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Editorials: The New Brad & Jen


Happy Halloween!
It's editorial time! Sorry if the title of my post makes you think Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are getting back together...because they aren't and this post has nothing to do with that relationship.

Gah, I love a good editorial. I don't showcase them often because, to tell the truth, they are just pictures of pretty people looking even prettier. But sometimes I find editorials (usually from W Magazine) that attract me and I just can't look away. And as of right now, these two are my faves:

Jennifer Lawrence ~ W Magazine 
Sept. 2012Little Katniss is all grown up and very into birds. Jennifer Lawrence is definitely making a mark on the acting world, and clearly knows how to pose haute couture. I love unique editorials with clothing that's completely unwearable because where else are you going to wear ostrich feathers on your boobs if not in an editorial? But if you're a company and looking to send me some free feathers for an outfit post then don't hesitate to contact me. ;) You might have seen some of these photos on my Facebook page.

Brad Pitt ~ Interview Magazine 
Oct. 2012I saw this spread weeks ago, so you might've seen it already, but all I can say is: He's still got it. Brad Pitt is, and will forever be, one of my all-time favorites. I wasn't on team Jen or team Angie--I was always on team Brad. I watch Legends of the Fall every time it's on TV, and it's on TV all the time.Whether you love him as much as I do or not, you have to at least find this Interview Magazine editorial to be quite interesting. Featuring a dude in my editorials post reminds me of this Men on Mags post, so I'm very happy to see the talented and beautiful Brad (at age 48 mind you) rockin' it in these various looks. Werq!What do you think of these editorials?
And thank you for the long and awesome comments in the last post! I hope it was enjoyable and prompted valuable discussion.

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  1. WOW! Love the first editorial!

  2. I loved this Jennifer editorial, as I adore peacocks. She looked amazing. And how does Brad Pitt still look young??? Haha...very cool. I love editorials...have a great day :) x

  3. Gorgeous, Loved Jennifer's! It is surreal and extremely pretty. :D


  4. Ah, I adore peacocks - and Jennifer is lovely. Brad is the all American boy.

  5. That Jennifer Lawrence editorial is just stunning - that first photo...wow!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. Both of them are great. Really nicely done editorials. Ah, the art of photography!

    ∞ © tanvii.com ∞

  7. Oh....ma.....gash!!! I love the JL editorial, but that one with Brad Pitt.....swoon, Cheryl! I'm saving that one with him and the eye patch....ahem....

  8. Wow! Great finds! The W editorial is just plain gorgeous, and I love how I wouldn't even recognize Brad in most of those interview photos. Brad as a rasta - lol! :)

  9. Amazing spreads!
    Who knew Brad was so versatile?


  10. I love Jennifer Lawrence. She's a great actress and a great model! She also seems really down-to-earth and like someone you could hang out with. I'm really happy to see her getting a lot of attention!

  11. Cheryl, this editorial is gorgeous girl! A lot of people forget about W Magazine. It's an exquisite magazine and I was always drawn to their unique and lavish editorials. You know I love them! I've always loved Brad. He's really transformed lately! There's so much depth to him. In that first pic he looks like a young George Michael. Awesome girl! Have a Happy Halloween!

  12. Jennifer Lawrence in that first image is stellar, love the dress and the romance of the shoot. It was amazing to see the different looks on Brad Pitt, he is quite the chameleon and makes them all work!

  13. Jennifer Lawrence is so hot! Ahh and Brad still looks good after all these years! He, like Leo, has also always chosen interesting roles so I hope he gets critical recognition some day too!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  14. She looks amazing... Love that white peacock look!

  15. Wow! These pics just made my jaw drop to the floor, especially the first one, absolutely gorgeous! So unusual too with the birds etc.

    And I have to agree, Brad's definitely still got it!

  16. Awwww I thought there was a new power couple in Hollywood, with a girl-next-door and sexy bad boy. Darnit. Lol.

    I looooove that editorial of Jennifer. How freaking stunning. The clothing is phenom.

    And I saw that editorial of Brad a while ago and thought it was pretty good. He seemed eerily perfect as a silent film star!

  17. wow.. that first image is AWESOME! it seems that ppl dont know what to do with brad now a days lol


  18. I love the first shot of Jennifer Lawrence, but have to give it to Brad in those great shots as well! He really has a versatile look!

  19. These are really cool! I love these more than your regular fashion spreads because this is inspirational. I would totally try to wear feathers to a party or soemthing. Plus, they are just cool to look at!

  20. These are gorgeous photos. I really like the feathers.

  21. "they are just pictures of pretty people looking even prettier. " haha I agree, though some editorials give me inspiration for artwork.

    And I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence in these photos, she just oozes cool.

  22. Brad looks better and better, he's a phenomenon!!!:)

  23. Wow!What's not to love here,honey,right?Amazing!;)

  24. Great feature. I think Jennifer Lawrence killed the shoot. Perfection in the posing.

  25. Love how you styled the tights from PeekBrooklyn.com



  26. Such an unique bkacground for the pictures! I love your smile!
    Thanks for checking my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  27. I love the colour of your dress looks beautiful on you, and the pic are great loving the landscape..

  28. omg I was triying to comment on the other post with the green dress and Don't know hy my comment appear here, so weird

  29. Cheryl! I have to agree although at first I thought that is the PERFECT backgound for this shoot and that dress there is nothing worse than heels in mud. Hope your booties cleaned up okay and you look very pretty, plus I love how you added tights with it to make it for fall. Hope you're doing well and having a nice weekend



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