drool...:-)

  17. For the record, you and I should never be roomies. We'd be ordering take-out all the time! Although, I've been getting better at cooking. ;) My way of cooking, of course, is tossing together vegetables for a salad. I haven't used an oven in months!

    You should post more photos of your pups. They're too cute!

  18. Cheryl those ankle shoes are hot girl! You should definitely get them. Don't let them get away! I've never seen your puppies! They are SO cute! HaHa I cook, but I don't LOVE to cook! I fixed a pot of red beans today. Have a great week girl! Congratulations on the feature! Superb!

  19. Congrats on the feature! Ooh and if you had rice and peas some time, I'd join you for a meal (I should look for a recipe and try to make it myself!)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. Gah! Your dogs are so adorable, Cheryl! I'm currently hooked on slouchy suede boots. Very Isabel Marant! :)

  21. Great feature babe! I want those rice and plantains :)


  22. Awww I love your sweet dogs!!

  23. congrats!! You deserve it sweetie, your blog kicks ass :)

  24. I love those ankle strap sandals too! It´s the type of shoe that I most covet, I find them very sexy showing off your colored toe nails. I like the bright blue blazer you´re wearing too. :)

  25. Your pups are too cute. Love the ankle strap shoes.


  26. Cute post! Well, since I went without sushi for over a week, I've been craving sushi so that's what I hope to eat in a few. Congrats on the feature!

  27. Cute dog!!! :)
    Hope you're having an amazing week Cheryl!

  28. I'm hooked on my pup.he's so so so cute

  29. I love your boy meets girl style board...so fun!!

    And wow congrats on being featured on MTV Style...how cool is that!!

    I am learning to cook more! Tonight we had pork chops marinated in a carribean jerk rub over rice!!

  30. Love me some rice&beans hehe&hope u win e NYFW thing honey! Great post as usual!

  31. Oh wow...super congrats on being featured!! :) You looked lovely in it, too!

  32. You made that? Great job. Beautiful presentation!!!!! Instant pick me up is a smile or sillyness from my son.


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