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Inspiring Style: So...About My Shoe Game


This is my update of an FBFF Shoes post that I wrote on the blog back in May of 2011. So let's see how I feel about my shoes two years later. I'm going to tell you the questions and give you the answers that I had for this post back in 2011 to see what has changed and what has stayed the same.
1. My go-to pair of shoes in 2011 were Charlotte Russe lace flats or Simply Vera Vera Wang flats. In 2013, my go-to shoes are these Toms Pink Let Love Rule flats because they are super easy to put on and always feel good, even after my dog chewed up parts of the inside. L to R: Prabal Gurung, Charlotte Russe, Elie Tahari, Shoedazzle, Forever 21, Fibi & Clo }

2. I bought shoes based on comfort but was looking to get more colorful in 2011. Now, I still buy shoes based on comfort. Why would you buy shoes based on anything else? This is why I go for flats and wedges most of the time. But I did add some color to my shoe game recently, and I'm still looking to get a bit better with that. Although, I don't really have any closet space for more shoes. L to R: Jeffrey Campbell, Charlotte Russe, Shoedazzle, Rachel Roy, Charlotte Russe, Luxury Rebel, Gucci }

3. The majority of  the shoes in my closet were black in 2011 and that's certainly still the case in 2013. Black is the new black and everything looks better in black and everything goes with black. So bet on black.{ L to R: Herve Leger, Vera Wang, Coach, Zara, Vera Wang }

4. My favorite designer shoe brand in 2011 was Louboutins, and I can honestly say that I don't really know why. I think you can tell by my Charlotte Russe shoes that I don't buy shoes simply because of the brand. But after seeing these creatively designed pairs of shoes by this brand on DSW Luxe810, I'm getting into Giuseppe Zanottis, especially since they're about half off right now.
5. If price wasn't an issue in 2011, I'd own a pair of $1,200 Lanvin chain embellished suede pumps. I don't have any more closet space for shoes so I think I'll try to stick with what I have for now. But if I really didn't give a crap then I would go with one of the Zanottis above.
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What's your shoe game like?

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  1. Ooooo. What a gorgeous shoe collection! Absolute delight reading this post. It was like your shoe story. Loved the gif too.

    You've totally got a shoe science going.


  2. Lots of shoes...I don't have many pairs of shoes really. I need to buy a few pairs more, but just not got around to finding anything I like. Plus with two girls, I need shoes that I can run fast in, haha. They are off in no time. You have some really pretty ones :) x

  3. I have never been much of a shoe girl. Lately though, I just can't seem to get enough! I can say though that the majority of my shoes have heels (although not super high heels, because I'm not super graceful), and are black. I need some leopard print heels like yours!

    P.S. Come by Rhymes With Fashion to enter my GIVEAWAY!

  4. I'm loving your collection especially your Jefrey Campbell heels :)!


  5. wooow Great collection!
    Love your favourites black shoes <33


  6. Another shoe lover! ♥

    You've got just a few more pairs than me. The problem is I don't have where to put them anymore.

    You can check on my blog - I had to reduce a few to be able to fit them in my new shoe cabinet...

    Maybe it's time to built a new one :P

  7. A collection to die for!;)
    Happy Friday!

  8. Ehrmahgarsh! I want your entire collection, Cheryl:) And yes...black is the new black!
    PS I really really like those TOMS.

  9. I like this post and the gif is amazing!
    You have a wonderful shoe collection.

  10. Cheryl, I am LOVING your shoe game and analysis! This is so awesome. Ok, I have shoe envy because you have so many awesome styles and colors. People forget to take inventory of their shoes! It's important to know what you have so you can see what you need! Excellent Excellent post! Have a great weekend girl.

  11. And my hubs thinks *I* have a lot of shoes ;). I wish I were more adventurous in shoe-buying and wearing. I am too practical and 99% of my shoes are brown or black. I have a single pair of yellow shoes. I guess if I can't see myself wearing them all the time, I shouldn't buy them. But that's not true right? I should have a bit of fun!

  12. Am absolutely loving your choice of shoes, nice shoe game.

  13. Amazing shoe collection, darling!
    Love the purple Guccis!


  14. Haha, cute! Oohh, you should put that gif on Vine lady! Wow, so many shoes, I need to wear more of my shoes, I get stuck in a routine of only wearing 7 favourites! Have a great w/e Cheryl!

  15. omg cheryl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are those all your shoes ??? ur literally living my dream.....love all your shoes......

  16. I'm a bit jealous of your collection. I have bad feet so mine is super small and not very exciting. It's tough for me to shop for shoes! I love that animated gif, super cute!

  17. Love the post! And the GIF idea is awesome!! You have such great collection! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  18. Nice post and beautiful shoes!!!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  19. your shoe collection is incredible, really makes me want to get up and start shopping to build my own!

  20. Beautiful collection. I love colorful shoes too.

  21. Your shoe collection sure looks a lot more colorful...and am still fixated with your Herves... :D
    I am also a comfort person when it comes to picking shoes and I still to blacks, browns and maroons mostly. I guess I need to get more colorful pairs.

  22. Love your shoe collection and gif idea! So incredibly stylish !

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  23. That GIF is brilliant! I so love your shoe collection, Cheryl - you have incredible taste! :)

  24. Beautiful shoe collection!! So funny - the way you feel about black, I feel about color. I think I own all of TWO pairs of black shoes. I just got my first pair of black pumps last Christmas, and that's only because my mother bought them for me!


  25. great collection!


  26. oh wow your collection is so damn cool!

  27. Mmm.. yummy yummy shoes! ;)

    some great style you've got their, sweets! xo


  28. You have an amazing shoe collection.=)

  29. you have an amazing collection!!! hope you had a nice one!

  30. wowwww!!!! This is an amazing post! Your shoes are so glam! I love staring at them! I very much like the gif too!!very creative!

  31. So Cheryl I am kind of jealous of your shoe game it's amazing and versatile!!

  32. I saw your post at IFB!

    Good work!



  33. Love all the gorgeous shoes! Since I spend a lot of time walking the streets snapping up street style, my shoes game is mostly comfort these days :(

  34. I must admit my shoe collection wasn't always great but it has gotten a whole lot better..i actually own just one pair of designers..lol..my go to pair last spring & summer were my nine west black ankle strap heels and im pretty sure I will be wearing them again this spring. However, if you see me any day of the week im almost always in a pair of black flats...

  35. my one pair of designers are a pair of louboutins that I purchased for my university gradution, my biggest purchase to date but I did it as a gift to myself (sorry from rambling)

  36. so many gorgeous shoes!!!

    Corinne xo


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