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What I'm Loving in April 2014


After seeing Divergent, I decided to get back into reading. I used to do a book club but took a break because of work. Now I'm enjoying using my downtime to read some dystopian favorites and some classics on my Nook.

Mentioned my love of avocado bubble tea last month and it's still the same. Except I think I will take out some of the more sugary ingredients so that I can drink this smoothie more often. Otherwise, I'm going to need to hire my own personal trainer.

Although I just got back from my vacation, I wish I was still enjoying Florida beach life. The biggest misconception about California is that everyone is at the beach. That's definitely a Florida thing. The Pacific Ocean is no place for wading, especially not in the bay because it's just too cold. As far as beach life is concerned, the Atlantic Ocean is where it's at.

I've known about her for a long while, but maybe it's because I've been hearing her song Fancy on the radio why I'm loving Iggy Azalea so much right now. And the video for it is a re-creation of Clueless--one of the best movies, ever. So yeah, get on that.

It's spring so I'm into pastels and skirts, but I'm also loving more of a minimalist closet complete with wardrobe basics. I'm talking simple white tees, no nonsense flats, blazers, button downs and pieces that can be worn for a lifetime.

What are you loving this April?
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  1. These are super. Not seen Divergent yet, will have to do that soon. The drink looks marvellous and I like Iggy Azalea...very pretty. I could do with being somewhere warm like Florida just now. I hope you have a great weekend doll x

  2. Avocado Boboa sounds great. I should revisit the Divergent series too. I haven't seen the movie, but I read the first book.

  3. Those flats are awesome, Cheryl! I want them too!
    And yeah....have to get back to reading soon. Have been reading a lot, but not fiction, and I miss it.

  4. I love Iggy as well, I really want to see her live. I want to be at the beach now ! :-) Good list of things to love, Nook is great! Have a wonderful weekend. /Madison x

  5. Those black ballirenas are fab
    Keep in touch

  6. Florida beaches are so fabulous! I remember when I went to Miami. It was fun.

  7. Avocado bubble tea sounds like something I need to try! I like that alot of places allow you to specify lower amounts of sugar in your drinks now. I'm loving my drink frother stick lately.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. I loved divergent, seen it last week and it was very nice !
    Great post, I would want to try the avocado bubble tea, sounds delicious...and visit Florida. And Cali. Oh, I wish I could leave right now for the USA and have a tour ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies
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  9. I love this post, it's great way to see what my favorite bloggers are up to and loving. I need to start reading, this post has inspired me. Also, the Avocado bubble tea sounds AMAZING

  10. Lovely post and your drink has me salivating.

  11. Avocado Bubble Tea sounds kind of amazing for spring!


  12. Ahhh, I am now daydreaming of a beach!:(

  13. awesome post! I wish I could hit the beach right now, currently the weather in Arizona is 100 degrees!!!




  14. Avocado bubble tea sounds yummy.

  15. I love the song "Fancy" and did not know a lot about Iggy prior to hearing it (how lame am I!?) Avocado bubble tea sounds pretty interesting, definitely something I would have to try xo

  16. I'm, also, hearing the call of the minimalist closet :)

  17. avocado fan as well :)


  18. I've heard of the avocado boba before and I LOVE avocado but I can't imagine what it tastes like!

  19. I'm in love with those shoes! And I think you mentioned avocado boba in a previous post, no?

  20. Hmm avocado boba sounds interesting. May have to give it a try! Loving Iggy Azalea's new song "Fancy"!


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