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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Muse at the Moment

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The Muse at the Moment

90-degrees-loftThese are just a few of the things that I've been thinking about, reading or doing lately. Just a little bit of me!

♥ Loft Apartments ~ I've been really into apartment lofts recently. I just really like the idea of living in a place with hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows and an open top area.

The idea of long, dangling light fixtures, an open floor plan and even a bit of an industrial look with sleek furniture really inspires me.

What do you think of loft apartments?


♥ Style A to Zoe ~ As I mentioned in this inspiring style post, I recently started reading Rachel Zoe's book. I've heard really good things about it and kind of felt like it was great reading for the summer.

So far I am enjoying her style tips and the nice photos that she includes of the people she's dressed. The titles of her chapters and sections are cute too. I'll let you know my overall opinion when I'm finished.

♥ Blogger Meet-ups ~ One of the best things about being a blogger is freely sharing your thoughts about whatever through your blog.

Another great thing is meeting the people who you've developed an online relationship with and then freely sharing your thoughts in person!

So it's been really nice getting to meet so many great fashion and style bloggers recently including Jamie of Glam Latte, Mel of Modanista Junkie, Ria of Ria Michelle, Dany of Loves Pretty Things and Mandy of Kini Style Files.


♥ Vacation Planning ~ Since it's the summer time, it makes perfect sense that I've had vacation planning on the brain. I would love to take a road trip to Vegas or even a week-long excursion all the way to San Francisco (could be perfect for another meet-up).

And I haven't been to New York in a while so I would love to go shopping in NYC and even take in a Broadway show. It would be great to get out of this desert heat. Also, I'm feeling a bit homesick so it would be nice to go back to south Florida for a vacay to see some family and friends.

Are you in the mood for a vacation?

♥ Tom Foolery ~ If you follow me on Twitter (and you should) then you might know that I have my eyes on Toms Shoes. And now that they've incorporated sunnies into the mix, I might as well get a pair of those too. I just don't know what to pick from the wonderful collection. Maybe you can help me decide!

Anything you're lusting after, planning, reading or wishing to do this summer?



  1. Ah, I love the first image - such a spacious kitchen. Glad to hear you had fun with the girls at the blogger meet-up. A trip to the Caribbean is on the agenda this summer;-)

  2. This is such a cute little post! I'm obsessed with home tours and those loft apartments look dreamy... I would love one of those. They are so open & airy. Those Toms wedges are super cute!

  3. Oh girl, I am obsessed with Tom's too!!!! My shopping ban is HOVAH- so I'm really excited to finally pick ones out!!! :D happy dance!

    Vacation is in my thoughts but sadly can not be my reality...I took one too many during winter and now I am stuck in NY for the summer it seems. Poor planning on my part.

  4. Those Toms shoes are awesome - no wonder you're eyeing them! And I would kill for any of those lofts, they look so amazing.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. lofts are beautiful! hit up NY so i can say hi!!

  6. this is such a nice post! it is so nice to meet with other bloggers!!
    well,my lust for summer is to go on holidays!!
    hihi i cant wait for summer tan,friends ,parties etc..

    kisses <3


  7. I love Rachel Zoe so much. I wanted to check out that book, Let me know how it turns out once you are done! Fabulous post love!


  8. Gorgeous post, darling!
    Love those lofts!


  9. Love reading what you are up to! Might have to borrow that Rachel Zoe book at some point...her style is something to be lusted. I am so ready for a vacay as well!


  10. Amazing pictures doll! I love the idea of a loft apartment! <3 I think it looks very comfy & stylish. ;)

  11. OOHHH I LOVE loft style apartments! Unfortuantly we don't have those anywhere near where I live but if we did I would love to live in one...they are so stylish and cool!
    I wish I lived driving distance to Vegas! That would be awesome...and dangerous!! :)
    I spend WAY to much money when I go to Vegas!

