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Monday, October 4, 2010

Social Vampires

Let me tell you about two little movies that I saw this past weekend. The first is The Social Network, which most people have been calling "the Facebook movie" because well, that's what the movie is about. The other movie I just had to see is Let Me In, which is actually a remake of a Swedish sleeper hit called Let the Right One In.

The Social Network

The movie is all about the legal issues surrounding who really came up with Facebook. Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg--who is the guy who created Facebook, as far as the majority of the public is concerned. Eisenberg is compelling in his portrayal as Zuckerberg, the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

A great supporting cast including Rooney Mara, Armie Hammer, Brenda Song, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake really make this movie come alive, as it is mostly witty dialect and computer programming jargon.

This movie sparked some heated discussion among my friends; one even contemplated deleting his FB account (but hasn't yet). You get an insider's POV of how the most popular social networking site came about, and you might not like what you see. But overall, it is geniously acted and backhandedly funny. And yes, Justin Timberlake (as Sean Parker--founder of Napster) is great.

Fun Facts:
--Armie Hammer plays both Cameron Winklevoss and his twin Tyler Winklevoss with help by actor Josh Pence--heads were superimposed and whatnot.

--Rooney Mara is going to play Lisbeth Salander when The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is released in 2011, which is also directed by David Fincher.

--Andrew Garfield is going to be the next Spiderman.

--My hubby and I ran into Jesse Eisenberg's aunt and grandma coming out of the theater. They wanted to make sure we weren't talking sh*t about his movie, lol.

You will leave this movie feeling sorry for Eduardo Saverin (you can Facebook him), maybe a bit peeved at Zuckerberg, and definitely contemplating if you can come up with the next best thing in social networking.

I give this:
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Let Me In

If you've read my movie review of Kick Ass then you would know just how much I love Chloe Moretz.

This remake is about a tortured and bullied middle school boy (Owen) in 1980s New Mexico who befriends a girl (Abby) who recently moves into his apartment complex. The movie is very dark and filmed in an awkwardly scary manner. For instance, you never see the complete face of Owen's mother, which is kind of eerie.

The movie is a bit slow, and I'd say it's more of a love story than a horror flick, but that doesn't mean it isn't creepy. The young actors Moretz and Kodi Smit-McPhee give great and believable performances. The scary scenes are memorable and you actually kind of understand the bond and love these two share for each other. Plus, is it really that wrong to have a bloodthirsty 12-year-old vampire as your best friend?

I give this:
♥ ♥ ♥

And with a vote of 9-3 by you lovely muses, the suede boots take the win!



  1. Social Vampires indeed!;-)
    Those boots remind me that it's high time I go shopping for one;-)

  2. I can't wait for Let Me In. I know a lot of fans of the original are saying there is no way it will live up to Let the Right One In....but it's Chloe fucking Mortez and Hammer. I'm optimistic. I've seen a few trailers that make it look a bit like a fairly meh horror movie....but the stills I've seen all look gorgeous!


  3. hello! :D just want to say thankyou for being my first follower and commenting. :)


    your review now wants me to watch those two movies. shucks, i don't think they're in malaysia tho. ): and i'm really envious of your boots. :P my country only has one season all year round so we don't usually buy boots for anyth. :\

  4. I am so excited for Let Me In -- I was very skeptical because the original film is so perfectly done but I hear really good things about the new version.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I am DYING to see "The Social Network." I hardly ever use Facebook; nevertheless, the film looks amazing!! :)

  6. The Facebook movie was really good. Inspired a long intellectual proprerty discussion / argument. Definitely worth seeing especially cause these details weren't well known before. The twins were awesome

    I liked let me in. Very well made but I would call it a must see or anything. I still don't know why hey didn't show the mom's face

  7. I would love to see this movie, it looks so interesting.
    Thanks for the great review and pics.

  8. i loved social network. i think i'll wait for 'let me in' on dvd.

  9. oh looking forward to seeing social network!

    Enter my Halloween giveaway:

  10. Definitely wanting to see the Social Network!

  11. oh the social film l0ooks pretty dramatic ^^ and actually the award ceremony is on 21st of this so i better get move on with my dress D:

  12. Ooh, I really want to see Social Networking, but wasn't sure whether or not it'd be interesting. And, I didn't want to see Let Me In, because I thought it was a horror film. You've convinced me to definitely go see both of them. Thanks for the helpful reviews! =)

  13. ohh I loved the social network too, it was such a fun and funny movie. and yeah JT is soo much hotter than the real sean parker haha!

  14. i wanna see the facebook and the other one that some guy meets some girl through facebook i dont rmeember the name but looks cool!
    yeah id be cool to be on your blog!

  15. hey thanks for the review. am hearing great things about the "face book movie" and cant wait to see it.

  16. Thanks for these movie reviews! I've been wanting to see The Social Network and I'm quite intrigued by the second movie:) Thanks again for sharing!

  17. Haven't seen Social Network yet but I think it's on my must-see list! Thanks for the review :)
    Just found your blog and love it, I'm following now so I'll definitely be back -- I'd love for you to come visit mine too and follow if you like :)

  18. I loved the Social Network. I thought Andrew Garfield looked pretty good ;)

  19. Liking the boots, and i definately want to see that first film now!

  20. I haven't seen this...but I will surely be waiting for this movie...I have heard wonderful reviews about this...and thank you for reminding me again to watch out for this flick...

    great post love


  21. I heard Social Network was really good- can't wait to see it!

  22. I can imagine the FB movie can create much controversy. I saw Kick Ass and and although I did not enjoy the actual movie, she is such a doll. Never heard of this flick, so I will definitely have to check this one out.

    Those suede booties rock my world :)

  23. cant wait to see the movie about faceboook. not looking forward to the other. my bf keeps pressuring me but i know i wont sleep at night if i see it.

  24. hey girlie!!! if you are in town this weekend stop by Aventura mall that us at FIU will be participating at the chocolate festival as part of a fundraiser... I'll be there! BTW... loved let the right one in so i have to watch this new version!


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