So I know we all believe that fashion blogging should be about the fashion and about your personal taste, but that doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with marketing your site. Blogging by itself is like a delicious, yummy ice cream sundae while getting more traffic to your site is like the cherry on top.

If you just want to blog to blog then more power to you. But it doesn't hurt to receive some sort of recognition, boost in traffic or even paying job from all your hard work. Because if you've been doing this long enough then you'll know that blogging really is a full-time job.

Here is a guest post from one of my friends that features wonderful SEO (Search engine optimization) tips for fashion muses and bloggers alike to help optimize your website so you can start getting the traffic you deserve.

♥ Social Bookmarking Is Your Friend
Do a search for social fashion sites like PopSugar and Fashiolista. Start an account and get active on these sites. Some of the top social sites that can gain you traffic are StumbleUpon, Twitter, Lookbook and Facebook.
You should try to use all or some of these services to help you meet new bloggers and spread your blog as well. Social Media Marketing can assist you in building your brand and will eventually increase traffic to your blog. And don't just put up a link to your latest post--truly interact with your fellow bloggers to really see a difference.

♥ Directories for Fashionistas
Fashion directories are great for giving your blog more exposure. Get your blog listed in relevant directories as this can build more links to your site. Fashion Great and other directories feature comprehensive listings that can do wonders for your search engine rankings.

♥ Follow Your Friends
Research a little to see what other bloggers are doing. If there is a specific fashion blog that you read religiously, then ask that blogger for some advice on how to market a fashion site. See what types of websites they have links on or even ask them for a link exchange. Most of us in the fashion blogging world are pretty friendly and eager to help if we can, so we don't have a problem with a link exchange as long as it's coming from someone we know is an avid reader of our blog.

♥ Content Is Key
Make sure your blog is well structured and has quality content. This means that you have enticing post titles and even more entertaining, fun or knowledgeable posts. If you have quality content more people will want to link to your site based on that alone. Some of the best fashion blogs out there are noticeable because they create killer content that keeps their readers--old and new--intrigued.

Stuart L. has been an SEO guru for more than a decade and is the creator of West Palm Beach SEO.
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