  12. you have such great style :)

  13. I love Tom's wedges, It's so wonderful to meet bloggers that you respect and have been chatting with through the blogosphere. You all look lovely! -xx

  14. Totally into planning a vacation soon and we are also working on a blogger meet up...can't wait for both!


  15. This post rocks! I plan on buying a pair of those Toms wedges. They are too awesome.

  16. OOh, I really liked reading this post because I've been wanting to get that Rachel Zoe book and blogger meet ups sound so fun, I really want to go to one some time. Hopefully you get to take some of those road trips to San Fran or Vegas.

    Thanks for your nice comment

  17. I love loft apartments. They always remind me of New York for some reason

  18. I love loft apartments! I also love the Tom wedges and the Tom sunglasses-and I'm obsessed with A to Zoe!


  19. I'm vacation planning too! Can't wait to be on a plane!


  20. I totally feel you! I'm curious about the style book. Looking forward to your review- and maybe a peak into the book? :D


    And you've been tagged for the sunshine award!

  21. Happy Fathers Day and Happy Sunday to a beautiful muse (even though I'm clearly a day late) lol

  22. Swoon at the mention of loft apartments. I have a dream of living in a fabulous one someday! :)

  23. I love loft apartments and yay for blogger meet-ups!
    I am actually leaving this weekend for a little vacay and am so excited!! Such a great post! :)


  24. Great muses! I love the industrial look of lofty as well. We currently have a "soft loft" and I love the cement posts, ceiling, and exposed duct work. Hope you get to go on a trip soon! I don't think I will be able to take a vacay until the winter. Boo. :P

  25. i love the idea of having a loft!

  26. Lots of plans love, I'm sure you keep seeing snippets of it on twitter :D
    Also, I love the idea of living in a loft! Tres chic :D

  27. I always wanted a loft but now I know I got too much crap to have a sophisticated loft! but still it doesn't stop me from looking at these pics :D blogger meet ups are always hun eh ?! :D

  28. Love lofts - oh to own one some day!

    Tom's has really impressed me lately!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  29. I love my cozy apartment! It's so fun living in a mini-home! The book by Rachel Zoe is really good! I read it a few months ago and I hope you enjoy it!

  30. I love lofts and can't wait to move into one this fall, when I move to Brooklyn. So exciting!

    This summer I am all about pushing more boundaries with my style and getting back into my love of photography and finishing the book I am working on.

    I have to get into more blogger meetups. I would love to meet more people in the blogosphere.


  31. Loved ur post babe! I love rachel zoes book and bloggers get togethers : ) xx

  32. Vacation planning -- EEEEEK.
    I want to go somewhere so badly. But we just bought an xBox, and I don't think Mr. A will be leaving the house anytime soon.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  33. I SO wish I had lived in a loft apartment in my single days!

  34. blogger meet-ups are just amazing!
    loft apartments are the best!

  35. I love loft apartments. My best friend Jonny used to have one downtown before he moved to Branson. It was gorgeous. High ceilings, cement floor, elevator shaft, etc. It actually used to be a factory, so it had all sorts of quirks! I would love to live in one...

  36. I think this post is fabulous...and no not just because I'm in it...because Mel's in it too! Hahaha! No but seriously we LOVED meeting you and hope we can hang out again soon! Keep us posted on all your summer adventures!

  37. Wow i love these blogger meetup photos!

  38. Loving the Toms you put on Twitter and those wedges! What a great group of bloggers to are all very beautiful and fashionable ladies! I love the idea of big windows and open areas too...great for a beach house! Ive been really wanting to see Wicked on broadway...hopefully next yr. Hope you had a great weekend!

    I want to start reading Something just became a movie in theaters but the writer has a great books I'd like to read.

  39. Oh how I love loft apartments! There's something so comfortable and inspiring being surrounded by a large, open space! And I didn't realize Toms released sunnies! I'll have to check them out :)

    sorelle in style

  40. yay!! such a fun night :) you looked fantastic!!

    xxo, dany

  41. I love apartment lofts!! I think they are so cozy and comfortable. I think I'd like to live in one once I move to the city (which is, er, a long way from now haha).

    Love the "Tom Foolery" title. I am normally not a fan of Toms shoes but I really like the Tom heels you posted! Really cute. :)

    It's great to hear what you are up to once in a while, Cheryl. :)


  42. I love lofts and spaces like these.


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