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Saturday, February 19, 2011

March Editorials: Lea, Gaga, Mila & Katy

March Editorials: Lea, Gaga, Mila & Katy

Mila Kunis for W Magazine

Mila Kunis 2
Mila Kunis 1I absolutely adore Mila--and not just in these photos. She is actually my desktop background. I love how she has blossomed into this beauty icon. This is an example of what one great role--like her character in Black Swan--can do for you. 2011 is going to be her year.

Katy Perry for Elle

Katy Perry 1
Katy Perry 2Love her or hate her, these photos are true Hollywood glam. The styling manages to keep things a bit different, which is how Katy likes it. I don't know--there's just something cool about the overall photoshoot. But yes, I kinda wish she'd stop singing Teenage Dream too.

Lady Gaga for Vogue

Lady Gaga 1
Lady Gaga 2Between you and me, I am kinda over Lady Gaga. Yes, I do think some of her songs are great; and yes, I do think she is an icon. But no, I am no longer wowed by her crazy speeches and wild outfits. So it's nice to see an editorial that features her in great couture gowns for a change.

Lea Michele for Glamour UK

Lea Michele 2
Lea Michele 1Gleek out! 2011 has been a very good year for Glee so far (how about that diva off between Rachel and Mercedes singing "Take Me or Leave Me")? Lea has had some ups and downs in the papers, but let's remember that although she plays a teen on TV, she's really 24. This editorial is a bit Rachel Berry and a bit Lea Michele, which probably works for everyone.

Which of these March editorials is your favorite?



  1. mila's is my favorite.
    i find her extremely gorgeous.
    and of course i love gaga.
    she looks beautiful no matter what.<3

  2. I do like Mila's eyeliner and mascara. She does look like a rising star. I thought Lady Gaga's meat dress was grotesque (I'm a vegetarian) but I guess I have a different take on wardrobe wishes for her. Not that I don't think she could rock a couture gown, but I prefer it when she's walking around out in public with ordinary full brief panties on display. (It makes me feel less insecure about my having done some internet male panty modeling). I think it would be great seeing her visiting the floor of the Senate or in the Oval office in her panties. I was a little disappointed when I found out Katy Perry was getting married to a guy because I like it more when girls kiss girls (like the song that put her on the charts in the first place), not that being married would rule that out. I've enjoyed the outfits she's worn while singing "Teenage Dream". I'm curious as to what you thought of Rihanna at the 52rd Annual Grammy Awards performing "What's My Name?". I thought it was hot. I do like looking at Glamour UK.

    I guess my favorite editorial would be the one for Mila Kunis for W. Magazine because it's a good heads up.

  3. My fav is Mila, she is just plain beauty, she looks amazing in the second photo.

  4. The Mila Kunis one is amazing - definitely my fave!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. I Love the editorial with Katy, she is so beautiful >.<

    muah kisses ;*

  6. Katy looks super there. But I wish she'd hadn't sung 'Fireworks'. She doesn't hit the high notes at all!!

  7. Great post. I like the Mila photos the most. Just raw and beautiful

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  8. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Mila looks amazing!


  9. they all look gorgeous. MY fave photos would probably be Lea's and Katy's.


  10. the first 2 pics are gorgeous! the 3rd and the 4th one reminds me of some scene from The Black Swan lol!! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog btw :)

  11. Mila Kunis in W is my favorite - she looks amazing! Though I was also impressed with Miley Cyrus in Marie Claire - she looks stunning!! :)

  12. wow amazing ^^ you have a great eye for style and great pictures! and i love the dresses of lea michele

  13. Absolutely Gaga!!!!
    she is much before

  14. I love the 50's chic vibe of the editorials lately. I am waiting for those lovely full skirts to start becoming more available in stores!!

  15. Wow these photographs are amazing! Mia looks good!

  16. My favorite is Mila's spread; she looks absolutely amazing!

  17. i love katy pery's photos, awesome!!let's follow each other and be friends :)let me know with your comment in my post :)cheer ya:)

  18. one thing...I LOVE MILA!!! she is hot...arrrghh...and she rocks too!!!

    second...Katy is my favorite artist...aside from Britney Spears :D



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