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Friday, November 29, 2013

My Fall TV Lineup

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day! My preface for this post is that I don't spend all my free time watching TV. I also get drinks with friends, go to sporting events, see live shows, watch movies, get dinner, play trivia, read, work, hang with the hubs and the dogs, mountain climb, etc. But I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite shows to watch this fall.

Sunday Lineup
I use this day to relax, write blog posts, and lunch at the food trucks. Oh, and of course, the hours it takes to wash my natural hair. But Sundays also consist of NFL RedZone and copious amounts of football. Certain games I pay more attention to than others, i.e. Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and New Orleans Saints.
At night, an hour is always carved out for The Walking Dead and another hour for The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Feel free to judge me, but I love the zombie apocalypse and the funny ladies of Atlanta. I really don't care for their drama; I just think they're hilarious. Both shows are set in Georgia. The Real Zombiewives of Atlanta?

Monday Lineup
So no joke, I am in a team trivia league and that's usually where I am on Mondays. A lot of time answering general knowledge questions, music, movies and questions that seem to always relate to Hootie & the Blowfish.
But I get home and watch the new series Sleepy Hollow unless I fall asleep. I actually find that show to be pretty interesting. It now holds the place in my heart that used to belong to Once Upon a Time.

Tuesday Lineup
I must admit. I used to be all about New Girl and The Mindy Project. But I just don't find them to be as funny as they were last year, so now Tuesdays are for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Supernatural. Both are silly, honestly, but the hubs likes Andy Samberg and how can you not like a guy named Jensen Ackles?
Wednesday Lineup
I'm starting to go to some college volleyball games on Wednesdays. I played in high school and really enjoy watching. Actually, it's better to say that I really hate watching when people can't play volleyball. It irks me.
I would say I watch Modern Family (just got into it. I know--what was I doing all this time?) but really I just watch it in syndication. I really wanted to hate it because it's won so many awards that I believe should have gone to other shows. But it truly is a very funny show.

Thursday Lineup
Thursday and Monday have TNF and MNF which I occassionally watch depending on which team is playing (football talk). But my two favorite shows on TV happen to air on Thursdays. My all-time favorite comedy is Parks and Rec because it's literally amazing. So glad it didn't get canceled after season one. My favorite drama is Scandal (although Game of Thrones is my favorite drama too--it's just not on right now). I think I've spoken enough about it on the blog where I don't have to explain my love for it any further.
I don't really watch any TV on Fridays or Saturdays. I spend most of my time elsewhere on those days, but I do like to record Grimm and watch it on other days. I used to love it, then I got over it, and now I'm with it again.

If you liked this post then check out my Shag, Marry, Kill: TV Show Favorites post to see some of my character favorites from the spring.

What are your favorite TV shows (if you watch TV)?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey Day Thankful

What I'm Thankful for (fashion edition):
♥ The possibility of both of my dogs wearing sweaters during the holidays
♥ Zipper detailing in clothing, from sweaters to jackets
♥ Natural hair blowouts
♥ How hats come in such varieties and turn you into an instant star
♥ Living in a city where it's cold enough to layer without being cold enough to snowCreative Ways to Be Thankful
♥ If it's warm enough, explore the outdoors by riding your bike to a new location; taking a hike in the woods and be in awe of the changing leaves; or host a scavenger hunt
♥ Digging up your teenage diary and sharing it at your local Mortified show
♥ Master one really awesome, funky nail art design
♥ Participate in a midnight run to help the homeless
♥ Swap blogs with a friend. You take over writing for their blog for a week and they take over your blog. This is especially fun if you two write about different niches.
♥ If you'd rather be inside, have an '80s movie marathon party with some friends; volunteer at a local theater
♥ Spice up old dishes with some fun sharpie designs!Comments are disabled for this post. Please Tweet me or Comment on Facebook!
Since I don't post on Thursdays...Happy Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Lookbook: Off the Grid

Gap slim cropped grid print pants | Ray-Ban folding wayfarers | J. Crew Factory big bow sweater | Romwe collared top | Shoedazzle Erin pumps | t+j designs statement necklace | Versace for H&M faux fur vest | 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target mini satchel
Do you see a grid-like design on the Shoedazzle pumps? I thought that made them the perfect pick for these pants. Sweater weather in the bay, hence the bow sweater and the addition of the faux fur vest. I don't wear this vest much, because it's cold enough only so often. Wore this to a Chloe + Isabel pop-up shop event and then to see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire with some friends. It was so much better than the first movie. I highly recommend you see it (whether or not you've read the books). It won't disappoint.

