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Lookbook: Peek-A-Boo Dots


I came across this 30 Day Music Challenge over on Bailey's blog I Know All The Words. That, coupled with The Grammys the other day, has encouraged me to incorporate more music on the Muse. Seriously, I love music. I sing all the time (not just in the shower), and I've been told I have a pretty good voice.

So why not open the door and let you guys in to my music world. I'll try to stay with this 30 day challenge as best I can with links to the songs instead of embedded videos...maybe. Since I blog every other day, I'll do two challenges at a time. Feel free to take this up as well.♥ Day One ~ Your Favorite Song: Breathe Me by Sia ~ This is such a difficult one to start with because I've had a ton of favorite songs over the years from One in a Million to Joyful Girl. I picked this song because I can sing it and because it makes me want to do things. I don't know what things; it just inspires me and reminds me of that line from The Perks of Being a Wallflower: "and in that moment, I swear we were infinite."Prabal Gurung for Target yellow sweater | Nastygal spotted blouse | F21 boyfriend jeans | Parisa G by Guess wedges | Morris Moskowitz vintage clutch | Nail polish: Sally Hansen slick slate | InPink & Forever 21 jewelry |♥ Day Two ~ Your Least Favorite Song: Trapped in the Closet by R. Kelly ~ This song has no redeeming qualities and has a godforsaken 33 chapters. What kind of foolish song about some idiot in a closet deserves that many chapters. If you like this song (or R. Kelly for that matter), then we can't be friends anymore...j/k...maybe.

Speaking of music, I'm off to a Pink concert tonight!
What do you think of this look?

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  1. lmao, you made me laugh with the R.Kelly's trapped in the closet, I also don't really like it for those many chapters, like really?
    Love your outfit!
    Have a wonderful week dear.

  2. You look gorgeous, love the sunny top :)) Very wonderful look. I love music, have sung since a child. I stopped liking R. Kelly a long time ago, this song doesn't sound great, haha. But, I love the Sia one, it's a favourite too :) She's marvellous. I hope you have a great week & enjoy the concert :)) xx

  3. Oooooo....have fun at the concert! And I love how you paired the yellow sweater with the blouse:)
    LOL on the least fave song.

  4. The yellow is nice on you. Music is always around me. Enjoy the Pink concert she's amazing! xo

  5. Great look! I especially like your shoes. Have fun at the Pink concert, I totally love her!

  6. I love the sweater and the wedges. Prabal Gurung for Target is perfection. :D The wedges look gorgeous on you, and the nail colour is fab.


  7. I'm obsessed with polka dots, so obviously, I'm smitten with this look :) That blouse is just perfect, and i love the way you paired it with the bright yellow sweater: perfection!

    xx Ivana

    Macarons and Pearls

  8. That polish looks great with your skintone! I love the look of a casual outfit, with a thick bracelet! And love the fit of the boyfriend jeans - I really have to get myself a pair this season!

  9. The yellow is so bright and pretty on you! Super cute look dear!

  10. Gorgeous look, darling!
    Especially loving all the jewelry!


  11. Aww I love that Sia song, haven't heard of the other one but I guess theres no point in searching it if it's your least fav lol! Such a cute look- bf jeans are on my shopping list.

  12. so loving your look, oh jeez you matched them so well sweets.

  13. How cute you look! I love that nail polish you're wearing too, I have a color like that on my list of "need to buy". Sia is one of my favorites but I'm horrible at song titles so I'm not sure I've heard that one. Will have to look it up!

  14. Cute outfit, I love polka dot print.=)

  15. U look great sweetheart xxx

  16. Thanks for the mention! I love that Sia song too, and your entire outfit. It is seriously cute!

  17. Great look, honey, I love your bright sweater! And that challenge sound really interesting, hope you make it.;)

  18. I love this look, the layering and pop of yellow are perfect! I found you on monday mingle, pop over for a visit if you can?


    xx Kelly

  19. Cheryl, what a delightful challenge!!! I love your choices. Also, loving that yellow sweater. Girl you look great in yellow! You should wear it more often. Go Prabal Gurung!!!

  20. That Prabal Gurung sweater is a great thing to layer a printed tee! Loved its color! The photography is excellent!

  21. Great look. I adore that sweater and you accessorize lovely. :)

  22. i love that nail polish!! and the peek a boo dots are cute!


  23. Haha you don't like Trapped in the Closet? But why not? Kidding!

    U bet you can sing because you sure can rock those boyfriend jeans...ha. Get it? See what I did with that? ;)

    Thanks for linking up!

  24. you look fabulous...I loved how you layered the pieces together...I learn a lot from you !! xoxo

  25. Hi Cheryl, you should enter a singing contest...you never know until you try! Loving the vibrance of lovely yellow in your outfit, the wedges are awesome. Great use of beautiful accessories.

  26. WOW. You look amazing in yellow xxx

  27. Cute outfit, loving the wedges and shirt especially - enjoy the gig tonight!

  28. Everything about this look is just fantastic, Cheryl! I absolutely love the pops of polka dots; and those wedges are incredible! :)

  29. I wish I could be wearing sandals right now...so jealous!!!!

  30. This is a cool thing to do with music... Love the color of your sweater!

  31. love the pop of yellow! and haha ya that R Kelly song is retarded!! Ohh what ever happened to him anyways!? I also think that thrift shop song is stupid but everyone seem to like it, it does have a catchy beat i suppose...

  32. Un look muy bonito y muy colorido.

  33. gorgeous look!! loving your accessories!!:) I have a giveaway on my blog and I would love to invite you to join! one big kiss!!


  34. Such a cute sandals...love the accessories :)


  35. Love your outfit! Your shoes are adorable, and they actually look comfy!

  36. Oh R. Kelly. His music is SO strange. What happened to that man?!
    I agree with you.
    I love Sia. I fell in love with her in college, and her music holds so many memories for me.

    I love your outfit - I am so in love with boyfriend jeans ever since I got my first pair. They are so wonderfully comfortable!

  37. Love all your primaries in one look!
    Breath Me always makes me tear up a little. I always associate it with the end of "six feet under"
    Chic on the Cheap

  38. you are too freaking cute. like seriously

  39. How was Pink? I've always loved her! And those jeans are adorable!

  40. I sing really bar although as you don't have to listen to me singing I will go with On the top of the world (from the trailer of the movie The perks of being a wallflower) you have to see the movie if you like the book, is awesome!...and I don't know what to choose in the bad side...
    By the way you look great on yellow, so pretty!
    And not so favourite...

  41. I really like the clutch. nice
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  42. Love the yellow. Your photos are sensational. How was Pink? I adore her.

  43. I know this is a pretty old post but I think I'll try to give this music challenge a stab. Music is what gets me through the day, you know? I love to sing to! I probably drive my neighbors crazy! Haha

    Thanks for posting this



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