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What I'm Loving in October


I've been getting more than my fair share of Snapple this month. I can't help that it's so readily available, but I try to switch it up a bit. I get Mango Madness for the taste and Green Tea when I want to not feel so bad and convince myself that I'm being healthy. Plus, I learn so much just by reading the caps. Where else would I have found out that a group of goats is called a trip?

Hello fashion inspiration Gwen Stefani! This look is actually from a year ago, but I stumbled across it back on her birthday on Oct. 3. Sidenote: Can you believe this broad is 44? She is a total Betty! Anyhoo, I know plaid is all the rage now, but I don't feel comfortable in colorful squares, so I'd rather go with this black and white tartan style. Someone please let me know where I can get a dupe version of Gwen's pants.

Dexter and Breaking Bad might be over, but do you know what October means? The return of The Walking Dead Sundays and Scandal Thursdays. There's nothing better than some zombie gore and fast-talking government betrayal. Am I right?

After I found an awesome Helmut Lang dress that I wore to iFabbo (post coming soon), I've been all over this designer this month. This slouchy suit jacket would look so haute with a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren white shorts. Note: Now I just need some white shorts. White shorts are sort of like the devil to me, so I'd have to be very careful and make sure I buy the right pair.

So if you follow me on Twitter (and you should) then you might have remembered when I tweeted in September that TJ Maxx has officially launched an online store. Yes, that's right! Now we can all be maxxinistas online as well as in store. You can shop a good amount of TJ Maxx items online for women, including clothes, shoes and bags. Unfortunately, they haven't opened the door to men's items or home goods just yet. But hopefully that will happen some time in the near future.

What are you loving this October? I ask because I really do want to know.

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  1. Love the longline blazer and Walking Dead is back tonight! :)

    Jen xx

  2. I've not had Snapple in years!! I used to get it after gym class from the vending machine. Loved that stuff. And Gwen always looks amazing, loved her since highschool as well. I wouldn't mind her trousers either. That top will look great on you. I like b&w designs. Yes yes, I am ready for The Walking Dead too...it's a favourite in this house. I've never seen the other one, I'll have to look it up. Online shopping is always great, avoid the crowds and people trying to swipe what you have, haha. I hope you have a great weekend doll :) x

  3. Nice choices for October, loved the tartan top..
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    Keep in touch,

  4. So happy that Walking Dead is back!!! That premiere kicked a$$:D
    And yes on that black and white tartan as well.
    Happy Friday, Cheryl!

  5. Great picks, I haven't watched Scandal as yet, I must start soon! Love the black and white print and that luxe Helmut Lang blazer. Thanks for your kind visit...Happy Friday Doll!

  6. TJMAxx online? That's pretty awesome though part of the thrill of shopping at TJMaxx is scoring that amazing find.

  7. Great post. I'm so into the monochrome check prints too, even preparing a shoot for it. And who doesn't need a great blazer not to mention Sandal?!?...

    TL. Xx
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  8. I haven't had a Snapple drink in forever! They are quite tasty :)

    I've peeked at the T.J. Maxx online shopping but haven't thoroughly scoped it out! I think it's a great idea but it seems like I'd have more fun in the store. lol!

  9. can't wait to see the dress post! I loved seeing it at iFabbo! =D

    And I had no idea Gweb Stefani is 44! WHAT? I knew she was older than she looks but she is not even aging! haha. I love her.



  10. Love the black and white checks!


  11. I'm so excited that The Walking Dead is back too and it's already so intense. And don't get me started on being able to shop TJ Maxx online now.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. I'm a fan of those black and white checks! I've only just learnt of TJ Maxx in the recent year from another blogger, I'll have to check it out soon online. /Madison

  13. Yay for black and white tartan, I had that dress a few posts ago, I think you saw it =)
    I must start watching the walking dead, I am a series junkie and already watch so many ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  14. Love Snapple -- my favorite's the peach :) & that sleeveless tartan blouse is so cute!

  15. I've been obsessing over black and white as well and walking dead has become my favorite show! I cannot get enough.


  16. im mad about the mango madness Snapple ive been drinking a lot of them too when I was working

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  17. Cheryl, I did not know about these Snapple flavors. So going to the store! HaHaHa I love Snapple! TJ Maxx has an online store. Mannnn! I didn't know that either. Where have I been? Thanks for keeping me updated. You have an awesome weekend too. I'll post a snippet about the movie in my post Monday.

  18. I added your www to my links from blog;D

  19. sweetyyyyyyy what u love in october..i love me tooooo!! such cool post! ;)
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  20. Nice selections; I didn't know about TJ Maxx going on-line but I'm glad I have the stores in my neighborhood. They have very good deals.

  21. I am grateful for your comments. You are so thoughtful to always stop by. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  22. Loving the black and white tartan print.=)

  23. omg I almost rushed over to TJ Maxx online for some home goods. Thankfully I finished reading before darting over or I would have been disappointed. Love Scandal as well, so glad it's back.

  24. Walking Dead! EFF YEA! So stoked to see my boo Daryl back! and i can't believe TJMaxx is now online! this will be so awesome!


  25. I've heard so many great things about Scandal!

  26. I'm halfway through the last episode of Dexter, never watched Scandal though. On a fashionable note, I've been drooling over every pair of pointed toe black cutout booties from Zara to Valentino. Happy Sunday dear!
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  27. i really love black and white tartan ^^
    Lovely selection


  28. LOVING that black and white windowpane printed peplum top!!! Must find it :)

    Veloria in Velvet

  29. Yes to black and white tartan!!! Love it!


  30. great post :)
    I love it!


  31. love Scandal!


  32. Check out ASOS for the pants...bought a checkered pair a few weeks ago. Wonderful fit..LOVE it!!!

  33. This is so cool. I love your dress and your gorgeous shoes!

  34. Amazing look!
    Love those heels!


  35. Love those Snapple flavors too! Hmmm never thought about black + white tartain plaid but I love anything Gwen Stefanie wears ;)


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