By the way, I usually shop online, but every now and then I will go to an actual mall. I went over the weekend simply to exchange something (in and out), but it took me almost a lifetime just to find parking. The mall parking lot was a madhouse. When I was leaving, some cars were vying for my coveted spot--so much so that I could hardly get out of the space. In conclusion, I will not be shopping Black Friday at the mall, and will, essentially, be off the brick and mortar grid. Thank the heavens for online shopping because people be cray!

What do you think of this look and how was your weekend?

Friday, November 22, 2013

On My Mind: These Letters to You

Earlier this month I went to a Mortified show in the city where regular adults read excerpts from their teenage diaries. It gave me some inspiration to share some interesting pieces from the diary I kept from February 2000 to May 2007. Not religiously--just a few written posts here and there. Keep in mind I was between 13-16 when I wrote most of this crap rubbish drivel. A time when I thought Mario Tennis was killer and a boy was going to be my soulmate simply because we liked the same cartoons.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Featured Fashionista: Bethann

Featured Fashionista
Bethann from the Bay Area
What I love so much about Bethann is not just her classic meets casual style, but also her lovely personality and friendly demeanor. She is the easiest person to talk to and is always as genuine as can be. Now if only I could get my hands on that silver Phillip Lim dress!

Blog: Beth Animal Print
What do you think of Bethann's look?

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Monday, November 18, 2013

Lookbook: ShopStyle by PopSugar ~ We Shop Style

Today's lookbook post is a little different as it's part of the ShopStyle by POPSUGAR "We Shop Style" print campaign. I received this background and the t-shirt in the mail to create my own lay down, like the ones in the new campaign for the ShopStyle commercial. I love using ShopStyle for finding products by a variety of brands all in one place. Don't you just love this cool idea for a campaign? Using flash came in handy this time around.

We took these photos in my living room because it gave us the best space, lighting and height, which were all super crucial to achieve this lay down. Have you ever tried taking photos laying down? It's not easy. My concept was outfits inspired by hats, since hats are my favorite accessory at the moment. The pieces I included from my closet are:

♥ Ruffle layer dress from the Zac Posen for Target collection a few years back. The ruffles speak to my girly side.
♥ My personalized and customized Samsung Galaxy phone case that features a few looks from the Muse.
♥ Jeffrey Campbell Roxie platforms--the cutouts make them the coolest shoes I own.
♥ This oxblood colored Forever 21 fedora that you've seen a million times on the Muse.
♥ These Nasty Gal petal scalloped shorts because they add necessary texture and come in my fave color: blue
♥ My all-time favorite blazer has to be this H&M baroque piece that I've had for years and make any excuse to wear.
 My new texture obsession: anything quilted, like these Mossimo quilted ponte pants from Target
♥ I only take these purple Gucci nameplate pumps out on special occasions--like shooting a lay down for ShopStyle
♥ The 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target mini satchel is my new everyday bag, and the ShopLately love scarf adds softness.
♥ This nolita print Prabal Gurung for Target shirt dress is definitely the most colorful thing I own, and it always reminds me of the amazing P!nk concert that I wore it to for my birthday earlier this year.
♥ Whenever I wear these Jeffrey Campbell spiked heels, people always stop and comment on them no matter where I am. But the spikes are no joke. I could seriously hurt someone with those things.
♥ Going some place special? Then I'll bust out the Michael Kors jet set tote. It has jet set in the title so clearly it's meant for plane rides to island vacations, like visiting my home country of Jamaica.
♥ And last but not least, the black fedora that inspired this whole thing. It definitely started me on my hat (over) indulgence. I habit I have yet to break.

Wearing: | Ray-Ban folding wayfarers | ShopLately Lily Wang necklace | ShopStyle Everlane t-shirt c/o | Forever 21 striped denim trousers | Shoplately Bling magazine clutch | Forever 21 d'orsay flats | Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester Lady watch | Starfish bracelet and butterfly ring | Electro Baby Lips Pink Shock by Maybelline |
We Search. We Find. We ShopStyle. Do you shop style? Check out the new ShopStyle commercial to learn more!
What do you think of this look? Have you ever tried taking photos with this angle?

Friday, November 15, 2013

Lookbook: In the Clutch

I know, I know. An outfit post on a Friday--that's not the norm here on the Muse, but I had another great look to show you so I figured, why not? Hats are my jam so I've been rocking them like crazy. But most of what I'm wearing is either from Boohoo or this cute accessories store on ShopLately called Bling. And yes, that's a clutch that looks like a folded magazine, and I love it! I wore this for dinner and a live show with some friends in Oakland.

