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We are already halfway through the month of July, which means summer is in full swing. I know I've been wearing a lot of colorful summer appropriate looks on the Muse lately, but every now and then comes the need for a pretty panel cocktail dress. And once I knotted the right side of this sheer panel piece by Ever Pretty, I knew it was the perfect LBD. Last week, I wore a textured periwinkle number by Ever Pretty that was very girly, and this time around I'm rocking this dress that's very sexy -- I like to mix things up!

Since this post is titled Panel Discussions, let me pose a question for you muses: have you ever followed a blogger online for a while and then finally had the chance to meet them in person, only to be underwhelmed? I actually met two bloggers in person last week -- for the first time -- that I had only known online. One was wonderfully sweet, easy going and everything I had hoped she would be. The other was not so much. She was very dry and not very inviting.

I've been blogging for over five years, so I obviously know that when you meet a blogger in person it can go either way, especially judging by these two cases. Have you ever had these experiences? If I ever meet any of you in person (and I think I have met a couple of you IRL already), I promise to be Cheryl. The girl on the Muse is the girl in real life.

On the Muse: | Sheer Panel cocktail dress c/o Ever Pretty | Chinese Laundry jackpot bootie | Forever 21 satchel |

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  1. yea meeting bloggers can be like that, but oh well! You look stunning lady!


  2. I feel like there's always a risk of that happening just due to the potential disconnect between an online persona and who one is in "real life," I like to think blog pretty accurately captures who I actually am...geez, I hope that's true!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  3. I think when you know someone through their blog before meeting them, there's always some sort of expectation built up and it can really go either way. I also met a blogger last week as well and we just had the best time and it felt like we were old friends after a just few minutes. I'm sure you're quite real Cheryl :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Yes, that has happened to me, but fortunately the fashion/style bloggers that I have met IRL have been amazing as they were in person for the most part, except one. lol. That one person's blog was entirely different than they actually were. I think blogs should be a reflection of who you actually are, but there's always the exception, or some who "pretend," I guess. At least the other blogger sounded quite cool. :) <3 Great outfit. /Madison

  5. Loving this sexy dress,Cheryl:) And yeah...agree with the others above. It can always go either way. I've never met any blogging friend IRL, but if I do, I hope I'm not the one who underwhelms! :P This is probably why I'm such an introvert...:D

  6. Woohoo, looking good dear!
    Obviously we met over on the other side of the world and you seemed just like you are here! Hopefully I was entertaining as well ;) I still keep in touch with Alexis through your connection too!
    We all have expectations but hopefully can be cool and chill IRL and online!

    little luxury list formerly Chic 'n Cheap Living

  7. I've met a few bloggers IRL and they've all been lovely! I think there's a pretty strong no-nonsense blogging culture in NZ though. I love this dress on you, it's the perfect LBD! You look so gorgeous xx

  8. That dress has serious IT factor! Loving your hair as well! Glad at least one of your blogger meet ups went positively!


  9. This dress is HOT! Love how you knotted it too. I've experienced the same thing, but what I hate most is blogging cliques. Ugh. It feels very high school to me.

  10. You look fabulous!! <3

    Hmm, I wonder if she was just having an off day? None of us are going to be the way we all appear to be on our blogs every single day, you know? Just a thought.

  11. You look flawless! I know what you mean about being underwhelmed by meeting someone in person from the blog world. I hope I only come off close to or the same as I am online, I try to be as real as possible on my blog.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  12. I've been blogging for over five years too but I e never done the blogger meet up thing... Not surprising the dichotomy in your experiences tho. Some people just sound better online lol.
    Love your dress!


  13. Pretty dress! I love the sheer paneling. I'm a total introvert, so for me meeting new people can be a bit intimidating. Blogging, even though I know it's totally available, gives me a screen. I always hope I am the same person, but the pressure is on in real life. ;) I love meeting other bloggers and thankfully have always had good experiences!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  14. Such a pretty dress and you look amazing in it!! Especially with those shoes!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  15. first off your hair is FABULOUS! And yes, unfortunately that is very common. Some people's energy or personality does not translate the same when they aren't in front of their computers. I never take myself too seriously... I'm soooo laid back so I always get caught off guard when people aren't that way.

  16. meeting bloggers in real life can definitely be hit or miss. love your black dress and those heels are amazing!

    cute & little

  17. Cheryl you look brilliant - your hair is just bomb; and those shoes!

    Sorry to hear about the 'disappointing' meetup. I think a lot of people fall victim to the 'online persona' thing, which is very unlike their IRL persona. :/


  18. Gorgeous dress and i love your natural hair!


  19. Sometimes I've met bloggers who I haven't really clicked with in real life, but after thinking about it, I realized we never really did online either. They may have been polite and commented back, but never wrote in depth comments or took the time to email... but it's fine. Liking someones style doesn't mean liking them, even if you wish it could be different.

  20. Super cute look! Thanks for visiting Pursuit! xoxo - Ashley Pursuit of Shoes

  21. Love your hiar. So pretty and the dress is BAAADD! You look lovely. I hate meeting bloggers who aren't what I expected from following them online. Ugh! Glad you had a good experience with the other. :-)


  22. I would never, ever think to knot a dress. That's...genius! I may have to find a way to work that trick!I'm giving you an internet high five, my friend! And of course, you look as stunning as ever. Love your hair!

  23. I have only gone to a few meetups, but most of the bloggers were sweet and friendly in person. I have read about other peoples bad experiences with their being a huge disconnect to a persons online persona and who they are in person. I tend to be the same in person. Your hair is so CUTE!!!!! I love it and of course you are a stunner in that dress!


  24. I have met some very friendly bloggers and some not so friendly ones. Most of the non friendly ones were just the way i had imagined them prior to meeting them so it wasn't much of a surprise.
    I love your dress.

  25. You are just rocking this dress. Love the heels. I've only had the pleasure of meeting one blogger and I'm glad to say it was a good one. Meeting bloggers in real life can be tricky. We all have certain expectations.

  26. Ooh I love how you tied this dress- looks awesome! And that's too bad when you meet someone and they are different IRL than URL- fortunately everyone I've met in person has always been great but I'm going to my first blog conference in september so I'll be meeting a lot of bloggers that I love to follow - hopefully they're all as sweet as I imagine them to be!


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