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Friday, September 28, 2012

Makeup & Muses: Dermalogica Age Smart Review

Oh skin care! I have such a battle with skin care and products with skin that I try a lot of things to figure out what works best. There are some products that I totally love and restock in my cabinets all the time, and then there are others that I would never purchase again. 

But it's always nice to be able to try out new things in hopes that you find something that sticks. And I can tell you that the Dermalogica Age Smart has my least for now. Here are reviews of products that I've been using for about a week now.

The purpose of the Age Reversal Eye Complex is to firm and tone the skin around your eyes. 

Fortunately, the skin around my eyes is pretty taut, but we might as well start early. The retinol serum is supposed to reduce dark circles and puffiness. 

I use it once at night before bed and the skin around my eyes looks just as good as ever.

Another product I use is the Super Rich Repair, which is definitely more tailored to my skin type. 

It is designed to relieve skin from dryness, lines, sun damage, and of course, stress. 

I'm one of those girls who has pretty dry skin, so anything that targets that problem works for me. 

The repair cream was pretty easy to add to my skin care regimen as I could use it both morning and night. 

You can also use the cream on your neck with smooth upward strokes, which is an area where some people might forget about later in life (I know you know what I'm talking about).

Overall, I think these products are very good. I didn't have any adverse reactions when using them, and I can see a bit of a positive change in my skin, albeit it's only been about a week. I would have liked to have been able to pick out products that were a bit more specific to my skin type, but this Age Smart line was still worth trying.
 I rate it: ♥

Have you used any of the products from the Dermalogica Age Smart line? What are some new skin care products that you've tried?
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  1. I like Dermalogica...we used it when I studied beauty therapy. It made my skin soft and clear quite quickly. And the ones I used smelled amazing. I go through products and sometimes they work and other times they don't. Other times they tear up my skin, haha. But, I do enjoy beauty products. Have a great weekend to come :)

  2. Hey Cheryl :)
    I've never used Dermalogica, but it sounds lovely.
    I have extremely sensitive skin, so I've literally been using the same product for 10 years... lol

  3. i always see the name, but never did try any of dermalogica's products. nice review!

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  4. I've never tried Dermalogica but have always heard great things about the line. I'm gonna try that eye cream for sure! TY for the review, Cheryl, and have a great Friday:)

  5. I have never used their products, but I will look out for them in future. Lately my cabinet is over flowing with products, I don't even know how I collected so much!

    ∞ © ∞

  6. Oh, such great post!

    we can follow each other if u want :)



  7. So I haven't ever used any of their products. But now that you've put across a great review, I must!



  8. Fab review!
    Have never tried any of their products before.

    Happy weekend, darling!


  9. Awesome to know about this. I've always been curious but have not yet tried them!
    Happy weekend!

  10. I've never tried dermalogica. Their products sound nice Cheryl. No reactions is a GOOD thing! hahaha I'm using Cetaphil. I heard Caudalie is really good and also Jurlique.

  11. I agree that after your 20s, eye cream should be used to keep it taunt! But honestly, I often skip it 'cause I'm lazy. I've accepted that dark circles are part of my look now ;)

  12. Dermalogica sounds great,havent had the chance to try it yet but great review hun,im loving REN and L'occitane samples as of late,I think will purchase full sized products soon

  13. I've heard really great things about Dermalogica, it has a huge fan base here in SA, thanks for your review on these specific products, I am in dire need of a good eye cream!

  14. i've never used any product from this line before, but i love trying new skincare products, so i am definitely very interested in dermalogica! :D

    <3, Mimi
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  15. hi dear!! very nice post i didnt know these products i love learning about new beauty stuff
    hope you're doing great and have a lovely weekend!! kisses <3

  16. I just started using the Dermalogica Age Smart line, and I absolutely LOVE the products! :)

  17. I have heard of the line but have never used it. Right now I am using Bare Minerals and Algenist.

  18. I might gift these to a friend, seems like it works well enough! I personally use Mary Kay but I've been looking to find an alternative to try out.

  19. great post!
    kiss kiss

  20. This is def the next line of anti-aging products I am going to try. I have a dermalogica exfoliator sample from Birchbox that I still need to try.

  21. Thanks for the heads up on these products Cheryl! I've been looking for a good eye cream for aaaages, will have to give this one a go.

  22. i love dermalogica! Sephora gives away great free samples! lol

  23. the skin care product sounds great, i think am gonna give it a try,nice jewels.

  24. I always hear good things about Dermalogica and I recently ran out of my regular face lotion so i used these dermalogica samples i had stored away. I liked how it made my skin feel, so i may have to try it out more.


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