Have you ever been told your name was "on the list" (or a similar situation) and got to the event and then they couldn't find your name? So then you have to decide do you let it go and just pay the cover? Or do you find a way to right the wrong? Are you making it a bigger deal than it really is, or is it a battle worth fighting for? (lol, a battle). It was a clutch moment between winning and losing.

| Boohoo Carrie stud shoulder marl slub knit jumper | Bling magazine hard case clutch & white and gold spiked necklace c/o Shoplately | Boohoo Katie peg pleated trousers | Forever 21 asymmetrical d'orsay flats | Forever 21 fedora | Caravelle by Bulova watch c/o | Shop Suey Amber sunglasses c/o ShopLately |
This is in conjunction with the ShopLately Blogger Week. Check it out for some great deals!
What do you think of this look? Happy weekend!

P.s. ~ Random thought: I think I'd be the happiest I've ever been if I were singing on a stage somewhere.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inspiring Style: Isabel Marant for H&M

Yes, we have yet another designer collaboration on our hands. This time it's Isabel Marant for H&M, which launches both online and in stores Thursday, Nov. 14. Are you excited for this one? If you're not sure, let me show you what they're working with! --circles around my favorite looks--

♥ The first blazer at the very top with the red shoulder detail--enticing.
♥ That coat in the third row at the end with the shiny lapel--yes, please! Also diggin' the white pants with the black side stitching and the draping on the tops.
♥ Gotta get my hands on either the black or red leather crop pants with the zippers in the first row. The color doesn't matter because they're both hot. And the top in the last image--calling my name.

I will admit that I don't think most of this is my style. But who needs most? I just need the 2 or 3 things that I have my eyes on. Is Isabel Marant for H&M your thing? I have a feeling this one is going to sell out quick.

P.S. ~ Here is a list of the H&M stores that will actually carry the collection (or you can try shopping online):
Will you shop this designer collaboration?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lookbook: Fall, Leaves, Fall

Hats are my life in the fall and winter. I sort of wonder why I haven't been wearing them all year though. Let's talk a little about the look. This awesome hat is from Target, and can I just say that Target is killing it right now? The quilted jacket is from Boohoo, which you will see more of on the Muse. I got the comfy Uniqlo pants at a grand opening event, and the bag is Designs by Tuesdai, by my lovely friend Tuesdai Noelle. I can't say no to butterflies!

But seriously, how cool is the top? The stud and gold sweater accents are pretty boss. The top and the triangle tee underneath are both by BARE, a store with unique pieces & the motto: Be Alive; Reveal Everything.
| BARE triangle tee and trapped sweater c/o ShopLately | Target Mossimo leather tie hat | Pipa bag c/o Designs by Tuesdai | Draped printed lounge pants (similar) c/o Uniqlo | ShoeDazzle Nardith pumps | Boohoo Nadia trim waterfall quilted jacket | Shopaholic ear cuff c/o ShopLately | Layered Muse stackable midi rings |

This is in conjunction with the ShopLately Blogger Week. Check it out for some great deals!
P.s. I saw Thor over the weekend and loved it. I like to call Chris Hemsworth "Baby Pitt" because he reminds me of a young Brad, which makes me very happy. Oh, and taking photos early in the morning is my shit.

What do you think of this look and how was your weekend?

Fall, leaves, fall; die, flowers, away;
Lengthen night and shorten day;
Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
I shall smile when wreaths of snow
Blossom where the rose should grow;
I shall sing when night's decay
Ushers in a drearier day.
--Emily Bronte

Friday, November 8, 2013

Beauty & Jewels Holiday Giveaway

I haven't done a giveaway since August, so I figured it's about time that I give you Muses a chance to win some amazing prizes for the holidays. Most of these items are from the wonderful iFabbo goodie bag, but a few items are also from my Layered Muse shop. Basically, it's beauty and accessories galore worth more than $400!

Here is a list of all the fab prizes:
- Layered Muse envelope clutch
- Layered Muse coral & turquoise bead necklace (retail: $17)
- Layered Muse belt buckle bracelet (retail: $12)
- Layered Muse sea star stud earrings (retail: $8)
- Layered Muse twisted pyramid ring
- DermOrganic shaping spray (retail: $14)
- DermOrganic Argan Oil shampoo (retail: $17)
- DermOrganic facial cleanser, moisturizer and body lotion (retail: $55)
- NYX Love in Florence eye shadow (retail: $8)
- BonBliss bath & body treats (retail: $10)
- Stila Prime Pot in caramel (retail: $20)
- Becca shimmering skin perfecter (retail: $16)
- Vitabath body wash in dreamy pink frosting and wild red cherry (retail: $10)
- Measurable Difference instant lash extensions (retail: $13)
- Dermologica age reversal eye complex (retail: $75)
- Prai gold caviar wrinkle repair serum (retail: $55)
- Prai golden eye wrinkle repair caviar (retail: $45)
- Becca radiant skin satin finish foundation - light (porcelain, shell, sand, buff, buttercup, nude)
- Mon Jasmin Noir Eau De Parfum 25ml  from the Bvlgari Jewel Charms Collection (retail: $48)

