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Inspiring Style: Transitioning Your Wardrobe Into Fall


| Faliero Sarti oblong scarf | BP basic beanie | Zac Posen Eartha top handle satchel | Tory Burch Simone wool cardigan | AE Vegan leather moto jacket | ModCloth swooning over style tights | Jeffrey Campbell Everly cutout ankle boot |

It's the last few weeks of summer, but I know that so many of us are already gearing up for fall fashion. Here are a few key pieces to add to your style (or remove from the back of the closet) when it comes to transitioning your wardrobe into fall.

Wrap scarves will keep your neck warm while slouch beanies are perfect for both style and comfort. I don't own a top handle satchel just yet, but I know where to pick one up very soon. I'm talking to you Phillip Lim for Target! Pieces like wool cardigans and cashmere sweaters are go-to looks that easily turn summer into fall. 

And although I wear jackets year round, a moto jacket can actually be pretty good for the fall because there are many places in the country (and world) that experience semi-cool autumns and need a chic layered look without the layered feel. Patterned tights are the best accessory to wear under skirts, shorts and dresses when the temperatures fall, and the best place to show skin in this season is through cutout ankle boots that are all the rage!

What pieces will you be wearing to transition your wardrobe into fall?

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  1. Love the tights :)) I have so many tights to wear in the fall, haha. I will be getting some cardigans, as I saw some really soft and fluffy ones in the store the other day. I'll be pulling out my boots as well. I need to get a new rain coat as well. This is a great list, love that satchel, it's the perfect colour for fall! Have a great Monday :)

  2. I would love to have that bag this fall.. I need to start preparing for fall.. But in india we have two more summer months..
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  3. Loving that satchel, the cardi and scarf, we will be moving into spring here so I will be doing the opposite with my wardrobe. Happy September Doll!

  4. Loving those items. Esp the boots.

  5. Love your picks! And yes, drool over Philip Lim and Target!!

  6. Great picks, Cheryl. I will definitely be buying a beanie and cutout boots.
    And I actually just instagrammed the Phillip Lim collection. Sooooo excited over that!

  7. I wear and have most all of these, so I love fall season. Leather jackets and scarves are my favourite. That satchel is gorgeous! :)

  8. Oh, Jezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! You need to see me dreaming of this cut-out boots. Am getting the one from Zara for myself for my birthday this month. Great post, I love your set.

  9. Love these pieces, especially the bag!
    I will definitely be incorporating some fab ankle booties into my wardrobe in the coming weeks :)


  10. I've always been a tights girl, so I'll definitely be wearing lots of them. Love the ones you're showing Cheryl! I'm also loving all of the booties that are coming out. So many to choose from. Another thing is color leather jackets. They are so pretty! Thanks for the book suggestion. I will definitely look it up. happy labor day!

  11. I am a big fan of scarves, so I wear them all season!!
    I am so loving the cut off boots and tights!!!

  12. I am all about scarves and cardigans! Beanies are super cute too, especially on those lazy-hair days.

  13. Great picks Cheryl, I'm loving that satchel and the scarf.

  14. Hi I just loved this post
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    hope u cn follow back

  15. I'm so digging pattern tights right now

  16. Hi sweety, thanks for sharing your fashion verdict with me on my last post :)

  17. This is such a fabulous post, Cheryl! I am absolutely in love with that bag!! :)

  18. Im excited to transform my wardrobe into fall! That cardigan is adorable.


  19. The scarf is such a great piece to transcend seasons and I love layering with a great card!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. I love those tights! I can't remember the last time I wore a pair but the thought of them makes winter a little less depressing...x

  21. I want ankle boots!! It'll be cold here soon and I hope to get some cute new sweaters.

  22. Had a similar purse, boots, and Bennie...I do love this idea...

  23. This post is really wonderful and so interesting ! Those tights are such a cute idea for a transitional look ! I will do everything you suggested ;) Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  24. The tights are out of this world!


  25. The white cardigan, must have for me haha! Love!
    Smize with Style


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