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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Crackle Polish & Britney Spears for V Magazine

Britney Spears for V Magazine

BritneySpears2It's Britney, b...

Gone are the days of shaved heads and dropped babies. It seems Britney Spears is truly making a comeback, with her new songs and new photo shoots. This is actually a great time for Brit Brit to once again find the limelight as Christina Aguilera is going into rehab and Lady Gaga is losing some of her "gaga" with fans.

This is honestly the first time I've written about Ms. Spears on my site. I know because I've checked, and checked again.

britneypostqueryBut I'm glad that it's taken me so long to write about her because I feel like it was well worth the wait. I actually really like this editorial for V Magazine. What do you think?

Nails of the Day

On to the next...the first nail polish here is called Black Mesh by China Glaze. It's a dupe of the super popular Black Shatter by OPI. The thing is, since shatter is sold out everywhere, I think Black Mesh is a great replacement. It works just as well and looks just as good.

To Apply:

-- Put on two coats of the base color. Here I used a silver color by Love & Beauty for F21.
-- Let the base color completely dry (10 minutes) so it doesn't interfere with the crackle
-- Apply the black mesh with a thick, full coat

The mesh will look streaky if you apply it on too thinly. Apply it the same way you would if it were regular nail polish. It starts to crackle instantly. After 3-5 minutes it should be completely crackled.

This was my second time working with crackle polishes, but I think I'm getting the hang of it now. The great thing about the China Glaze crackles is that they come in a variety of colors like Crushed Candy.

This is actually the color I was wearing around Valentine's Day (of course). I just forgot to post it so here it is. I don't wear a lot of red polish, but I really like this one as it's very bold.

Oh, and I was featured on the home page of Bloggers yesterday!

And on the fashion page of Trendtation the day before--woo-hoo!

What do you think of the polishes and of Britney's photos?

If you'd like to get your hands on the black mesh polish, along with a bunch of other great cosmetics, then enter my Spring Makeup Muse Giveaway!

Thanks for the WONDERFUL comments on the last post. I plan on making "Fashion Headlines" a recurring thing on the blog.



  1. She looks really amazing in those seems like she's really cleaned herself up a lot in the last few years. Good for her.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. i lvoe crackling nail polish! and nice pictures of britney :3

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  4. Even though I never was a fan of Britney (simply not my kind of music) I'm happy that she's back & looks great! I always felt sorry when I saw pictures of her with her shaved head, etc.

    The crackle looks awesome on you (I'm wearing black crackle today as well :-D), also love the red on your hands :-)

    BTW, Too bad our shoe sizes vary :-( ;-)

  5. All the Britney's photos are taken by Mario testino, one of my favourite photographers!
    She's simply stunning *.*

  6. Oh I like this editorial. I am happy for her that she got a chance to get her act together and bounce back :)

    Also CONGRATSSS on the feature :)

    from ©

  7. So glad that she's doing well and is making such a great comeback :)

  8. Thanks for the follow and I am definitely following you!
    And you are my 100th follower
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  9. So Britney's back in the fashion limelight and Christina's out. You can never understand the ups and downs of the entertainment world, can you...

  10. She looks amazing!

    Love the manis too!


  11. YEY!!!! to britney she is my FAVE!!!! I am so glad she is back...and yes!!!! I will be forever a britney FAN!!!


  12. Is Brit Brit back?! I used to be the biggest Britney fan EVER (not joking) but then in 2003, when she started her trainwreck, I started slipping away from her. Now, she's like a ghost to me. But after seeing these photos and hearing her new music, I'm beginning to fall in love again. These photos are GORGEOUS and so remind me of the old Britney I used to love. :)

  13. Oooh and forgot to mention that you have completely inspired me to try the crackled look! I definitely need to purchase that black polish asap!!

  14. Britney looks really good! I'm not really into her new single, but I'm happy for her. And lol, Gaga has lost a lot of her appeal to me with Born This Way (and ... other things she's been doing).

    I love your nails! That's one of the best crackle combos I've seen so far :D

  15. Wow Britney looks amazing. Britney, is that you girl? LOVE the nails of the day look.

    How you been Cheryl?

  16. Am I following you on Twitter? *goes to check* if not, I'm about to.

  17. she looks amazing, i love her since her first album.. ;)

  18. Britney looks great...glad she's making a comeback! I also LOVE those new crackle nail polishes- very cool!

  19. I've been interested in buying some new nail polish colors. I haven't bought nail polish in long is nail polish suppose to last? Does it have a self life? Anyways, I don't like the colors I do have. I like the crackle effect! It's very neat.

  20. I am starting to love Crackle nail polish! The next time I go shopping I'm going to try and find that brand. :)

    I absolutely love this post! Even though Britney Spears has had a bad history she really seems to be doing a good job focusing on her work and "coming back."


  21. Oh that's good news if she's cleaned up her act. She certainly looks lovely here

  22. Britney Spears looks phenomenal in that photoshoot!


  23. the pictures are amazing!!she looks great!
    you have a really nice blog and i strong sense of style!!!i am following!
    would love to see you follow back if you like my blog of course!!

  24. Oh, I've always rooted for Britney! I'm glad she's back and she's looking freaking fantastic:)


  25. Britney looks stunning in this editorial! :)

  26. I absolutely adore Britney! Been a fan since she started and even during the rough time. I'm so glad she's doing much better & the photo spread looks amazing!

  27. I love the black nails. The effect on them look so cool.

  28. Just found you via Pensandlens! What a comeback! She looks amazing in this spread, these photos are so lovely!

  29. Love those crackle nails. They look awesome. I am still not sold on B. Spears on the cover of a fashion mag but the editorial editors did her a lot of favors in these photos and she does look great.

  30. I happen to love Britney.Usually she looks trashy, but I happen to love these pictures of her.

  31. You know what. I have never been a BS fan...but am so happy that she is redeeming herself. I hope she gets it right this time. She will be sending out a message that no matter how badly you fall, you can get up and go. She look so fabulous and radiant in the pictures. I hope it's her and not just photoshop.

  32. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog! Britney looks fantastic. Her hair looks great and her body is great. Although I miss crazy Britney a little haha I'm glad to see her back to her sane old self.

    Also, love the nail polish ideas.


  33. i am not a huge fan of the cracking polish but you are rocking it!

    LOVE this Britney spread- she looks gorgeous.

  34. God you have an amazing style! I love your pants and booties! So chic! Now following, of course! Maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)



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