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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Designer Collaborations for Forever 21 & A Winner!

Designer Collaborations for Forever 21

Rory Beca 1
Petro Zillia 1

Rory Beca 2
I love when I get to write about designer collaborations. It makes my heart swell!

For instance, Vera Wang is designing stunning gowns for David's Bridal in her White by Vera Wang collaboration, and even Justin Timberlake and Zac Posen jumped on the bandwagon, each with their own collections with Target.

Now Forever 21 is introducing two new designer collections. Petro Zillia's line debuted at Forever 21 Feb. 11.
Rory Beca 3
This spring collection by the L.A. label is super funky and definitely fits in with the Forever 21 mold.

The Petro Zillia label is designed by Nony Tochterman and is full of bright fuchsia, bold stripes and girly flair.

Coming March 4 is a collaboration with Rory Beca, which is designed by Rory Edelman.

The Rory Beca collection also hails from California, and it's easy to notice with its aire of flirty minis, printed dresses and rompers.

Keeping to the Forever 21 style, the clothing and accessories from both designers will fall within the $6 to $33 price range.

And these pieces can't be considered knock offs if they're actually collaborating, so that's definitely good news for F21.

All images are from the Rory Beca for Forever 21 line except for the top left dress in fuchsia, which is from the Petro Zillia collection.

Don't you just love that white dress at the top?
What do you think of the new collaborations?


And I just compiled all the entries for the Apothica Giveaway and we have a winner!

Congrats Balloon

Kaity Stardust!

Thanks to everyone who entered!
Be sure to enter the ELF 83-piece makeup palette giveaway too!



  1. I wish we had Forever 21 over here! Those clothes look really lovely & the price is awesome, too. My favourites are the two last outfits.

  2. That white dress is my fav. I want!!!

  3. That white dress at the top is amazing! I'm always excited for collaborations - can't wait to see these ones.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  4. I saw this the other day on F21, and fell in love with the collection!!


  5. omg that white dress is gorgeous, note to self: must not cave in!!!!

  6. I would love to have F21 here. The dress at first pic is just beautiful!

  7. Oooooh exciting collab!
    Love these pieces!


  8. Oh wow this is the first I've heard of the collaboration! I'm really excited. :) It looks like it's gonna be fabulous. xo

  9. Cheryl, long time no see! How have you been? I love the collection, especially the rompers.

  10. AWESOME! This is going to be an awesome line. I love how these high fashion designers are making their clothing more accessible.

  11. OOO i am excited about this collaboration!!!!

  12. I am so excited for the Rory Beca collection at Forever 21 - a girl can never have too many flirty frocks in her wardrobe!

    Congratulations to the winner!! :)

  13. Hihi, that's true! Lifehousefan too?

  14. love it! can't wait till forever 21 opens it's doors here in holland!

    wanna follow eachother?


  15. Thats an exciting collaboration! :) I have always loved Vera Wang's bridal stuff btw :P
    Also, that white dress is my favourite :)

  16. lovely in the front sexy on back loves it!!!

  17. sweet~!!! definitely a good news. these dresses look fabulous.

  18. The upcoming collections sound exciting!

  19. I saw this collection on the F21 website. The one shoulder dress is super cute

  20. i am your newest follower!


    A Fashion House of Cards

  21. I'm looking forward to the Rory Beca collection :D

  22. yay I love forever 21 i'll have to go check this out! :D

  23. thank you darling, actually my header is a song!

  24. Cheryl... what a lovely post! I love F21 and so does hundred thousands of girls in my country. Can you imagine a place with one F21 branch? That shop is packed, I tell you. They offer trendy pieces at great price points so I couldn't blame them (erm, us!).


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