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Monday, June 27, 2011

BET Awards: Red Carpet Show

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I must admit, I wasn't really a big fan of the 2011 BET Awards Red Carpet. I didn't really find there to be a lot of good looks or even interesting looks.

I don't know if people just didn't put much thought into their outfits or what, but I just wasn't too impressed. And I know that award shows tend to have creative looks, which I usually enjoy, but these just weren't doing it for me.

But there were a few that I did like.

Best Dressed

marsBruno Mars ~ I know this is his usual look but it still works for him

hilsonKeri Hilson ~ fan of the tube top/harem pants combo--think I'll copy it

KeKe Palmer ~ she just looks very mature yet still age appropriate

kudjoeBoris Kudjoe ~ love his chic jacket and tie paired with the jeans

keysAlicia Keys ~ love the shoes, not a fan of the messy fishtail braid

Not So Best Dressed

rocsiRocsi ~ just too short

rowlandKelly Rowland ~ a bit too much frill

lloydLloyd ~ he's not wearing a shirt!

minajNicki Minaj ~ I like when she's over the top--this is just not attractive on her

What do you think?
Anyone watched the True Blood premiere last night?


  1. i'm pretty sure that shirts should be mandatory for the red carpet. no matter how good your body is!

  2. I totally agree with all your picks - Kelly Rowlands especially was just sort of overpowered by that frill!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I definitely agree with these picks! I'm particularly in love with Alicia's outfit. She looks STUNNING. Then again, she could wear a tire and still be the most gorgeous woman in the world.

  4. I totally missed the awards AND True Blood. :(

    Love Keri Hilson's style and Alicia Keys looks amazing. :)


  5. ohh yea Keri Hilson, I totally forgot about her until now!!

  6. I'm generally not a huge fan of harem pants...but that look is hot!

  7. KeKe Palmer looks amazing. She never dissapoints and always looks very age appropriate. Rosci looks great from the chest up. That dress would work better with a pair of tights and some ice skates.

  8. love love love your best dressed list! i agree with your picks. :D

  9. Ahh I agree totally!! I love Nicki but she looks disappointing here, and I really like Keri's look - I wore a corset with harems before and liked that too!

    Sadie x

  10. nice round up! I kinda like Kelly's dress though...:)

  11. I second your picks!!!

    And nice header btw


  12. I love the idea of a messy braid, but I tried it at dinner the other night and 3 friends said "NO" in unison. Hard look to pull off well. :)

  13. i agree. rocsi's dress wasn't appealing at all. and nicki minaj honestly looked like she found that in her closet from when she was in high school.
    alicia key's shoes were amazing! boris always looks great!
    great recap!

  14. I think Keri looks nice & Bruno as well...that's about it.

  15. I'm kind of over watching the actual awards (they're just too many of them)but love seeing the fashion on the carpet.

  16. Keri Hilson is so pretty...I love her style and music! I love Bruno Mars jacket but not a fan of the glasses! And Alicia Keys looks great after having a baby...her shoes are so fun! ANd wow what is with Rocsi's dress...too Vegas dancer for an award show! Love Niki's hair but not her dress!!

    I heard they said Chris Browns name for Rihannas award? Thats weird?! After what he did to her too. I vow to never listen to his music again.

    Check out this contest we're doing with Nivea...

  17. I always love Alicia Keys' clothing! She is sooo beautiful!

    And there was a HUGE scandal alert on Yahoo News about the Rihanna/Chris Brown mix up! Odd.


  18. That outfit of bruno is AMAZING! Love his glasses!

  19. Totally agree with your assessments, darling!
    Love KeKe Palmer's dress!


  20. I at least love the color of Kelly Rowland's dress though am also not sure if it's too frilly.

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  21. I was disappointed in Nicki Minaj - that look on her was not appealing at all. Bruno Mars looks hot & I also liked Ashanti's look even though it was too dressed up for this occasion lol.

  22. Alicia def. got my vote for best dressed. The jumper looks like something I'd wear and actually reminds me of what I'm wearing on my side bar.

  23. I think I might be the only person on Earth who hates Bruno Mars and Nicki Minaj. They both make me want to stab myself with paperclips.
    I wish that I had remembered to watch this show. Boo face.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  24. Nicki Minaj looks pretty sick and i love Keke Palmer. Great post!

  25. Keri ALWAYS kills it. And WOAH Nicki... no, please, no.

  26. I love Keri Hilson's look! Great choices. I wasn't really impressed with the outfits this time around either.

  27. Boris' look is my fave!

    Also... no shirt? He looks like he's stuck in a bad 80s music video!


  28. The BET awards are never outstanding...I think its cause its not a really formal event, its more casual.

    Did you see Kerry Washington in Michael Kors? That was a gorgeous dress too :)

  29. love Keri Hilson&Alicia Keys!!!!!!!!!!

  30. yess schools oveer :) and im going on a few small visits to holland & germany this summeer :) im sooo exciteeed :) what aree youu doing this summer :) xx

  31. I love keke palmer's style...she got the style bug early...not sure if she is working with a stylist but it works for her. Keri Hilson is coming around i guess. I like Nicki's bob but i am NOT a fan of when she goes overboard...i rather see this style but its still not my fav. Hopefully she'll get it eventually!

  32. haha there wasn't much good at the BET awards- agreed. However, I didn't like Keri or Alicia but LOVED Kelly Rowland!


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