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Lookbook: Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance


Head's up: There is a lot going on in this post.
Well we're almost done with the month of October and with the recent cold front, it's actually sweater weather time in south bay. I must confess, I had put myself on a Forever 21 shopping ban because I was COMPLETELY over them. But in the past couple of months, I've seen some nice pieces by F21 on other bloggers. So that, along with the fact that I won a $25 gift card from Pout Lips, Curvy Hips, made me go back on my word and shop at Forever 21.
Can you believe that not only did I shop online for these boyfriend jeans, but I also went to the store (as in brick and mortar store in a mall--gasp!) and bought this sweater? So I bought the b/f jeans in size 27 online and realized that since it's b/f cut, size 27 is a bit big. So I went to the store to exchange them for a 26 but could only find size 24. They fit (surprisingly) but weren't giving me the loose b/f fit that I desired so I kept
the 27s (cool story, bro).
I added my collar top (last seen in Lookbook: Field of Dreams) under the sweater because all the girls are doing this shit style.

How do you muses feel about these Erin pumps by ShoeDazzle? You might have seen them on my Instagram, and they are, of course, dupes of the Valentino rockstud slingbacks, and go for a lot less than $900.♥ F21 striped knit sweater ♥ Romwe collared top ♥ F21 destroyed boyfriend jeans ♥ ShoeDazzle Erin pumps ♥ F21 lacquered bib necklace ♥

What do you think of this look?
Judging by my Pinterest, some ecards know me so well!
P.S. For some reason, boyfriend jeans remind me of this awesome song, "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance" by the Black Kids ~ performed by Glee ~ hence, the post title!

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"The words on the streets and it's on the news,  
I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you.
He's got two left feet and he bites my moves,
I'm not gonna teach him how to dance with you."
(Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance) 

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  1. Hi doll, the bf jeans look fantastic on you, the fit is really great, the baggier effect gives this look that cool laid back dressing-like-your-boyfriend appeal. The sweater is so cute too!

  2. F21 is pretty hit and miss - but I've found some great pieces there so I usually always give it a look. And, side note, I adore those shoes, the studs are awesome.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  3. Cheryl, this outfit....I die! Seriously love everything, and I can't believe those jeans are F21. Must go there soon. And swoon on those shoes...sigh.....thank you for a great Monday inspiration!

  4. Such a simple and chic look. Perfect for the light fall we are having here ... and love your moves ;) hehe

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  5. Super cute look! I love your shoes!!!! I thought about getting them and now I want them.

    With Love,

  6. Very cool look! And I do like how the jeans fit you, they're perfect that way! ;)

  7. Awwww!! You are so adorable!! I like how these jeans fit you and that sweater is cute! Yep, I am one of those turds who likes to show off her collar too :P hehe.

  8. you look smashing!!! now i wanna eat you up :), you shoes are sick!!!

  9. I LOVE it!!! Perfect look. Love your bf jeans and those shoes are fab :) xoxo

  10. I love this look, those shoes are perfection!

  11. That animated gif is TOO cute!
    I'm over F21 too, but they do have some cute finds!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. great look! thanks for stopping by! we now follow you...we found the same great deal at ShoeDazzle! xo we would love for you to follow us xo

  13. i love this whole outfit. those shoes are amazing!! good call sticking with the baggier jeans, they look great on you!

  14. Fab look and post, darling!
    Love those heels!


  15. hehe love the gif at the end :) Love boyfriend jeans since they're so comfy. And adore those heels - great knock off!

  16. I have found that when I put time in-between visiting F21 that's when I score great items. I may need to do a trip soon. The gif image is cute.

  17. It sad we don't have any F21 store remotely close to my place :(
    I love your jeans, they look great on you!!

  18. LOL! You are so funny! I literally laughed out loud at you saying 'cool story, bro' to yourself. And your gif was too cute. I love this look on you :)

  19. Gah way cute! I SO want those shoes. Want them BAD!!!

  20. This is a fabulous look and those shoes a a total ringer for the Valentinos :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves
    Enter my Blogiversary Giveaway!

  21. Cheryl, this outfit is so cute! I love the sweater, jeans and heels. I hear ya about F21! Whenever, I go to the site I definitely don't see the same things I see on my blog readers. HAHAHA I'm like WHERE did you get that??? LOL Congratulations on your WIN! I can't get over those shoes. They look just like the real deal. WTG for that find and the PRICE! Love it chicadee!

  22. Thanks for your kind comment today!

  23. Cute outfit! I saw those shoes too on Shoedazzle. I don't buy from them anymore unfortunately after having 2 shoes break on me :(
    I don't shop at Forever21 that much anymore either. I find that it gets too expensive to buy things constantly from there when it falls apart real easily.
    Plus I think we are just growing up! ;)

  24. Love this outfit Cheryl! The boyfriend jeams + sexy heel combo is awesome.

  25. aww ur gif is so cute!! work it! lol you look great as always! be sure to check out carols daughter... u will really love it. i use their hair and body products and i have zero complaints


  26. Awww your little gif is so freckin cute and I love this outfit on you. A really great look, really into those Valentino dupes, so into it I may have to get a pair for myself. I think we all flip flop with Forever 21 but we can all admit there's a place for it.

  27. Haha I love that you put yourself on a F21 ban - me too!! I went through the same thing: I was so over their clothes, and that horrible dressing room lighting that I just gave up...
    I did find myself in there the other day, and i bought a belt (which has now disappeared..sign?)

    I love this outfit, and I love those shoes! At first I thought they were rockstuds.

    Great outfit - and I love that you got it from f21.


  28. Great look :) Love the shoes xxx

  29. You are SO cute and funny. Love the sweater and your shoes... well, the whole thing!

  30. your shoes..smart !!! They really look the same as the Valentino one:)

    love your jean also:)


  31. This is my favorite outfit on you EVER, Cheryl - so fabulous! Your shoes...I need them ASAP!! :)

  32. I love your F21 buys. My fave is the sweater! And LOL that all the bloggers are adding collars to their sweaters. Great Valentino dupes! How fun is your lil gif at the end. Get down & boogie!

  33. cute outfit and those shoes look great dispite them being dupes, who has 900 bucks to spend on a pair of heels for fun these days!?

  34. I love this post! So freakin cute! I can't believe those shoes are ShoeDazzle - when I first saw your post on FB I immediately thought they were Valentino's!!

  35. I'm totally with with you about Forever 21, they've been on top of their game lately, but before I think a lot of their items were only okay. Anyway I love the jeans and sweater, and not to mention that amazing bag! you look great! :)

  36. Loving those shoes, they really are so pretty.
    I instantly knew I loved them when you posted it on one of the social networking sites (forgot which one now :P)

    Anyway, love how you wore it with the sweater!


  37. How cute are you! I love all of it! You really know how to put a look together! The collar, the sweater, the jeans, and studded heals! PS how much fun is the dancing photo!! xoxo

  38. Cheryl, I am in love with this outfit and I have been swooning over those shoes for awhile. You look so casually cute and stylish.


  39. This look is so pretty & preppy! Love the gif at the end! F21 is hit or miss but that sweater is a hit :)


  40. Great shopping! I love the javi styled sweater and those bf jeans really fit you.
    Great look!
    Kisses and have a wonderful day.

  41. cute outfit and love you dance =)

  42. The size 27 fits really good from the looks of it! I know what you mean about Forever 21...soo many cute things. I try to stay away too, but so many cheap thrills lol. Your sweater is adorable!!


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