The giveaway is open to U.S., Canadian and International followers and it ends Friday, November 22, 2013. Use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What the Hubs Is Loving in November

The hubs has hijacked my What I'm Loving post this month. Apparently, he really wants the world to know exactly what's on his mind in November because he thinks he's super cool and interesting (hey, that's why I write these posts).

We ladies all know how well monochrome colors look in the fall, and apparently, the guys know this too. The hubs is so 50 shades of gray right now, especially when it comes to gray pants and gray shoes. I'm sure I'll see these H&M canvas shoes (for $19.95) in the house soon. Oh wait, I think they've already arrived in the mail as he bought them while this post was being written.

Low sugar, low calorie, no cholesterol coconut water is almost always in my fridge because the hubs can't get enough of it. He's all about the real deal coco water and not the flavored versions. More importantly, it boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight while also being a great drink to cure the next day's hangover.

The hubs is also all over all things indie documentary. He always wants to drag me to go see the latest low-budget movie that inspires, but I'm too interested in seeing Chris Hemsworth hit things with a large hammer. His two faves at the moment are Exit Through the Gift Shop (a Banksy street art film) and The Act of Killing (Indonesian genocide).

When it comes to being food-venturous, the hubs wins in this regard. For November, he's really into Korean BBQ. And although I love bulgogi and fish cake kimchi, I don't need to eat it as much as he does. His favorites include short ribs, regular kimchi (but the smell terrifies me) and bibimbap!

Last, but not least, would be his love for indoor gym sports. He's been doing indoor rock climbing for a few months now, but this month he is starting to get really into both rock climbing and squash. One of these days he might even take the rock climbing outdoors, but did I ever tell you about that one time he forgot to strap in? No? Well, that's for another blog post.

What are you loving this November?

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lookbook: Quilted Maxxinista

| Michael Kors cable knit zip sweater (similar) - TJ Maxx | Target Mossimo quilted ponte pants | Forever 21 biker-chic cutout booties | Target felt boater hat | TJ Maxx ribbed moto jacket (similar) | 3.1 Phillip Lim taupe satchel - Target | Caravelle by Bulova watch c/o | Nicole Miller sunglasses - TJ Maxx |

Almost everything that I'm wearing in this outfit is from my two favorite "go-to" stores: TJ Maxx and Target. Of course, I love the typical stores, but these two places are just so much fun to shop. You know that awesome feeling you get when you dig around and find an amazing piece? That's exactly how I felt the other day after scooping up this comfy Michael Kors zip sweater. Aren't the zippers fab? I die.

And how about the side panel quilting on the Target pants? That's just such a cool design, especially since quilted clothing is so in right now. Generally, I shop online, but I love going into the actual brick and mortars for these two stores.

This is what I wore to the SF Premiere of Get Mortified. It's a documentary about a show where people read the embarrassing moments from their journals and diaries. I highly recommend that you catch the tour.
How was your weekend and what do you think of this look?

Friday, November 1, 2013

Inspiring Style: Holiday Style Inspired by Holiday Drinks

Back again with a few holiday looks inspired by holiday drinks. I did this back in May for cocktail dresses and cocktail drinks for the summer, but now we're getting ready to bundle up and are looking forward to drinking some cold weather treats.

Spiced Wine
Cocktail: red wine, sugar, cloves, lemon wedges, cinnamon
Look: Wool-cashmere cardigan (Closed) - Jet Set Saffiano tote (Michael Kors) - Saffron the Ball Flat (ModCloth)
Eggnog Coquito
Cocktail: eggnog, rum, coconut milk, cinnamon
Look: Filament of Fabulous bootie (ModCloth) - Wackerhaus romper (Farfetch) - Cotton coat (Karen Millen)
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Cocktail: coffee, pumpkin pie spice, milk, honey, agave nectar
Look: Mossimo floppy leather tie hat (Target) - Rag & Bone skinny leather pants (Lyst) - Topshop loop stitch sweater (Nordstrom)
What are your favorite holiday drinks?
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